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  1. Well I'm still learning the lore of this game myself, but I could be of some small assistance in helping you weed through those desires of yours. So what we have here is a character whose upbringing wasn't the greatest and lived a very bleak life, while looking to take herself and her only living family member and find a new home elsewhere. As a lancer and archer she could've found her origins from Ishgard or Gridania. Either location would require grit and no small amount of intelligence and skill to survive given their hostile environments. Ishgard is a cold bleak place so knowin
  2. Considering the loss of his family and the pain of captivity under slavers I don't think it's unreasonable that someone would seek to reinvent themselves. Heck in FF X1 Galka had their own naming convention, but were also given more "spiritual/regal" names by the humes like Silver Claw and what not.
  3. Appreciate ya folks. Hopefully my gf and I can find our happy little corner. It'll certainly be interesting learning hte lore of this game.
  4. I doubt anyone remembers me, it's been ages since I was around and the display of this website has changed quite a bit from the white-cream and blue colors it originally had. I am a roleplayer that came to FF14 at the behest of my friends who wanted to play the game with me. However when I came here my friends had lost all interest and their guild had collapsed, so they left the day after I arrived sadly. Since then I've on and off tried to find something to ground me in this game and immerse myself within its lore and what not, but I just couldn't find anything to do so. I also moved to Mateu
  5. Dang I just arrived and already Im being given a lifeboat to flee on . From what I see of the polls it very well seems like Mateus is going to be the next best place to be. Maybe I should transfer there, myself, and make a go of it. Established rp populations can be a pain to get into at times. And who knows - I may not be able to lead a guild given my time and military lifestyle, but I could at the very greet people and see about doing some kind of event now and then .
  6. Howdy folks. I was a player, very briefly, in FF14 back when my friends were trying to convince me to get the game, but unfortunately their guild/Linkshell/whatever fell apart and they left just as I got in. So yeah... Figured I'd come back and see how things were going on with the expansion on your horizon. Also to figure out if I should return. Sadly the main reason I went to 14 was because I knew peeps that I could hang with and learn about the game from. I actually managed to get on the Balmung server back then and after checking the mogstation my characters are indeed still on that w
  7. Same issue - Error 401 and none of the methods work for me either
  8. And I'm here folks. I think I'll main my Roegadyn and Elezen. Also why isn't the World Transfer or any of the other services working for me? I get Error 401 every time I try to enter my card info.
  9. Your story is very common sadly. I've heard almost that same story more times than I can count and it's a sad state of affairs. But funny thing about WoW is there's a way that you can tell if a player is truly rping a dragon. They tell you they are. Seriously a bunch of rpers there will scream to the heavens that they are a dragon in disguise and all this other stuff. It's kinda funny even if I wonder if they did their research on the material . But Im generally a good sport if it's done well or in an interesting way. I love dragons myself and the idea of being somewhat connected to them. It's
  10. When SWG died and I faded away from TOR after a year or so, I did try WoW for a little while. I played a basic warrior to see how it all felt to me and I was a worgen. The game missed a lot of points with me on a personal level in its character creation as everyone is literally just a bulging rage freak with the proportions of a damn fridge. In fact everyone is disproportionate! The story and lore behind the series is interesting at some points, but the greatest strength of WoW is also its greatest weakness - I feel. Everyone knows about it and everyone plays it and every server is flooded. It
  11. You can be all three! Really? YAAAAAY!!!! *happy dance*
  12. I'll be playing a straight, male elezen (60% chance it'll be a wildwood) when I get there. Got a name and everything picked out. Just trying to figure out Dragoon, or Paladin...or Dark Knight. *shrugs* Really is a tough decision.
  13. I'm actually leaning to be a wildwood elezen . I enjoy the forest-people dynamic and the Ishgardians are really, really pale. Plus there's the whole Autumn War and Ala Mhigo potential (probably misspelled that. Plus I don't see why the Ishgardians wouldn't allow a wildwood to become a dragoon if it meant another protector to their ranks. I won't spoil much if any . I never did like posting too much of any character of mine and prefer to let people find stuff out through interaction and maybe through a profile/journal. Which is hard because I also like to talk about character development and al
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