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  1. Hi! I'd be interested in the craftperson/market aspect of this FC, but the discord tag provided doesnt seem to be valid (at least, I couldn't friend you). Is there another way to get in touch, besides hoping I bump into a member out and about?
  2. Hey! Thanks for getting in touch. I am still looking for rp. The FC I joined isnt very active, so I'm on the hunt. Mysteries sound interesting, so definately hit me up!
  3. Edited to include more info... though, I did put my server in the tag for the topic.
  4. Hey all I'm new to the game, new to the lore, new to everything except how to RP. Go easy on me, eh? I have a Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon named Naromi Vosu on Mateus. She's part of a small nomadic clan in the Black Shroud who makes her living primarily through hunting/trapping... sometimes outside of the law. Because Gridanian laws are stupid. *sage nod* Naromi likes stargazing and knows a bit about local plants and woodworking. She's a little shrewd, a little rough and tumble, a lot nervous and haughty around strange male Miqo'te, and a little reserved in the city. I'm interested in finding connections for her, be they other Keepers (maybe members of her clan, fellow wanderers, or those integrated in Gridanian society and therefore suspicious as heck), people she might do business with either below or above the table, or random adventurers wandering around her ever-rotating hunting grounds. OOCly, I'm easygoing and low drama. I can adjust my writing style to fit my partners', length-wise, but no one-liners please unless the dialogue is really moving along. I'm naturally inclined towards a paragraph or so, but I don't really do purple prose. I'm open to pretty much anything that makes logical sense in RP, but if the scene is going to be more than a casual encounter it's nice to chat oocly first about everyone's expectations. My playtimes are ~8p to 1a EST. I have discord (Bebe#8999)or you can PM me or something! How do you even forum??
  5. It's okay I got on Mateus and I see random RP going on in Girdania quite frequently! I'm sure I can find a niche somewhere. I may draw a few friends over with me, as well.
  6. Thanks for the advice, everyone I made my Miqo'te on Mateus, and if I'm not finding what I'm looking for I will buy a transfer to Balmung. I look forward to meeting people! The game is really fun so far. I've been playing ESO for the last two years and I was just getting really burnt out on it. It'll be nice to have a change!
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. I'm not a euro player, I'm eastern USA. Is this going to make it difficult to coordinate RP on Mateus or Omega? Or are a lot of the NA RP community people overflowing there?
  8. Hello everyone I'm just joining the game. I have a long RP history in MMOs, tabletop groups, friends on IM services, etc... it goes way back. I'm currently doing some lore research for my character to develop her before I decide for certain what to roll. I think I'm going with a Keeper of the Moon and am interested in more tribal-oriented rp, but that's flexible. I could go another direction entirely, if it was a good story. My issue is... what server do I join? It seems like everyone posting here is on the same 2-3 servers, none of which are accepting new characters. Any advice for someone on how to set themselves up correctly in the community? How do I get where the action is?
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