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  1. It's been awhile! Hello! Firstly, some doodles! As per tradition, i offer a character in lingerie lol Nice to hopefully be back!
  2. Herrrrroooooo cowboy (commission snippet!) Commission sketch <3
  3. Hewwo! I've come back with a commission and a silly doodle! First is a commission of Gan <3! And then a super serious Uniform proposal for my FC, featuring Elis and Darien Onchar. very serious. My commissions are still open :)!
  4. At this point with how dismal my job search opportunities are, I'm going to say that just about nothing is off the table. Feel free to use that graphic as a guideline. I generally place full body art at 85+ but if you like something I made, anywhere, including on my tumblr, lemme know! Or if you have an idea, I'm down to discuss prices.
  5. Helios and Elis and A Lucan Have a good day y'all!
  6. Hello!! Welcome back and it’s nice to meet you! I hope all your plots are sick nasty
  7. bumped. I've since added another character! His name is Lucan and he's very purple, very snobby and a stylish cat.
  8. a bump! i'm gearing up to get back into rp shape after a whirlwind of school starting.
  9. February 14th is Ianto's B-Day in all his incarnations so I used the holiday as an excuse to draw some scantily clad NSFW Ianto like so: Do I have anything else? Nope, lol, I've been swamped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Heya, nice to see you around these parts, lol! today I only have one piece to put up...and a meme. This is Lucan, he likes fine wine and shiny, expensive things. Qlty is a lil fudge cus I'm on my laptop, thx discord. And here is an apt Ianto response to any and all difficulties no matter how trivial:
  11. A PI is such a cool character concept, especially in a fantasy setting. And I'm with you there on the Viera conundrum, I'm anxiously awaiting their drop! I hope to see you around! I also really like your icon.
  12. Welcome, I hope you have fun! Your character sounds amusing, I'm sure you'll find some great folks to rp with!
  13. Hello! Welcome! I like the variety of your characters, they all seem pretty interesting! I hope you have fun and if you ever see me in game feel free to poke me, too :)!
  14. I return with some purely cutesy shit- Elis dragging along a Helios. Ianto looking like a full nerd And a commission for Rory of Hrodrich Thorne! Followed by another commission for a friend! My commissions are still open if anyone is interested
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