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  1. Bumpity! Still on the lookout for frands, especially for Endel and Asher!
  2. Intro: Greetings! I've been itching to throw my characters at some new faces, but I've been unable to do in-game RP as much as I wish I could. Instead, I find RP outside of the game much easier and convenient for me. So, I was hoping to find some like-minded individuals that would be interested in RPing with me through Discord. The descriptions of my characters are below, and feel free to toss me an invite via Discord if you wanna RP some shenanigans! Discord Tag: MitsuCat#2335 What I Will RP: - I'm especially interested in long-term connections, but I'm fine with
  3. So I'm not sure if this has been discussed anywhere before, and I'm honestly just curious, but anyone out there prefer RP outside of the game? Like through Discord, Skype, etc? There are times when I can't afford to pay the subscription for one reason or another, and I feel like it ruins any chance of roleplaying with others because of it. I personally prefer RP through Discord because I tend to write lengthy posts and it's easier to manage without having to always be on my computer. Anyone else out there feel the same?
  4. Not sure how to reply directly to a post but... d’awww I like it! The style makes him look pretty young, which is honestly perfect! He is still technically a teenager and all. Thanks so much for the free sketch! :D
  5. Hello! First off, I really like your username for some reason. Maybe it’s cuz paninis are super yummy. :D Second, your style is interesting and I really like the colors! If you’re feeling like some practice with masculine characters, feel free to try sketching one of my boys! -throws over Chip- Chip is a scrawny, “homeless” fishercat. He doesn’t have the traditional Miqo’te tribal markings that show on the Seekers/Keepers by default, and his left ear has a scarred nick in it by a dagger. He’s also got a wiki page if you need additio
  6. Heeeey! I like free sketches! And I don’t judge, as I am by no means an artist myself XD Care to sketch my fishercat? He doesn’t have the traditional Miqo’te tribal markings that show on them by default, and his left ear has a scarred nick in it by a dagger. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/images/5/50/Chip_appearance.png
  7. I've been wanting to describe this scene where Chip discovers his new "superpower" for a while now, and since I wasn't sure if I'd ever post things like this again, I thought I'd toss it here instead of creating a whole new thread. Kudos to anyone who reads it all Chip, Lady Amara, and the snippit of Sorrel belong to meeeeee. I don't own the Ancient Language, which is used a time or two in here. It's the primary language used by Lady Amara and Sorrel because I like its unique and "magical" feel. I chose not to translate these words in the text because I'm lazy because it's fun to lookup the m
  8. Hello there! I couldn’t help but notice you got a Seeker prowling about La Noscea too! What a neat coincidence Not sure what server you’re on, but I’d be interesting in tossing my boy at chu! He needs more frands. Haven’t had a chance to update my signature yet, but I’ve got a wiki page for him under the name O’kihp Tia. He’s a traveling fishercat that enjoys exploring La Noscea. I’m always open to fun shenanigans with him during his travels. Feel free to shoot me a PM if interested! Oh! And I’m on Balmung ***edit: -squints at title- Well I’m dumb! Guess we are on different serve
  9. 1) Mogstation 2) Red Panda 3) Of the Round Weapon 4) Orchestrion 5) Company Tabard
  10. Wowie zowie. Crazy enough, I've been considering something exactly like this for my character Asher. He'd have plenty of siblings due to a certain reason in particular, and I always thought it'd be amusing if some scrawny kit came knocking at his door claiming to be related to him. He secretly needs more permanent company in his poor miserable life. Huuue. Anyway! This is a fantastic idea and I want so bad to respond and be all like "meeeeee!", but unfortunately, I've been hesitant in creating Asher in-game due to character creation limitations, so I have to regretfully sit this one out.
  11. Woohoo! A fellow Limsan fishercat! Welcome to the prrrrride! ....and on another note, I really like her backstory! Sounds like a neat lil' twist on Seeker Tribes and the thing about her brother being eeeevil is pretty awesome! Nothing like some baaad blood inna Tribe huuuuue.
  12. So generous as always. Thank you for this lovely opporuntity :cactuar: 1. Mog Store Credit 2. Bismark Weapon 3. Tier 4 Acquarium 4. Wind-Up Garuda
  13. This wee lil' cat boy sounds like an adorable character! Wow! He actually reminds me of how one of my characters was like, a long looong time ago. I hope you really enjoy RPing him! Those kind of personalities are a blast to write about, and as much as I'd love to toss one of my own characters at you, looks like you've got enough interest as it is, so for now I'm gonna just leave you with some useless flattery. But seriously though! Love the character and the concept. Enjoy ze RP everyone!
  14. Okay.... I'll bite. That gif is adorable and Miya sounds like s̶o̶m̶e̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶I̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ a total sweetheart. I'd love to meet her! See, interesting thing is, my boy Chip is a wanderer too. He practically lives in the wilds of La Noscea and doesn't like being in cities too for certain reasons. He is well-versed in survival skills and could probably teach Miya a thing or two. I've been looking for some more connections for him anyways. (Connections thread here.) It also sounds like he and Miya share a lot of similarities that could definitely result in some awesome inte
  15. Chip


    Here's some incredibly expired and stale kudos everyone. Please enjoy! To Rihxo, Gil, Caen, Nagi etc.: For introducing me to the joys of ffxiv RP when I first transferred to Balmung. I think it's been about a year since I met ya'll and although we've moved down separate paths since then, I'll never forget the fun times we had. To Feine: Thank you for the amazing story we've put together over the months. The dynamic of Feine and Chip is incredible and it's been such a blast RPing the intense scenes between them. They've definitely become my favorite pair of brothers! I've yet to regr
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