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  1. Hit me up if you ever end up doing First Shard RP I'll add you as a friend tonight if that sounds like so etching you might do at some point!
  2. Hello there! Fellow XIV RP newbie here You may want to consider having your alt on Balmung or Mateus -- really any Crystal server, since you can do World Visit. The Crystal DC is much more saturated with RPers so you should have an easier time!
  3. Leezil


    An album for my First-native Viis (Viera), "Greenheart" (actual name TBD!). Looking for others who plan to RP on the First.
  4. I'll poke you for one once the benchmark is out
  5. "Greenheart" would be a Botanist or Alchemist questgiver, enlisting your help to design urban farming systems and fertilizers to help grow food for the struggling people of [tokyo fanfest spoilers]
  6. Same, I'm up for discussion any time! I'm working on gathering up a network of people who'll be RPing in the First. Here's mine! I'll have to convert it to wiki format, too... https://balmung-greenheart.tumblr.com/post/184219423367/please-note-that-i-prefer-to-leave-some-details
  7. Ooh, pretty! To clarify, you have no slots open currently?
  8. Forgive me for reviving this dead thread, as it's what inspired me to make a First character! Perhaps those of us that are interested in RPing First characters could keep in touch? Is there a linkshell for us? It might be handy.
  9. Much is TBD before Shadowbringers is out, but I'm looking for fellow Balmung RPers who will be roleplaying on the First. Information about my character can be found here: https://balmung-greenheart.tumblr.com/post/184219423367/please-note-that-i-prefer-to-leave-some-details
  10. Very true. I guess I should say more...how common or viable it is for the average person.
  11. Thank you for the recommendation! Hm...I mean, I'm all for not supporting really "special" character concepts and leaving that for the NPCs, but it stands to reason that the people on the First exist and interact as well? I got interested in the idea due to another thread discussing it. I figure one thing to be careful of is not to have the character RP as crossing over into the Source, unless the lore introduces some way for everyone to do it. Most likely such a character would simply have to remain in the First 24/7, in terms of the RP.
  12. If you find any, let me know too!
  13. This was interesting, thanks for the feedback! Didn't realize people did DMing even on MMO RP. I come from a background of NWN2/NWN1 DM'd RP, so maybe I'll have to keep my eye out for that. It does seem like great fodder for some DMing, even without having a character be part of the MSQ. Also: I giggled. Interesting...thank you! I wonder how careful I'll need to be of that if I play a character that's native to and RPed in the First....
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