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  1. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    https://phalloria.carrd.co Known by many names Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and con artist. Her masterful use of illusion magic, slight-of-hand and glamours help keep this roguish mage one step ahead of those who suspect her of foul play. Tight-lipped about her origins, abilities and loyalties her presence has become something of an enduring mystery as some swear they've seen her or even met her before in areas she vehemently denies treading. Is this ruby-tongued vagrant a threat or just a simple hustler trying to get by? It's possible that even she doesn't know for certain.
  2. Hiya, Andi! Welcome to the RPC I don't see anything wrong with an Elezen growing up in Ala Mhigo. There's little else I can say that isn't better received by playing through the Stormblood quests.
  3. Welcome to the RPC, Patch! And congratulations on your college graduation!
  4. Hiya, Angie, and welcome aboard! You could check out some lore videos on YouTube or grab one of the lore books sold by Square Enix, but just playing the game and talking to NPCs will provide you with plenty of information about the setting. The Job quests and crafting and gathering quests also help flesh out the setting. Even minions, mounts and the very items used for crafting have little tid-bits of information that tell us more about the people and places of FFXIV. ^.^
  5. Pleased to meet you as well, Hani, welcome to the RPC website! I can relate to dealing with RP rust, I hadn't RPed in ages when I started playing FFXIV.
  6. Welcome aboard, Anthony! I hope you have a great time RPing in Eorzea and with FFXIV in general.
  7. Greetings, Nadia Bellerose, and welcome to the RPC! Your character looks wonderful and I love the carrd you've made for her!
  8. Greetings, Grey Ezra, welcome to the RPC! I like your character ideas! I hope the crafting quests further inspire your imagination and make you a bit of gil.
  9. Welcome back to FFXIV @KieairaKitty ! Always good to see a founding player return. Things were pretty rough for this game in the beginning but I hope the improvements help you to ease back into FFXIV.
  10. Some recommend completing main quests in MMOs to help the player get a grasp of the basics of the setting as well as some of the relevant details like varying cultures, politics, physics and important story points which affect the world. Some also suggest main quest completion because they don't want new players to have the story spoiled for them by accident, and FFXIV has some of the better story telling among the MMOs of its release period. I haven't really come across many spoilers while RPing but it's a definite possibility if characters start talking about current events, important figures or even an innocent mention of travel routes to areas cut off in the early game. That being said, Stormy Bell is absolutely correct in that you can start RPing whenever you like. Heck, someone can start RPing in Discord before they even play the game and long after they're done with it.
  11. Welcome to the RPC @LyriFaun and welcome back to FFXIV! I know how you feel concerning alts. X) MMOs with decent enough character creation tools and an inspiring setting make it easy to start daydreaming characters and their stories. I look forward to seeing some of your artwork!
  12. Welcome to the RPC, ShinyBoots! It's always good to see another bard in the game. The instruments and performance tools that Square Enix added just for archers/bards display a level of commitment to class fantasy that I haven't seen before. Definitely one of my favorite FFXIV jobs.
  13. Moon Type


    https://joribri.carrd.co Joribri is but one of many whose families were destroyed by the Garlean juggernaut. Inconsolable despite the efforts of her adopted family she was raised from childhood by a shadow clan intent on the slow, methodical eradication of all Garlean culture, influence and peoples. Executing their design under the creed "knowledge, patience and time" Joribri's role usually involves information gathering and fostering a permanent division among Garleans. She's grown into a well restrained, martially honed operative working to sow the seeds of Garlean demise with peaceful mirth and a clear conscience.
  14. Sorry about the typo, I've been fighting them off all day it seems.
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