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Snake Eyes

Believing that Madame Pholnaset was partly raised by a cousin race of the Ananta is enough of a stretch, but her claim to have Ananta blood in her linage strains credulity. Yet when a baker accused her publicly in the marketplace of lying she dropped what she was doing and told him to prove her words false. 


When the baker tried to turn that challenge around and demand proof from Madame Pholnaset she told him that the burden of proof was on the prosecution, which was the role he'd chosen to play. She then turned an hour glass over and told him he had five minutes to make his case.


When the baker protested that five minutes wasn't nearly enough time Madame Pholnaset pushed the hour glass aside, agreed with him and then gave him the rest of his life to disprove who she was. The baker suddenly realized that this was, for him at least, an impossible proposition. With the increasing pressure of the expectant crowd, and his nerves starting to fail, he took his leave and refrained from accusing her again. 


This is an example of how Madame Pholnaset, even when she's clearly full of crap, is able to twist a conversation around on someone at the drop of a hat. This keeps most of her would-be detractors from openly accusing her for fear of being made to look the fool. 


Unfortunately this sort of thing can reflect negatively on some people's perception of other traveling buskers, exotic merchants and fortune tellers with actual ability. 

From the album:

Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

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