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  1. The Crystalline Sanctum Reliquary and Historical Archive's goal is the recovery and preservation of relics, the documentation and uncovering of ancient history, as well as exposing the secrets of modern history kept by the political and social elite. Be you a scholar striving research and knowledge, an adventurer seeking to delve into long forgotten tombs, dungeons, and lost cities, or even a silver tongued socialite with a desire to uncover the dark secrets of the society's upper crust, the Crystalline Sanctum has a place for you. The Sanctum is a primarily good aligned Free Company with dashes of morally grey skullduggery. We have a strong focus on relic hunting and research, as well as a fair amount of political and social intrigue on the side. We do host our fair share of combat RP, but we also host just as much social oriented RP. However, we are not an Adventurer's Guild where we go monster hunting every week, nor are we a Tavern Free Company where the vast majority of RP events consist of only idle conversation. The Sanctum favors instead having its events be centered toward contributing to an overarching narrative that we wish for our members to be a large part of. This is not to say that the occasional monster hunt or just chatting it up with our members over a few drinks is unwelcomed, but we do feel it necessary to iterate that we want for our events to be truly meaningful not just to the Free Company, but to the characters participating in them as well. While The Sanctum is not a new Free Company, it has been in stasis for a little over a year due to life obligations of its leadership, and so this is a fairly fresh start for us. However, we do have plenty of amenities to offer our members. We are a Rank 8 Free Company with a medium house located in Shirogane. A more in-depth look at the FC house can be found here. We also have plenty of RP events planned out into the coming months, with the early events being designed specifically to cater toward allowing new members to be able to hop right in so they don't feel like they've walked into a story that started without them. If anyone is interested in joining, or simply wishes to inquire more about the Free Company, they are welcome to either post here, message me directly, or if you're on Discord, you can hop onto our recruitment Discord server, which serves as a direct line to all 3 officers. A link to join the Discord server can be found here:https://discord.gg/QrDT8A3 (This link will not time out). Though we may not be able to respond immediately, we will do everything we can to speak to you at our earliest convenience. Lastly, if anyone just wants to look more into the Free Company, our page here on the RPC is located here. We also have a Tumblr page, but is currently a bit empty at the moment. However, we do plan on updating it with event synopses and other various announcements as they come. Thank you for your time, everyone, and we hope to hear from those interested.
  2. The Sanctum serves as the headquarters for The Crystalline Sanctum, as well as a vault for the various artifacts they've acquired over the years. The Sanctum is a medium house is located in Plot 28, Ward 15 at Shirogane. Here you can take a quick look through the estate and the amenities it has to offer. This page will be updated periodically as the house is planned to undergo some small renovations, and is also planned to have several additions added in the coming weeks. The Sanctum As mentioned before, The Sanctum is a medium house located in Shirogane, and incidentally has quick access to the Shirakumo Hot Springs. We also have a private bath house located at The Sanctum which is free to be used by its members at their leisure. The Sanctum Exterior The Bath House The 1st Floor On The 1st floor, we have the foyer where interviews for new recruits are likely to be held. It also serves as a small lounge area. The Foyer The 2nd Floor The 2nd floor serves as The Sanctums Lounge area where our members can talk and relax during downtime. There is also a library where you can partake in study or a quiet retreat from all the noise. The Lounge The Basement The basement also serves as The Sanctum's kitchen, bar, and study. Many large Free Company gatherings are hosted here, but it can also potentially be used to host friends of members so long as arrangements are made with the officers in advance. The Basement (Angle 1) The Basement (Angle 2) Additional Rooms Lastly we have our additional rooms which are open to all Free Company members (with some potential IC restrictions). Currently the only one of these rooms that is completed is the Briefing Room, however once renovations are completed for the Magitek Lab and The Vault, these rooms will become available as well. Magitek Lab (Private Room 2) The Briefing Room (Private Room 3) (Angle 1) The Briefing Room (Private Room 3) (Angle 2)
  3. The following rules below are subject to change as well as subject to have additions made to them. Violations of rules 1-4 may result in being reprimanded with punishment ranging from a warning to removal from the Free Company depending on the nature or consistency of the violations. Rules 5-6 however are meant to serve more as guidelines and we simply ask you keep them in mind. 1. No harassment of other Crystalline Sanctum members. This includes sexual harassment, as well as the use of any racial or anti-LGBT slurs. 2. While we cannot control how you present yourself outside of the Free Company, you may potentially be held responsible for any complaints brought to us from outside the Free Company for inappropriate activities such as but not limited to the ones listed in Rule #1. 3. Do not let OOC predispositions carry over into IC interactions. 4. ERP may not be done in any public spaces at the Free Company house. 5. While you will not be reprimanded OOC for IC actions, please remember that IC actions do have IC consequences. 6. If you are concerned that another Free Company member may be engaging in or is considering engaging in acts of self harm, we ask that you inform an officer immediately. We do understand the delicacy of such situations may not allow for this, but we greatly implore that you contact us if possible.
  4. Linked below is our recruitment discord server. If you have any interest in joining, or any inquires about the Free Company, we advise you join this server so we can talk with you directly. In case no officers are immediately available, you will not be booted from the server after logging off. However, after all inquires have been fulfilled, we ask that you leave the server, but don't sweat it if you forget to leave though, as we can just remove you afterwards without issue. This thread will remain unlocked so anyone can let us know the link stops working for whatever reason. Additionally, if you are interested in collaborating with our FC but do not wish to join, you are welcome to use this server to contact us. However, the conversation will likely be moved to a group message to avoid clutter. One last thing is that anyone who fails to respond within 3 days will be removed from the server. If you still have questions though, you are welcomed to use the link to try to contact us again. https://discord.gg/QrDT8A3
  5. The Crystalline Sanctum does not operate under a single "leader", but is instead headed by its three core officers. Damaris Kincaid, Makoto Obinata, and Valen Stalhart. The purpose of this page is to provide a quick rundown on these three characters so that any interested parties may quickly be able to gleam some of the basic information about these characters. This page is subject to being edited from time to time to ensure that all information stays up-to-date. Damaris Kincaid A swift witted Viera with an affinity for magic and a talent for weaving webs of information, Damaris acts as the Sanctum's spymaster. While she may come across as calculating and even cutthroat at times in her methods of planning and skullduggery, she can be a surprisingly big softy when it comes to interacting with anyone she considers her friend. Incidentally, she also makes no secret of her love for all things cute and fuzzy. Makoto Obinata Hailing from Doman warrior nobility, Makoto is a scholar on the disciplines of war. Calm, composed, and disciplined, he spends most of his spare time exercising, drilling, and reading history. As the Sanctum's Chief of Security, he takes his job seriously and maintains the Sanctum's dojo and martial library. He is dedicated not only to furthering his own strength and skill, but the strength and skill of those who would seek his insight. Makoto is also a seasoned fisherman, viewing the struggle between man and wavekin as another discipline through which to better oneself. Valen Stalhart The Sanctum's resident Magitek expert, and a skilled warrior in his own right, Valen spends the majority of his time maintaining the Sanctum's various machina when he's not fighting claw, tooth, and nail against some form of impossible odds while back-to-back with Makoto. Though he guises himself with a mask of pragmatism underlined with hints of a dry sense of humor, he desires nothing more than to assist those who need it most, and will do everything he can to give his help to those who ask for it.
  6. I've always thought this was such a weird fixation among RPers. I get the appeal of having some sort of past trauma to help shape your characters. Even I'm guilty of that, but it seems like so many RPers go out of their way to be as self destructive as possible with their characters for no reason other than to make them suffer. I understand that there's joy to be had in overcoming struggles, but when people choose to consistently undo all the progress their character makes, I tend to just stop caring about the character entirely.
  7. I've returned after a 3 month hiatus and found that most of my old RP buddies are either taking a brake, or have quit entirely. So without an FC or people to RP with, I guess its time to build a new start for myself. My time zone is EST, but I typically stay up pretty late, so I'm normally available up until about 1-2AM EST/10-11PM PST. I like to consider myself pretty flexible when it comes to lore, but I don't have much interest in anything outright lore breaking (Being characters from another franchise, being a true White Mage, etc.) or anything that's way out there (Long lost Allagan prince/princess, being Void Touched with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks, etc.). As the title states, Valen is a Magitek Engineer who can hold his own in combat. He has a substantial amount of knowledge in constructing, repairing, and operating Magitek, and an almost equal amount of proficiency in martial combat, particularly with a lance. He may appear a bit quiet and even stone-faced on the surface, but he's a genuinely nice person who's almost always willing to help whoever he can, however he can, and is perfectly happy to make friends along the way. RP Interests Magitek Adventure/Combat People who have a History with the Garlean Empire (good or bad) Political Intrigue Relic Hunting/Exploring Allagan Technology Espionage Acts of Philanthropy Forming Friendships Forming Rivalries Anything Involving Fighting the Garlean Empire RP Disinterests Anything Outright Evil Anything Involving Working With the Garlean Empire Casual Bar RP (I don't have anything against this every now and again, I just don't like for it to be the central focus) Anything Lore Breaking (As stated above) Epeen Measuring (Everyone deserves a moment to shine, but I have no interest in participating in RP that only serves to inflate someone's ego) Character Killing (Lasting injuries and whatnot are fine, but I have no intentions of ever letting Valen die, and I'm not keen on killing other people's characters either) Feel free to comment or send me a message if you're interested in RP. I am having a schedule shift at work coming up in the next week, so I am uncertain what days I will have free, but I am generally available on the weekends and I am certain I will have a few free days scattered throughout the week.
  8. That's not going to happen. At least not on that scale. Best case scenario you'll get two or three houses next to each other. A full district on the other hand would be near downright impossible.
  9. Probably not very much. I mean, just because you use a lance doesn't mean ICly you have to be a Dragoon, and just because you punch good doesn't automatically mean you must be a Monk. Your character may fit the archetype, but that doesn't mean they have to be labeled as such. Even in games like Final Fantasy VII, Cid has the Jump ability, but he's not called a Dragoon. Barret uses guns and gadgets, but he's not called a Machinist. The only person from that game that outright says they are a certain "class" would be Yuffie. So even if in-game everyone is playing Jobs, that doesn't mean ICly they will have to abide by that.
  10. I'm personally in the camp that it isn't a great idea to ICly tie yourself to a Job like Dark Knight, Dragoon, Paladin, etc. unless you're wanting for it to be a central part of the character. When you bind yourself to in-game Jobs (and classes, to a much lesser extent), and you also plan on making an effort to stay mostly true to the game's lore, you're shackling yourself to the will of the game developers and may end up in a situation similar to what a bunch of IC Dragoons ended up in shortly after the lore book came out. So just because you want to wield a big sword doesn't mean you have to be Dark Knight, and just because you punch good doesn't mean you have to be a member of the Pugilist Guild. Heck, you can wield a big sword and punch good if you want, and still not be bound to any particular in-game Job.
  11. 2/11/2017 Update Great news! We now have our website up and running! http://limitlessreliquary.enjin.com/home We've also updated the recruitment process. We now have an actual application, which if anyone is interested, can be filled out here.
  12. In times of such hardship and strife throughout Eorzea, Limitless Reliquary is there to provide care and assistance where it’s needed most. Bound by no Grand Company, Limitless Reliquary operates under no jurisdiction other than its own desire to help promote and bring about peace to Eorzea. Let it be by providing medical attention to a town struck with sickness, assisting in the relief efforts following catastrophes, taking part in negotiations with politicians and socialites, seeking out dangerous relics to keep them out of the wrong hands, or perhaps hunting for ones that may serve for a greater cause, and even when necessary, taking up arms and fighting back against forces that threaten the lives of innocents. Limitless Reliquary is a medium-heavy RP Free Company that is looking for a wide range of members. From soldiers and mercenaries to scholars and academics, Limitless is the perfect place for those who wish to assist in the effort of making Eorzea a better place amidst such dark times. While we strive to work for peace, that often means having to confront various challenges and threats to Eorzea head-on. Let it be in on the field of battle, or inside the office of a corrupt politician. These dangers come in many shapes and sizes, and often times are never solved with the same solution. This is why we are seeking members of various skills and backgrounds, as all will be needed for Limitless Reliquary to thrive.
  13. I feel like using the RP icon as just another way to tell others you're an RPer is a bit redundant when with one character, you can have the word "Role-Player" in your search info, and also a good majority of RPers have an FC tag that says *Insert FC Name*-RP. I'd much rather people use it to signify that they're currently IC, as I'm already more than well enough aware that you're an RPer without the icon.
  14. System Error: Follow_Orders.exe not found. Please restart your system. If error persists, contact Magitek Support for further instructions.
  15. I've RP'd exactly one time with a canon RPer. It was during an event where my FC was hired by someone on their behalf to fulfill a task for them. All in all, the canon RPer didn't really do much other than show up at the end. Strangely enough, most of the issues came from the person acting on their behalf, and not the canon RPer themselves. Though the canon RPer seemed really inconsequential. They didn't detract from the RP, but they didn't really add much either. It was like they were just there to be there. All in all, I wouldn't say it was a bad experience, but they left me and the rest of the FC with absolutely no desire to RP with a canon RPer again.
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