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  1. Hello! If any of my characters look like they might be cool to build connections with, I'm also looking to get them invested in rp and connections as well. I'm a casual 'post as you can' discord rper so there's no pressure for responses at all. I'd rather just have some fun and see where it goes. Sen'ra X'vhett Jun'a
  2. It seems like it's completely up to personal preference. I've seen super in-depth backstories, basic dossiers and things that tread between the two. Maybe focus on things you really want to showcase about the character? Do you want to give a little insight to the character and the way they act with a small scene of something they went through? (And showcase your writing?) Do you want to keep it static and open for mystery or growth? Including hooks and an ooc section outlining some things you're looking for or don't want to even touch definitely can be good things to
  3. *Casts an almighty Necrobump because music is life.*
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    Oh geez yeah it was!! Happy to see another from those shenanigans! Thank you! Hahahah thank you!
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    Thank you! And right?? XD Hahahaha
  6. Overall Details Basic Info Characters: Sen'ra Icarios, X'vhett Tia, Jun'a Maahl Primary character: Sen'ra or now honestly Jun'a, pretty evenly Linkshells: -- Primary RP linkshell: -- II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I like diving in. Views on RP combat and injuries: With OOC communication and fairness (no godmodding) sure. No death though please and thank you. Views on IC romance: Sure! I enjoy building connections in my characters like that, I just like it to build organically and b
  7. And hi! I kept waffling back and forth and finally tossing my hat in the ring and start trying to build up some connections and rp. I've been rping since Ye Olden Yahoo User Chatroom days, and got involved rping in MMOs first in LotRO and more adamantly in Rift and it's become a gaming must for me, hahaha. Other games I've been into have been GW2, WildStar(RIP), The Secret World/Secret World Legends, and a wee bit of WoW. I also enjoy forum and ttrpg, so doc and discord rp are fun for me too. My characters thus far for FFXIV are Sen'ra, X'Vhett, and Jun'a--
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