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  1. Good day folks After having just recently come back to the game after emigrating from Europe to Asia I've been struggling to find a role play group I can play with regularly that doesn't involve me staying awake until 4am. I understand that Tonberry is the unofficial Aussie and English speaking server on the Japan data center where people in our region would get the best ping and not have to worry about time zones, yet I've never seen any RP FCs advertising on that server. I can only assume it's because the English community from our corner of the world is playing either on Balmung or Omega and just making do with the timezone difference. Would there be much interest at all in an RP FC on Tonberry for the Aussie crowd and other people playing in an out of wack timezone compared to the regular RP servers?
  2. Thank you both for the replies, I rather suspected it would be a long shot to find exactly what I'm after. I am however curious now about these late night AUS groups if you remember their names
  3. Well I'm assuming the silence is an indicator that there is in fact NOT a particularly large OCE RP community, so I thought instead I'd ask the question of if there's any FCs at all that have some OCE players or have people that play late at night/early morning? Still slowly working my way through Shadowbringers but I'd really like to get back into RP soon.
  4. Hi there So the title to this thread should just about sum up the big key point here. I'm originally an EU player who has emigrated to Japan last year and I'm just now getting back into gaming in general. In wow I found an Australian and kiwi based RP community to join and I was wondering if there is something similar in FFXIV. Server doesn't matter to me as I will likely change regardless because the ping is pretty bad for me right now. If anyone knows of an English speaking RP FC or LS on any server with a timezone that's somewhat clos to Japans +9 please let me know
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