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  1. I feel like this is not part much of the forum discussion but mostly on a personal thing with me and how I've posted so I'll try to lessen the response as much as possible so that it won't bother the others but I guess it's long now ahhhhh;;;; However--It was not my intent to sound dismissive and all that to you. If it did sounded like that then I apologize. I was trying to respond to this reply you had for me: So I was just quoting you on that one. I'm sorry if it sounded dismissive. That wasn't my intention at all We weren't exactly dismissing everyone's suggestions. In fact, I have posted many times that we are taking in everyone's suggestions and comments into heavy consideration and will be doing some of those to not let these things repeat to us. Never have I once dismissed anyone's suggestions though the topic of the post does go out of topic at the end whenever I seem to reply so I'm hoping to not digress and return back to the discussion in the suggestion on how to avoid things and whatnot. Again. Thank you for your suggestions and for posting here. We are grateful for it. I apologize if it sounded like I was arguing or dismissing. I am not. Really. I'm sorry and I hope you have a good day as well!
  2. I'm not saying you haven't experienced it but like you said--It's not as severe as our experience so yeah.
  3. I've RPed Miqo'te, Hyur, Roegadyn, Raen--and none of them had face this much racism as the Xaela. Literally you just go walk to the back alley in Ul'dah and wait and somehow, somewhere--Someone will diss at you for existing or you'll hear people call you names and then wish that you'd go back to your side of the world to fight there and so on Hell, the racism for the other tribes are mostly seen as a joke OOCwise but as what I've noticed in this discussion--The racism for Xaela is mostly really intense and serious since everyone kept explaining that it's normal. IDK--I guess it's hard to see it unless you guys have been in our shoes? All I know is that we're gonna incorporate what has been suggested and we'll see how it'll go. Hopefully just more fun and less conflict RP daily! Crossing our fingers!
  4. I for one want to be like that one quest line in the Dotharl Khaa where it's the series quest in the Steppe. Where you'll help him train and realize what he did wrong and why he sucks at fighting AND still be able to be friends with an Oronir no matter their tribal relationship just because they're warriors that wishes to be strong together and respects each other like so. It's not all about fighting and killing. It's about exploring your character and how they see things and how they handle being a 'reborn' of a strong warrior in the past... Which is not the reason for this discussion so yeah but I just wanted to respond to your question lol. Honestly, at this point--I wanna do this as well.
  5. Also--I keep forgetting to quote you but we actually had one of your members come into one of our RPs and they actually handled it very well and we were quite happy to see a Flame officer handling things professionally IC-wise in that situation rather than ignore things. Kudos to you guys!
  6. It is not really the Dotharl RP spot--It is however the RP Hub where you can just drop your character there and happily interact with randoms. Yeah we could attempt to RP in other public spaces but less RPers there--and mostly, nobody gathering there really for RPs.
  7. Here's the thing though. We do SHOW others that they aren't just like the Dotharls they are usually assumed as. They respond respectfully and even politely telling them to stop or to tell them to at least respect them because they're also people with emotions and that they're being rude and their insults are becoming hurtful. Think of it this way: A black person stands there just talking to their friends/family and someone starts throwing insults and threats at them. It goes on and on until they finally had enough of the hurtful words and starts lashing back through words saying that's enough. Lo and behold, the law is suddenly there and is telling the black people to stay down and blaming them for things. I know it sucks to use real life examples but most of our RPs goes like that almost every other time and I feel like it's easier to understand if real life are compared to with it I am not asking others to change their characters for us. We are asking ways how to avoid problems or have confrontation/conflict RPs in our every day RP. There are people that are suggesting new RP hubs and we appreciate that offer and thinking about it as well as the whole, blocking and OOCly telling them things. We never intended to force others to change their character for us. I would also respond to the other things you posted but that doesn't really connect much with the topic and what we're asking for help with. It's just an IC lore/character thing which I guess shouldn't have been brought up by me but at this point seems to be a big part of it. We just really need opinions and suggestions on how to not have conflict RPs 24/7 in public. Cos clearly we're doing something wrong with how we're handling it (making our chara suck it up and try to be calm always) and thus we are asking for help from others. I had less problems with such 'racism' when I RPed a Moon Keeper and a Raen xD;;; Xaela+Dotharl is just the ultimate combo I guess.
  8. I love what the Dotharl is: The undying tribe who believes in Nhaama and family. The Xaela who are not afraid of death due to their beliefs and thus they fight with no fear in the Steppe/Naadam and enjoy it even if their numbers are dwindling--making their Khatun worry. Did you not hear Sadu's cackles? It was glorious! I love playing Dotharl and I occasionally do not mind when confrontation RPs happens BUT I love playing a Dotharl that is NOT a warmonger that knows nothing but kill people for fun without a reason. However, most RPers do not see Dotharls as more than that. (Perhaps there are RPers that makes their Dotharl as that) but doesn't it just suck that you're forced to not RP the character/tribe you want just because everyone is harassing you almost every single day even if it's just IC? Even if RP is RP--It gets tiring you know... I believe what happened here is that HW Dotharl RPers RPed their Dotharls too much of a killer and nothing else that it has continued to be what people see the Dotharls are EVEN THOUGH you can clearly see it in the Stormblood that the Dotharls aren't like that at all. That they do not just kill for funsies. "Widely hated" is because of the HW Dotharl and even though SB Dotharl are different, everyone kept on clinging on how they saw the HW Dotharl. Also funnily enough, in our RPs, it's the Hotgo who does things to our Dotharl aggressively who just rapes and nearly beats our characters to death even though the Dotharl characters were being civil and quite respectful. The problem is that... nearly EVERYONE does it. It's tiring to just do confrontation RP every single day when you just want to have fun and plot and RP in public. I know there's a terrible stigma that comes with the Dotharl and we are fine with that--It is however quite stressful if it happens nearly every single time we RP in public. It's why we're asking if there's some other way other than fantasia-ing our characters and changing their names? Because we've built them so much and love them a lot and don't really want to change to another character. (Also money lol) Honestly at this point, I'm trying to make our FC house as a way for our friends to gather at and all that but gotta do that IC-wise you know and some don't really want to go to Shirogane for that in an exclusive place when they can RP in public. This is a good idea however and maybe somehow, we can get another place to be a RP Hub. Kugane sure needs some love too along with the other city-states.
  9. Honestly, our Dotharls--the ones we RP are mostly Hingan than a 'traditional' Dotharl with how they treat people and deal with things. Not to mention they literally grew up in Shirogane so However, it is indeed hard to show that when people jump into conclusions immediately after seeing 'Dotharl' and see their black scales and start harassing them. (Again, real life racism like whew it's hard--Some even would bring up gender at times and just guh--I know it's IC but if it just keeps repeating, it makes one groan every time they RP) We mostly keep things very IC which is why when different people approach them to harass them nearly daily, we can't really go OOC, "Hey can we tone the confrontation down a bit?" cos it's almost always been different people every time that it has affected our characters IC-wise and well, made it harder for us OOC-wise since this thread is now up haha. Can't really stop new people from RPing with us even if their intention aren't to our liking. That and we're ah, we kind of have the mindset of: "We don't really want to upset them..." or "We don't want to block them from RP..." OOC-wise so... But even if our characters will hold out their calm, usually others find a way to provoke them and keep harassing them. Which would then lead to our characters' cool snapping cos when they start threatening their sisters and say that they'll kill them, they go on protective mode, you know? Which then leads to more people flocking around the area no matter where you are and go, "Oh Xaela/Dotharl--Typical." When I saw the SB Dotharl and how they were I was like: Yes. This. This is how Dotharls are and not some bloodthirsty things that only wants to kill and I want to RP like the honorable Dotharl who just enjoys fighting and letting their soul burn bright when it comes down to it! -- Is there any other way aside from sucking it up and OOC-ly change your character a bit just so that they wouldn't be upset by people randomly harassing them? I would like to get away from Ul'dah RP hub if I could but it seems to be the only RP hub that people gather in so ;;; (There was Reunion before but that died down) I just... IDK, it seems rude to tell people to OOCly tell them to tone down the confrontation a bit especially if that's how their character is IC-wise ;;; (That or I'm just a scaredy cat haa)
  10. Dotharl sitting in some corner just talking and maybe laughing with their family/friends. In comes people, hissing and spitting insults at them how they're savages and cowards when they see that they're a Xaela and overheard that they're Dotharl. Just for what? Just talking there and not even doing anything remotely threatening to others nor insulting others. I literally RPed my character before, talking to someone about them joining their company and a Miqo'te just walked up to me (I have no clue who they are so did my friends) and decided to insult my character who just stood there all baffled like what after hearing that they're Dotharl? She didn't even do anything and just stared as more insults came. This is just one of the few incidents with me and others lol. The joy of being a Xaela and a Dotharl. I love RPing it but God damn I can't RP normally at least a day outside without someone else hissing and snarling for them existing. Kinda like real life racism, you know?
  11. Yes, hello--I'd like to RP in the back alley without being thrown insults at non-stop and making my RP or maybe plot RPs turn into confrontation every single day and thus no plots happening ; u ; It's... very stressful when it just happens non-stop everyday and it's hard to avoid cos I love RPing my Xaela and Ul'dah is the RP hub
  12. Got more commissions to throw in here! Meet these two lovelies! https://78.media.tumblr.com/778e6c6fe2315fc274565c5521b9e22d/tumblr_p3utqxO62S1wnh46io1_1280.png[/img] https://78.media.tumblr.com/fe384133d5367ed029694f8bae4e4f14/tumblr_p3utqxO62S1wnh46io2_1280.png[/img]
  13. Thank you very much! ♥ Also! Drew my old character with her waifu and then their children now who followed their footsteps Saw a pose of this online and had to draw them in it! Also sorry for the anatomy failure ;;; https://78.media.tumblr.com/52568f528db69fa7237aefefc951ccd2/tumblr_p3lnmj5Gxx1wnh46io1_1280.png[/img]
  14. I sometimes feel bad posting after myself but yeah ; u ; I just wanna share! Finished an art commission of someone's lovely Hyur! o7 https://78.media.tumblr.com/57ad3bd43d3fc3a4f5e4b40383b8b0cf/tumblr_p3cn6uPHms1wnh46io1_1280.png[/img]
  15. With that said, meet the Dotharl triplets! Me and my friend's new RP characters http://78.media.tumblr.com/657590cf5371adab8b04c8f437bbf6c6/tumblr_p1hn5rMz2Y1wnh46io1_1280.png[/img]
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