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  1. Who needs adventurers when you have actual knights to do their job! Sign me up for the 28th.
  2. Orrin did not know exactly what to expect when he returned to the icy highlands of his home. He had a plan to find those that he led into the clutches of the Falling Stars tribe and, with the staff repaired by Vael’a, free them of their servitude. He knew their names, their faces and their patrols. It was because they were close to him, he trusted them and they trusted him, which made the memories of his betrayal even more painful. His mind was under fetters for nearly more than a year so it had taken time for all those memories to come back, each instance where he offered up another brother in arms to the damned Nunh and his tribe seared into his brain like an inquisitor’s brand upon flesh. The action was so despicable and contrary to his being that even the slightest of recollection of that repressed past caused blood to boil and chest to rise in fury, the dragon within rattling against the chains, ready to fly loose. However, he needed to remain calm, for the sake of the names of those he would not dare forget, for the sake of Donovan who defended him, for Carrault and Bainard who wrongfully died by V’aleera’s blade, and for Fontenac, Gauvierre, Carradine, Lemieux, Lucan and Harcourt who he could possibly still save. He had to, he needed to spare them of the pain and torment that would come from their unwilling service to that madman that thought himself to be god. Even if he needed to spend the rest of his life in chains, Orrin had to find them and make right. There was a plan, he merely needed to follow through. Orrin did not know what to expect when he returned to the icy highlands of his home, but he knew he did not expect this: Within the bell of entering the republic’s borders, three knights approach Orrin without their blades drawn, quickly falling into formation around him as though they were his escort. He knew instantly that these three were men working for the inquisition. A strange sense of pride came over him. They found him out so quickly, the Inquisition actually worked. Orrin kept walking along the road he traveled on and the knights kept pace with him. Silence passes for several tense minutes before one of them wordlessly hands him a letter, stamped with the seal of the inquisition upon it. That forced him to stop. With gauntleted hands peeking out of his long cloak, he tears open the seal and opens the letter: Ser Orrin De Halgren, You have me to thank for the fact that you are currently reading this instead of being brought before the Tribunal in chains. The matter of your “treason” has been suppressed by my hand, if only on the merit of Ser Donovan’s testimony and the greater threat to Ishgard’s security. I suggest you come speak to me, Ser Halgren, sooner, rather than later. I await you in Camp Dragonhead. —Inquisitor Brigie Orrin looks up from the letter and to the knights who watched him through their visors with their stern, piercing eyes. “Take me to her”
  3. amidst the chaos laid bare some many sennights ago in the harsh jungles of some unknown isle, a group of heroes work tirelessly to come back from the crushing blow made by the ever more powerful Nunh of the Falling Stars tribe. Minds taken must now be reclaimed in hopes of unifying in a single cause. Rogue Three: A Starsfall Story PART 2 RUMORS AND STORY ASPECTS: All previously established aspects mentioned. EVENT a) Shepherding the lost (Tuesday, November 28th, 2017, 8 pm EST) After delving the depths of a ruined Garlean hulk, they return with an artifact in hand, mimicked by the Garleans, the Allagan staff holds the key to freeing the minds of those taken by the Nunh. Only issue? The target has to be damn still for it to work. Artoria Aldsan was last seen dealing with straggling forces in the wake of the Ala Mhigan liberation. Now, how to get the wayward Artoria to accept a Garlean experiment pointing any direction at her is the obstacle at hand! "We must move quickly, the longer the Nunh is unaware of us undoing his work, the better. Every day we dally we risk our movements being betrayed by his growing army of spies." 1. Artoria Aldsan 2. Anstarra Silverain 3. 4. 5 (6. Orrin Halgren DMPC) Reserves: 1. 2. 3. ___________________________ ((The final event to reign in the last of the mind controlled! Due to Artoria being a PC target, this is a rare 5 person extravaganza))
  4. Amidst the chaos laid bare some many sennights ago in the harsh jungles of some unknown isle, a group of heroes work tirelessly to come back from the crushing blow made by the ever more powerful Nunh of the Falling Stars tribe. Minds taken must now be reclaimed in hopes of unifying in a single cause. Rogue Three: A Starsfall Story RUMORS AND STORY ASPECTS: /Peaceful trade routes/ Seems that trade was being accosted some moons ago by an infamous group of bandits known as the Stinging Sabotenders, known to swarm caravans with their "Thousand Needle Strike". It is only now after such long inactivity that the bandits are thought properly dead and gone after the Brass Blades ran them into The Burning Wall All previously established aspects mentioned. EVENT a) Stealing from thieves (Friday, November 17th, 2017, 10 pm EST) Adventurer and retainer to Orrin de Halgren, Reis risked her very own safety in revealing the location of a downed Garlean science vessel deep within the Burning Wall to her master. After sufficient scouting, Orrin has deemed that the vessel warranted investigation. However, they are not the only ones at the crash site. Orrin asks for aid from his comrades in dealing with the numerous scavengers and get in deep within the bowels of the ship in order to help some "very dear friends" of his. "'No body, no death.' That was something commonly believed by old widows back in the Dragonsong War, but I'll be damned to the 7th hell because it may as well be true this time. Seems the once infamous bandits known as the Stinging Sabotenders did not meet their end many moons ago but have instead set up shop, they do not seem intent on bartering for access, which is why I need you all for help." 1. Vael'a (Khunbish) 2. Reis Okeya 3. Jana Ridah 4. Anstarra Silverain (5. Orrin Halgren DMPC) Reserves: 1. 2. 3. ___________________________ ((This is a side story that will be two events with the aim of freeing A'lera, Artoria and Nexxa from their mind control while the plot is on hiatus. Event 2 will occur the following week once schedules are properly sorted out. By the way this shall be conducted via discord.))
  5. Nothing should stop me from bird hunting.
  6. it's a final fantasy game summons have always been a thing Of course summons have always been a thing but that instance of it is inconsistent with how it's been handled previously in this game. Which is to say it's not: A. Summoned through tons of prayers and crystals and hangs around draining aether from the land. or B. A little Egi summoned by a summoner. Primal rules have been bending for a while now, and Alphinaud very briefly commented on it. It's becoming easier to summon them. Shinryu was summoned by Ilberd to fuel his own wishes of creating another Calamity, directly conflicting with the wishes of the sacrifices he used who were praying for Rhalgr. Who got what they wanted? Ilberd. And in Stormblood, there are two instances of accidental primal summonings. Got a theory that the ease in summoning is directly tied to the weakening of Hydaelyn, since Primals are nothing but aether (belonging to hydaelyn) focused and given form through prayer and thoughts. Considering that a dispelled primal stays an entity within the lifestream, perhaps as hydaelyn weakens, it becomes easier and easier to cross the barrier back into the living world.
  7. Oh right, cross server raid is now a thing.....my bad.
  8. Best part is that Balmung will be utterly purged of gil sellers since they can get banned and no one can make a new character on there! I am partially conflicted as to the establishment of an official roleplay server. It will shatter the community. It does not matter if transfers are free because not everyone will leave. Too many houses and apartments at stake. Likewise some people have established ties outside of RP on Balmung. It is actually why I /love/ the server. Because it is so massive and bloated I can find a raid group, complete PVE content, fight primals. Anyone who goes to Mateus for RP runs the risk of not being in the one of three or so raid groups. For some it does not matter, but for people like me who like to do endgame content on some days and unwind with RP? I am gonna stay here most likely.
  9. Sign me up for Tonberries, I think I can find reasons to be there
  10. Would you be saying then that a normal Dragoon could achieve heavensward skillset abilities if particularly skilled? Or more that these abilities would be impossible without that extra battery? Say, one Geirskogul would be a normal Dragoon's ultimate, final ability but for our WOL he is busting them out 3 times a minute.
  11. So, the Azure Dragoon is chosen by the eye of Nidhogg, right? He is chosen and given the power of the eye. Clearly the power works over long distances because you are Azure Dragooning about while Estinien is holding onto one and the other is on Haldrath's coffin. One can even argue that the power could still subsist even when Nidhogg is revived as Wyrmstinien because the tie is never broken. BUT How are you still Dragooning about now that the eyes have been entirely spent in the summoning of Shinryu? They don't exist anymore, they are gone. Kaput. Do they still exist inside Shinryu and that's how it works? Aside from videogame mechanics where it would suck if all Dragoons forgot how to Blood of The Dragon after 3.55 but given how the new stormblood abilities seems to be a deepening of that eye connection (Gaze of the First Brood, First Brood includes Nidhogg and Hraesvelgar and others) how is that working? I guess the job quest will explore that, which makes me sad because I just wanna know about post-war dragoons and their role in Ishgard afterwards
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