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  1. We could start a new thread for people who would like to discuss all ranges of opinions on the topic.
  2. Welcome to the community! I appreciate the intention of keeping things vague/letting people discover your character IC. I'm used to non-MMO RP and that's how it always went there! Unfortunately my character is only available in the Shadowbringers zones for lore reasons, but if either of your characters ever finds themselves there, please feel free to hit me up. Good luck with your search!
  3. Hey there! Also playing a First character! I have to head to bed here in a minute but I'll PM ya tomorrow, I'm definitely looking to make some First-focused contacts.
  4. I like this idea! Some Shadowbringers spoilers below as Leezil lives in the Shadowbringers areas.
  5. All well and good, but I think it's important to remember the reverse: nobody is a bad person just because they don't agree with the plausibility of something within the setting or find it immersion-breaking and choose to ignore it. I imagine that even for yourself, someone RPing the very limits of lore plausibility would be something you'd give yourself the option of rejecting or embracing within your own RP. There's a pretty big gap between a person deciding something feels too "far off" for their own RP, versus judging or controlling other players. I don't think it's fair to imply that anyone in this thread has done the latter--and I think it's also a bit unfair to enter a thread whose premise is to discuss lore plausibilty and personal opinions, and take offense that some of those opinions might not agree with one's own RP. Everyone is entitled to their own RP, One of the odd things to me about MMO RP vs persistent world RP such as NWN2/NWN1 is MMO RPers seem forced to create their own settings within the settings based on what they find reasonable, rather than having a shared understanding. Of course, these kinds of discussions are good for getting an idea of what other people might prefer. People should feel comfortable RPing their "lore stretch" concepts (and I for one am excited to RP with a few folks on that side of the 'fence'), but they should also feel comfortable RPing their more "lore strict" concepts without fear of being judged by the "lore stretch" side. Everyone's just here after all to craft the stories that make sense and are fulfilling to them, after all, so lack of judgement goes both ways. My two cents!
  6. Just to be clear, my own ideas aren't restrictions on how anyone else should play, I just hope it's helpful! Really interesting discussion going on here.
  7. Been thinking about this more, and after talking to some friends about it who want to RP on the First but not as Natives, I have what I think is a solution that could work for some. Just RP as a totally different person in the first. Easy to make it work. Someone who is RPing as traveling between Source/First might recognize a similarity but that's no different from what's happened in the MSQ. Just allow the two characters to exist as completely separate entities. Whether they share pieces of the same soul is up to you. A step beyond this, and probably preferable imo, is to do this but RP traces of a connection between the two -- similar once again to certain NPCs but with the connection felt by that character. You could RP them as having some emotional/dream crossovers, whatever makes sense to you. I think we've seen evidence that this can happen. In this case, the characters would share pieces of the same soul. I think I've seen people have character concepts along those lines, to me it works as a solution for those who want to RP in the First but don't necessarily need to have traveled.
  8. Welcome! Sadly my character IC can't be in the places where you'd likely be RPing (avoiding spoilers...basically in the 3rd expansion zones), but perhaps someday Feel free to friend me in-game and give me a poke if you ever need help with content or have any questions!
  9. Hey there! I'm in a similar boat as you, longtime RPer but new to RPing on FFXIV! If you find yourself looking for RP in "the Shadowbringers zones" (not spoiling!) please feel free to give me a poke! Best of luck in your search, friend. (I recognize your tumblr bio! If I already threw you the same message there, apologies for the unintentional doubling up! If I didn't...well, I think I meant to!)
  10. Hey there! You mentioned Norvrandt--I'm RPing a native, so if you find yourself RPing on the First feel free to hit me up! Some info in my signature. My character's an alchemist/botanist in the starting city, who's always hiring people to find her things. If you'd like to get in touch for RP sometime let me know! Good luck with your search ^^
  11. Hey there! I know it's a long shot, but if you ever end up RPing on the First, feel free to hit me up. Would love to RP! Best of luck in your search.
  12. These "Old Ones"/Terminus things remind me a lot of Eldrazi as well. I agree that they're probably going to be the true "final boss" of the full story arc...I wonder if the final solution will involve us becoming the chosen of both Hyd and Zodiark? I also agree that the factions are less "who is compassionate" and instead frankly a more interesting matter of where that compassion is focused. Neither side is without compassion, both are driven by it. But our compassion for the Ascians' people can't outweigh our compassion for our own, and vice versa. So we're at odds. I suspect the story will continue to explore that idea, as Kieron mentioned rejecting extremism in favor of showing that the true enemy are these Terminus creatures that are perhaps absolutely compassionless forces of nature. Thank you very very much for the images!
  13. There's also an option in the Emotes menu to turn off all animation text I think!
  14. As someone who's planning on RPing only in the First as a native, I'm looking forward to people like you who want to RP crossing over while sticking close to the lore! Your idea of pixies is a clever one, and probably the most broad "works for anyone and everyone" solution. This could especially be a good option for anyone who is RPing as an ally of someone who would be able to cross using another option. As Kieron mentioned, the Ironworks option could work for anyone involved with that as well. Since the shards were (are? Haven't finished the story yet) close to a Rejoining, maybe people with the Echo or who have had Light-aether related events happen to them have accidentally crossed over.
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