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  1. Update: I am happy to say that Cedu'li and N'xihmi has found a friend each to play with, but Sireh'ya is still shyly looking for someone to offer his famous cupcakes to! Sireh'ya is training to be a culinarian, but is feeling kind of lonely since he had to flee his home after most, if not all, of his friends mysteriously dropped off the face of the planet. He could use some love in his life right now (aka I'd like a romantic plot, if possible). All three boyos have had their introductions re-written (and their ages changed) over on Tumblr (links in first post!), so
  2. Oh wow, okay, cool, thank you! I had completely missed that feature haha! I'll give it a little look.
  3. Huh, they were concerned with IC stuff like that? That's.. a bit weird? I mean, that would most likely break immersion for me. It's not like my characters' thoughts reflect my personal OOC thoughts! But anyway, thanks for the reply! I think I would most likely end up getting not much journaling done, since I, too, lack the time for rp. But hm, now that I've been roleplaying through Discord, it's not that big of an issue anymore.... And I wouldn't really have to make such a big, consistent deal out of it.... *Keeps pondering* :'D
  4. Ah yes, thank you, I've been eyeing those actually! Can't make up my mind if I want to invest time in it or not though, hence the questions! But thank you for the links and info, much appreciated!
  5. Question for y'all: do any of you keep any form of character journals? If yes, in what format and what platform do you use? How much time do you spend on it, on average? If no, have you done it before? Why did you stop? Or if you've never done it, have you considered doing so? I'm considering doing it, maybe short little entries on Tumblr or maybe on my World Anvil account, but I don't know how well I would keep up with it. Then again, practicing creative writing is always a good (and fun) thing to do I guess. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey Dobrul! Gotta say, the first part of your intro made me laugh out loud - awesome, I needed that today. Anyway, welcome to the forum! Hope you find someone to roleplay with ASAP.
  7. Haha hey Faye, thanks for the welcome! And yes, them catboys... They're a nice add to the game, I've gotta say, hehe.
  8. Th-thanks, I like them too :'D (They're aching for some action, go get 'em)
  9. Hello! 30+ roleplayer, female. New to the forum but not new to roleplaying or FFXIV. Looking for some new roleplaying friends for long-term rp for my boys - either of them, really, if not all! I much prefer roleplaying via Discord, but mixing in some in-game rp every once in a while would be fun, too. What am I like as a roleplayer? I like a little bit of everything, but I prefer some kind of romance plot (I feel like everyone and their mother says this, lol). ERP is welcome, but it's important for me that the characters have some kind of bond first
  10. Hi guys! I'm known as geminick, or gem for short, online and Jessica offline. 33 years of age, currently studying 2D game art. Been playing FFXIV off and on since 2013 when A Realm Reborn was launched, but got serious about it ca 2017 I think. Around 2018, I met a group of fantastic new friends who introduced me to in-game roleplaying, something I had been curious about but had never tried. We ended up spending a good amount of our time developing our characters, their relationships and so on. It was fun - but it was also very time-consuming. Fast-forward to 2020 a
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