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  1. I think a lot of roleplayers have this unhealthy approach to roleplay as do people have to any kind of relationship - it's a sort of desperation that when you find someone who shows an initial sign of interest, you stick with them no matter what because you might not find anyone else. I've been the sort of guy who always had to ask others for roleplay, it never really felt natural and at times it also felt like I was either begging or forcing some of my friend (ridic, I know) to play with me. It gets tiring eventually. It's been a long, long time since I've been in a guild where roleplay was this natural, spontaneous thing that happened without weeks and spreadsheets of preperation - when it does happen, it's limited to tavern roleplay which just isn't for everyone and frankly quickly gets boring.
  2. D'eshel

    A Pmpkn Art Patch! Commissions are open!

    Holy hell, those doodles are incredibly detailed and well done, you have a style that's just difficult not to adore.
  3. I'm in a similar spot as you are, friend. I've been playing MMOs for a longer while and have been roleplaying in them since, though for about a year now I've realised that my love for roleplay in any kind of setting seems to have waned for some reason, maybe due to age or some other circumstance. Still, I'm a stubborn bastard and I'd like to keep trying to get invested in this particular activity. I've got a character that I'm willing to toss your way, having a quick glance at your toon's wiki I spot at least one idea of a story that could happen between them. Do contact me in whatever way you wish if you're inclined to chat about it!
  4. Neglected this thing as its' still in dire need of work, but I just wanted to let peeps know that I'm still on the lookout for buddies of any variety - be it for RP, chitchat or doing some content, though most of my gametime nowadays is spent on fishing and listening to podcasts - help me change that!
  5. Hey gang. So I'm a semi-returning (role)player, I've played this game in very short periods ever since it started but I was never really able to commit to it, neither to the RP side of things or the content and that was mostly because I was still used to playing WoW, but now that I'm finally done with that game, I'm willing to settle my roots here. I've got a young tribal Miqo of a character that I've used for some light roleplay before, though I've decided to restart and remake his character a little bit. While he does have a (I hope) somewhat engaging backstory and a growing personality, I view him as a blank sheet waiting to be filled by people I interact with. While I do have two main "paths" that he could take as a character I'm very interested to meet other people to accompany him on that journey - who knows, maybe he'll divulge from one of those paths and go in an entirely diffrent direction! I of course wouldn't object to that, I like the roleplay to run its' natural course. I'm a fairly laidback guy and I consider myself rather chatty, so I'm open to most roleplay stuff and character. While I'd like to note I'm from Europe (GMT+1) and would prefer to find other people to play with from Europe, my varied workhours allow me to interact with you fine people from all across the globe. Besides from roleplay, I'm interested in doing other kinds of content, though I'm usually a solo leveler kind of guy. I'll update this thread with some specifics later on, but I'm also working on a wiki character page for the guy, which you can check out below if interested. I'd also love to hear some feedback about it and maybe get some help with the layout (that I shamelessly borrowed from someone else). Stay frosty! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/D'eshel_Tia
  6. I honestly don't understand how any of what you were writing about, Titor, is related to this issue. It's not the case of modders asking for donations/money for their work. It's the case of Valve/Bethesda wanting to get a slice of the money the modders could/are getting and then creating the means to get them. The example you posted would relate if Square-Enix would suddently want to get a slice of the profit from the artwork (since it would be a part of the setting they created) along with whoever owns RPC.
  7. That's something that already happened. I think it was also labeled as a "early access" mod, which then got brought down by Valve. early access mod for people to buy
  8. Honestly, if behaviour like this will continue, we'll soon be paying for patches. P.S: Crap, I shouldn't be giving them ideas. Another edit: I have to say though, browsing through the new mods added to Skyrim, I've had a few laughs. The best one so far is No Imperials.
  9. bethesda pls stop breaking pc gaming kkthx All in all, I'm just waiting for the top modders to make their announcements about not supporting this horrible idea which will hopefully be the first nail to its' coffin. The most obvious alternative has already been suggested to Valve a bunch of times (a simple donate button). P.S: I'm also waiting for AngryJoe to make a rant about this. It'll be good.
  10. So... Bethesda is the first studio that actually kickstarted this whole thing, right? It's kind of hillarious, considering they were putting Skyrim mod content into their DLCs.
  11. Uh... what? What are you talking about? You do realise that modders in this situation get the least or the same amount of profit as Valve does, right? (from what I understood, most of the cash always goes to the dev). Yeah, mods are hard to make, there's no point in denying that, but since when did any modder DEMAND money for a mod? They were doing it mostly for fun and for the gaming community. What they deserve is a donate button, not something like this, where their work can be easily stolen by someone for profit.
  12. D'eshel

    Where in the blue hells do you hang out, anyway?

    I'm not a forum celebrity, am afraid. P.S: But I really never want to be.
  13. Bask in the glory of my amazing beard. Nope. Nah. No. *swoons over Elezen and Highlanders* <3 Heathen.
  14. Bask in the glory of my amazing beard.
  15. D'eshel

    Despite the scandal

    It is to every good roleplayer, or at least I hope it is. It's not about primarily having fun, because you can have fun while ruining someone's life, as I'm sure everyone here is aware of.