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  1. Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience that whatever lore question, or character flashing out doubt you have, there's plenty of helpful people about in the Chaos discord. So don't be shy and ask about! Now, as for what concerns your character, I assume he (and you both) are at least knowledgeable on the very basics? There's plenty of ways to accomodate character growth alongside OOC learning the lore, ranging from young age to selective memory loss due to an extreme psychological shock. I don't know how old Thal is supposed to be but, without going into any memory loss complications, a simple approach could be that he grew up in a very secluded settlement in which people don't bother at all with the happenings of the bigger world, going about their lives thinking and knowing only about what happens in their close-knit community. That way Thal could know full well who he is, but have all the room to get to know the outside world and learn new things without impairing/complicating too much the character from the get go. Just my two cents, btw
  2. Welcome onboard! o/ I'm gonna add another resource you can peruse to get a hang of the basics on a more technical level. ^^
  3. The /em channel is the custom emotes. I've put up a small guide on the basics, you can find it here: As for the typing speed, in small groups you don't have to worry about it. Everyone has their own speed, and if you make it known beforehand that you are not a fast typer you really won't have any issues ^^. Sometimes the chat can get hectic in large groups during combat situations or while in crowded places (taverns, plazas), but the latter especially is more an issue of scrolling through all the text since in most occasions you'll see the speech and emotes of people you are not actively engaging with, and will need to keep track of things with an overflow of text. I know it can sound incredibly overwhelming, but it's more a case of getting used to it. With time it'll get better!
  4. As of late there has been a new influx of people who approach MMO RP for the first time and ask about how communication and writing is handled while ingame, so I thought of putting up a little basic guide on the general conventions used, regardless of MMO, for anyone to reference! While RPing ingame in real-time, usually two main channels are used: Say (/s) and custom emotes (/em). Say is mainly (more about it below) used for characters speech while custom emotes are used for actions and characters/situations descriptions. About using custom emotes, there really isn't anything complicated about it, it's more about getting used to it. Especially if one comes from written-only RP formats ^^. I'll give you some practical examples on the basics. Let's start with how one would describe a simple scene in a written-only format: As he walked on the doorsteps of the local watering hole, the Miqo'te dusted himself off. The trip had been a little too long for his own tastes. He was tired, and most of all his throat was so dry he felt like sand was grinding down it anytime he would swallow. He took a look about the room, then marched straight up to the counter. Now, to represent the same scene while RPing ingame, the real-time description would be a little different and of course mixed in with actual movements with the character. There's also a couple of ways to go about it. You could describe everything in one emote while standing on the doorstep and then walk up to the counter, or separate the description in two emotes giving time to people who might be there to notice your character and possibly interact with you before you move to the counter. I will give you both examples writing them as you would in chat: 1. /em dusts himself off on the doorstep, looking visibly tired and with a look of discomfort on his face. After a moment he takes a look about the room before heading for the counter. (at which point you actually walk up to the counter and continue on). 2. /em dusts himself off on the doorstep, looking visibly tired and with a look of discomfort on his face. (then wait a moment to see if anyone would react to that before typing the rest) /em takes a look about the room as he finishes dusting himself off, then walks up to the counter. (at which point you actually move). After you enter the emote, in chat it will read (using my char's name): 1. Jhuxohr Steelstorm dusts himself off on the doorstep, looking visibly tired and with a look of discomfort on his face. After a moment he takes a look about the room before heading for the counter. 2. Jhuxohr Steelstorm dusts himself off on the doorstep, looking visibly tired and with a look of discomfort on his face. Jhuxohr Steelstorm takes a look about the room as he finishes dusting himself off, then walks up to the counter. And that's pretty much how it goes every time you have to describe your character or something they're doing. If you have to type both action and dialogue, the convention to avoid clogging the chat is to type everything either in /say or in /em. For example, continuing the same scene once at the counter you could go either: 1. /em waves to the bartender to get his attention. "A pint of your best beer, thank you." or 2. /s *waves to the bartender to get his attention* A pint of your best beer, thank you. Which then in chat would read respectively: 1. Jhuxohr Steelstorm waves to the bartender to get his attention. "A pint of your best beer, thank you." (in the usual emote colour) 2. Jhuxohr Steelstorm: *waves to the bartender to get his attention* A pint of your best beer, thank you. (in white, in the /say channel) I myself mix both solutions depending on the situation. Usually, if I have to write more action than dialogue I use the custom emote channel, and type everything in /say if my character is speaking and then does something while talking. But it all boils down to personal preference at that point. That's pretty much the basics about it! If you have more questions, feel free to ask!
  5. Welcome to the RPC! First off, I can understand your dungeon anxiety. My gf has the same issue and she never does a dungeon unless I'm there to be the tank or healer, or unless she can do it solo 'cause she's overleveled it. Now to your questions: 1) I don't know how many people, if any, RP on Lich. What I can tell you is that Omega is the de facto unofficial RP server for EU, and with the new grouping, the Chaos datacenter in general ended up having in it the servers with the most RP population (Omega in primis), but Lich isn't part of it and ended in the Light datacenter. Regarding your FC, unless they have one on Omega too I'm afraid you'd have to leave it if you decide to server transfer (if you're really unsure I suggest making an alt on Omega to test the waters there, and then decide ) There's also an active RP discord for the Chaos datacenter. 2) Those terms can be used in a couple of meanings. It can relate to how often one stays In Character once ingame, or to how strict they adhere to the official Lore and how deep they delve in it during their storylines. Or both things at the same time. Someone who logs in and goes around being In Character all the time can be considered a heavy (if not hardcore) RPer, for example. In MMOs, the RP takes place in real-time, so the usual conventions are to write what a character says in the /s channel and what they do or their descriptions in the /em channel (unless a certain situation requires another established IC channel). Also, to not slow down things too much and avoid clutter in the chat while RPing, the emotes are usually kept somewhat short (you're not the first to ask as of late, I'm thinking I should put up a simple and short guide on the basics I wrote for another person, for everyone to see xD). 3) I don't think it would affect things much, as I believe we are all on the same servers (unless someone more knowledgeable on the tech aspects of the game can correct me, I'm fairly new to it). So if you have a keyboard with which to type more comfortably, especially during RP (sometimes it can get really hectic), you shouldn't have any problems.
  6. Welcome! I will leave the answer to your Roegadyn question to those more knowledgeable on the subject, but generally speaking you don't have to always follow the generic lore description about a certain race. It usually gives you an insight on the more traditional aspects of a certain race or sub-race, but there's also people of every race everywhere and doing anything (obviously with varying degrees and concentrations, but still). As for your character building question, that pretty much is up to you. For example, I haven't started to RP yet 'cause I'd like to see the whole MSQ first and avoid myself spoilering something through RP (which usually takes place on par with the latest story update timeline-wise) in case some events of the MSQ get mentioned, since I'm fairly new to the game. But if you aren't new to the game and already played through the story, you can jump into RP at any time while leveling your character. Some people (myself included) have a specific idea from the get go of what their character would usually wear, and wait until the character is high level enough to use that glamour/equipment before starting RPing. Others are content to create a satisfying enough wardrobe with what they can use even at low level and jump straight into RP, updating the character wardrobe as they level up and get acces to higher level gear. Especially if you have a story reason for your character to go through different stages.
  7. It certainly leaves you open to a good deal of character development. Especially if you take the route of discovering things alongside your character, knowing where you'd like to end but leaving the journey up to be shaped with time as you go.
  8. I was actually supposed to type 7th Umbral, typoed it badly. But since we're at it, making sure my understanding of the clalendar system works is right. Basicly, the years of an Era continue being counted up to it's Umbral/Astral stage shift, at which point it resumes from year 1. (akin to how Tolkien's calendar works for Middle Earth)
  9. I've been playing for only a few months myself, and am still going through the HW MSQ, but by talking with people on the Chaos RP discord I can at least safely reply for what concerns the dates. The Sixth Astral era ended when the Calamity struck. The Seventh Umbral ony lasted until the end of the 2.0 MSQ, as declared on the occasion you mentioned yourself. Since the beginning of the ARR MSQ mentions 5 years have passed from the Calamity, it's safe to assume that if not 6 years, at least an unspecified number of months have passed beyond the 5 years count. Apparently, at some point between the HW and SB MSQ the plot puts the timeline in a sort of temporal bubble, leaving the current official date unclear. Can't say on the US side, but the EU community at least overall agrees to consider the time flowing along the RL one and use the actual release dates of the expansions, to allow a more consistent character aging and development. So from the beginning of the HW arc, it's commonly agreed to consider 4 years have passed, setting us in the year 1581 (give or take a few months as usual, if you continue the counting from the Sixth Astral as some people do), or more simply year 4 (and some) of the Seventh Astral Era for example. Obviously, this is all complimented by leaving vague dates when referring specific MSQ events, if their mention ever pops up during RP. EDIT: Dang it, Unnamed anticipated me as I was submitting EDIT2: Corrected a typing error after Unnamed Mercenary pointed it out and cleared another sentence.
  10. Welcome back! Omega has the bulk of RPers for what concerns the EU servers. So, yes, that would be a good choice to look at. Luckily, to my knowledge at least, all the EU worlds that had the most RP activity ended up in the same Chaos data center after the new re-arrangement, so with the new world visit system it's fairly easy to find RP if you are on Chaos, regardless of your native world. That said, if you plan on making a new character I would suggest doing it directly on Omega, especially if you plan to join a FC at some point since that can't be done cross-world.
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