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  1. Hello! Council of the Dawn is recruiting! Med/Heavy RP FC with a focus on OTP (organic, transformative, and progressive) RP. The Council is a group that seeks to educate and prepare a combative, magical, and economic force ready to confront the misuse of forbidden and ancient magic in the world. Information and app can be found here ---> http://bit.ly/DawnApplication Here you will find updates that are soon to come to CotD. Events will be put up on the calendar from here on out, and pictures are being organized in a new fashion. Edit: (11/25/2019) Link to Web page: cotd.carrd.co
  2. Hey there, my decision to settle my ideals of Roleplaying with XIV. Although, though after being well upholstered with errands. I've finally gotten it to let up, just a tad bit but I won't be as busy as disappearing for a month or so! That's out the door; but more importantly. I'd like to say I have experience with roleplay, some places that is naturally eyed from but that's alright. Everyone has their opinion. My first RP days began on another mmorpg, back in 2009 known as Mabinogi and a little touch of kik. Though, what brings me to posting this blog has baffled me; I feel the need of guidance considering to my knowledge I'm not sure, where to start. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, Night Etsu over and out!
  3. Wanderlust is opening its doors for the first time since its founding looking for new members to fill our ranks! Wanderlust aims to be a little different from the usual FC structure, run by a council of three who come from different mindsets and backgrounds along with future officers and veteran members to assist with the day-to-day tasks of the FC. We want to strive to create a place where everyone has a voice and can rest assured that we'll do our best to accommodate within reason and have support among friends. While small at the moment, we want to build a strong community based around Roleplay while keeping in mind that this is a game and meant to have fun both in and out of character. To apply please visit our website https://wl.enjin.com For more information or message: Kodlak Slafwilfsyn:Coywolffe#13 or Arja Mideur: Fethend#001
  4. VENUS FLYTRAP WANTS YOU! We are a casual group lightly focused on endgame content in Final Fantasy XIV, currently situated on the Crystal data center. We are currently looking for members to fill the following roles — - Melee Physical DPS - Ranged Physical DPS - Ranged Magick DPS Because this is a casual group, we also encourage any interested to present alternate roles they’re keeping geared, be they Tank, Healer, or Damage-dealer. Flexibility is key for progress and fun — we’re willing to shake things up to make sure the members of our static are having fun, but we will hold fast to designated roles during pressing content. Currently, we are scheduled for one day per week — Thursday, at 8:00pm EDT/EST. Understandably, this is far less of a commitment than many statics aim for. Because of this, we encourage static members seeking more content to feel free to hit up Party Finder groups after our designated static time, regardless of loot-lockouts. Our sole raiding evening is meant to provide flexibility for people with many commitments — we don’t want it to be a barrier to anyone’s fun! The rules of our static are few and far between: Hate speech of any kind is not tolerated. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly group, and strive to be inclusive. This extends to how we represent ourselves in FFXIV and beyond. Fun comes first — we have one night together, and if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right. Levity is welcome. Laughter is welcome. And… Progress is our goal — even though we’re a distinctly casual group, we are working to clear hard content. This will mean coming to the fight with a clear head and readiness to work. We just so happen to be doing it with people who know how to have a good time We’re here to fight, not to be right. To clarify — if you’re a Lord of Logic, tend to split hairs over semantics, or get worked up when your knowledge isn’t recognized as authority, we are not the group for you. On the other hand, if you prioritize collaboration, camaraderie, and working as a team… Hit us up so we can talk roles and details! Discord: DeerNoises#0749
  5. Linked below is our recruitment discord server. If you have any interest in joining, or any inquires about the Free Company, we advise you join this server so we can talk with you directly. In case no officers are immediately available, you will not be booted from the server after logging off. However, after all inquires have been fulfilled, we ask that you leave the server, but don't sweat it if you forget to leave though, as we can just remove you afterwards without issue. This thread will remain unlocked so anyone can let us know the link stops working for whatever reason. Additionally, if you are interested in collaborating with our FC but do not wish to join, you are welcome to use this server to contact us. However, the conversation will likely be moved to a group message to avoid clutter. One last thing is that anyone who fails to respond within 3 days will be removed from the server. If you still have questions though, you are welcomed to use the link to try to contact us again. https://discord.gg/QrDT8A3
  6. The Lionguard's Pride is currently searching for players, and roleplayers. Casual or hardcore, roleplay the way you want, and run PvE or PvP content to your hearts content! The most important thing I'm looking for are folks that just want to have a good time RPing, with an excuse to go out anywhere into the world and RP, create crazy stories, either heroic, or villanous! All the while forming a friendship with the other members of the company. Currently we are looking for all classes, all types of players, and all races. No requirements to get in, just be friendly, respect other people, and be active! Feel free to message myself in game with a tell, My toon's name, is A'fen Terronar. I'd be more than happy to hear from anyone! Thank you for your time reading this!
  7. House Soleilune is open for recruitment on server Malboro. If you like the FC description and you'd like any further information, reply here with your character name and I'll respond ASAP!
  8. The time has come to add some new blood to our ranks (and to the walls and floor, depending…)! What is the Astral Advent, you ask? We’re an adventuring Free Company that operates out of the Goblet in Thanalan, with the blessing of the Adventurer’s Guild. We got into trouble a lot – hell, our old Company was shut down because of it, but things are looking bright going forward! We’ll probably still get into trouble, but not the kind that involves mass unemployment. Maybe death, but at least you’d have died employed! No risk, no reward, so the adventurers say. We’ve had several adventures over the years, some of them lasted a couple weeks, while others have lasted moons. We’ve lost people along the way, good souls – but they’re never forgotten. It’s a part of the lifestyle, really…and if you hone your skills and keep your wits about you, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet that fate. We’re all inclusive in the sense that we are able to provide everything an adventurer needs once they complete jobs for us, and very inclusive regarding who we allow within our ranks. Of course – we have our limits. Void-touched, void-possessed, and pure-blooded Garleans need not apply. Sorry Garlean folks, while the company would be an ideal place for Garlean deserters, we’re obligated to forward those to the Eorzean Alliance so that those cases can be handled properly and transparently. We can’t ignore the political climate out there. Repatriated conscripts will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Outside of the aforementioned, we’re pretty welcoming! I can imagine the leadership of the company cringing at that recruitment spiel…granted, it does set the tone. But yes! We’re recruiting. We’re looking for roleplayers on Balmung who enjoy a mix of slice-of-life and thrilling adventure, as well as interacting with a bunch of meme loving fuckssprightly individuals who are often eager to jump at the roleplay presented to them! We’ve recently ended our latest story arc, End of Agent which involved the destruction and shut-down of the old Astral Agency and the birth of the Astral Advent. The semi-IC portion gave a glance into what we are, but I feel the need to point out what we are not. Despite some opinions and impressions, we are not a ‘Bara’ or ERP FC. Take a look at the FC blog! You can get a decent idea of the kind of stuff we do. We have a heavy LGBTQIA presence, sure but – that just kind of happens when people from all over come together to play a game. We just have all sorts, and welcome all sorts. But oh no! Maybe you’ve heard we’ve had drama! A roleplay FC? Drama? In almost five years of operation? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS LIE? GOTTA HIRE A HITMAN. Yes, we’ve had drama, and we have dealt with it as we saw fit, so it goes in a roleplay FC. The good news! The drama is rare! The better news? Half the time the drama doesn’t actually have anything to do with what is actually going on in the FC, and is only hearsay! I’m sure a lot of you know what that’s like. Sometimes people don’t like the way we do things – and that’s fine. There’s so much else out there to choose from! This is kind of a weird paragraph to have in a recruitment post, but honestly I feel like its something that should be said. BACK TO THE FUN STUFF. If you’re interested in recruitment, you can follow the link at the top of the blog to our application. It is a bit involved, but we honestly WANT TO ROOT OUT THE WEAKLINGS just want to make sure that people find the fit that they’re looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message here, or contact Berrod Armstrong, Sarij Rahzersyn or Cerina Borlaaq in game.
  9. until
    We are participating in the Balmung FC Hiring Faire! This is an OOC Recruitment event! Feel free to stop by and see us in Moraby Drydocks if you have any questions about our FC, Discord, or events!
  10. Castaway Inn is Now Hiring. Come and take part in our fantastic range of Opportunities. From Building Connections and Friendships to Protecting those you've come to hold dear. We hold a little something for everyone. Come Apply Today. Message us on discord at Elissara#3366 or apply in game.
  11. “War’s one horrible, messy business, and more often than not its wake is as terrible as its coming, and yet the ravens will always be there to clean up what it leaves behind.” Who we are: Raven Heart <<RH-RP>> is an EU-based heavy roleplaying Free Company on Balmung (NA Legacy) server. Company rules can be found >>here<<. We have a personal discord server for our members to relax and chat in. We offer a good variety of different RP events for members to take part in, ranging from a weekly meeting (attendance highly encouraged, yet not mandatory), contract and plot events, along with social get-togethers such as an All Saints’ Wake party. Other casual RP can usually be found in and around our Mists Medium house! There’s always something going on. What we do: With the war between the city states of Hydaelyn and the Garlean Empire growing in intensity, as well as drawing the attention of independent organisations such as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, many of Raven Heart’s contracts are focused around the idea of cleaning up the threats that have been left unchecked across Hydaelyn, as well as helping those they can along the way. Though the company has made its fair share of enemies along the way, which often makes completion of its contracts all the more difficult… But the rewards just that much better. What we’re looking for: Mercenaries: Whether you fight with an axe, a sword, a gun, a staff, or a different weapon all together, Raven Heart is always looking for the able-bodied and highly skilled to join its ranks. There’s no better feeling than saving the realm, along with a good payout. Adventurers: Filled with wanderlust and a sense of adventure, or perhaps wanting to be remembered for great deeds? Our contracts will take you across Hydaelyn, along with the promise of pay and renown at the end. Supporting staff: As with any venture, non-combatants and support staff are always required, particularly those with business, or crafting skills. After all, battles aren’t just won on the field, and gil can get you anywhere. Healers: Knowledge of conjury or arcanima? Or perhaps you’re simply a chirurgeon or traditional healer? As with any fighting Free Company in Eorzea, battles can get intense, and afterwards there’s more than a fair share of healing to go around. Raven Heart is particularly looking for healers to complete its roster. Community members! Raven Heart is more than just a Free Company, and while it is our focus we don’t always expect our members to be playing Final Fantasy XIV! Members can usually be found on voice chat playing a multitude of different games, we’re a group of friends who share a passion that surpasses only roleplaying and we’d love to have new additions to our little family. If you think you’d like to take part and join the Ravens, contact Thya Kahzuun (Discord: Tea#3754), Vexiras Redain (Discord: Vex#0458), Xau Saialdhe (Discord: Xau#8497), or S’nihma Tahsi (Discord: Nichlas#8451) in-game, tumblr, via the forums, or on discord.
  12. You can be part of Adamantoise RP linkshell sending a tell or message In-game to Yukiko Himeji, Lyselia Neko, Felicia Katz or Aleene Celestalis .
  13. Please contact us in-game for recruitment. Drops your tells to: Recruiters: Yukiko Himeji -FC Leader- Felicia Katz Lyselia Neko Aleene Celestalis Or Visit us in Plot 30, 10 Ward, The Goblet [Adamantoise]
  14. The Silver Eagles is a RP focused Free Company looking to expand our ranks with new members to become friends with! IC it's an adventuring organization, and OOC we are a group of players looking to have fun and enjoy all the game's content, new and old. The community was formed back in February of 2006 on Guild Wars. We've got a site, discord, over a dozen weekly events planned, and anything else that you can think of. If that interests you, send me a /tell or apply! IGN is Kiyoh Nhodi. You can also reach me on Discord at Sleepypanda57#1197 Site- https://tseff14.guildlaunch.com Server- Balmung IGN- Kiyoh Nhodi Guild name- The Silver Eagles
  15. Have an unquenchable thirst for exploring the mysteries of the arcane? Seeking a haven for research and studies, a place to collaborate with fellow academics and researchers while honing your skills and passing them on to others? Have a passion for the societies of the past, with a desire to see their secrets uncovered and studied for future generations? The Collegia Arcanum is a newly founded institute now open in the Mists of La Noscea. A place of learning and exploration for mages, academics, and curious scholars of all kinds, it explores the mysteries of aether and the traditions of the past all under the watchful gaze of Headmistress Janelle Colbernoux. With an eye towards ever expanding it’s halls, it now seeks both students and teachers, mages and mercenaries, to help further it’s pursuit of knowledge! It’s doors stand open to all sorts who burn with a desire to learn and a curiosity about the world around us… those who seek to further their studies of the arcane or pass on their traditions are of course highly encouraged to consider attending! Those who may be less aetherically-inclined, however, may still find a home in the Circle… with it’s tendency to seek secrets and long-forgotten knowledge in ancient ruins, there’s always a need for talented mercenaries, skilled healers, and craftsmen of all kinds, and those who might find themselves a fan of the archeological are also encouraged to seek us out! Whether your skills lay with book and stave or sword and pistol, so long as you wish to further the studies of the Collegia, we welcome your interest. The Arcane Circle is an institute of higher learning dedicated to the preservation and recovery of all magical knowledge, with specific regard to magical artifacts and tomes. Their primary goals are: The sharing of knowledge regarding all forms of magic The education of promising students on advanced forms of magic The recovery of artifacts and tomes lost to history While outwardly the Free Company always follows the laws of the land regarding banned and dangerous magics and would cooperate with any investigation conducted by the Maelstrom or the Yellowjackets, particularly crafty magi may find the place ideal for studying the more maligned arts. While these studies would never be condoned outwardly by the leadership, that they occur under their roof is somewhat understood. We welcome scholarly characters, as well as more active and practical mages… but do not require a character to be aetherically talented, with plenty of room for active physical fighters and less combat-oriented types to assist in protection and general running of the school. The Arcane Circle offers a mansion-sized house in the Mists (Ward 12, Plot 45), gardens and Chocobo Stabling, as well as free member access to popping FC buffs, a full fleet of rank-50 airships and an in-progress submarine. With ongoing, exciting RP plots that runs several times a month, the Arcane Circle attempts to offer types of roleplay that all kinds of players can enjoy!. From small social gatherings to action-packed combat events packed with puzzles and intruige, to large, server-wide galas, almost everyone will find something to enjoy! We have an active community on Discord as well as an Enjin page, and encourage members to craft and submit their own events to run for the entire company… and we’re growing more and more each passing week! We are now taking applications and look forward to hearing from you!
  16. Teatime is a casual RP FC looking to expand. We are not particularly aiming to be a large FC, we’re just hoping to enjoy the game at our own pace, in our own space. Because of this, please be aware that things like daily events and involved FC storylines may not be likely or frequent. In order to keep our laidback environment just that and ensure our numbers remain manageable, we are very selective in our membership as we know our free company is not a good fit for everyone and vice-versa. Please do not take it personally if you are denied membership. We are trying to keep a tight-knit group of people with a similar focus, who we feel will complement each other and be comfortable in our free company. Please be aware that though the free company may be morally grey, our membership and theme are not exactly evil, or entirely illegal or immoral. Characters who are openly very villainous and antagonistic may not be a good fit for this free company (though we are happy to let this play out IC if you are on board). Perks: Chill people, Discord server, FC tumblr, fun RP, multiple RP events each month, FC buffs, large FC house with private rooms available, airship, crafting facilities, and more! We are looking for members who are mature and independent, who can take initiative and hold accountability for themselves. We are looking for passionate and talented role-players (even if new and still learning!) who take their writing seriously, and who do not focus their role-play on romance and sex. We are looking for members who are fun and relaxed OOC, who fall into the pleasant middle-ground of both having a sense of humor but remaining considerate of others. We are open to alts and people with limited playtime. Please check out our rules, and if you feel you can abide by them and agree with them, feel free to apply to our free company. (Non-RPers are welcome, as are RPers who do not wish to be affiliated with us IC, please just keep in mind you will still be expected to follow all our rules, including our RP rules if and when you ever do decide to RP.) We are currently looking for a wide array of characters to fill various roles such as… Chefs & Cooks Bake and cook the food served at Shroudrose Teahouse! Bartenders & Servers Help staff our teahouse and tavern and serve our guests! Bards & Performers Perform on stage during our events! Household staff & Groundskeepers Help with daily operations, cleaning, and upkeep of the establishment! Gatherers & Farmers Supply the ingredients for our teas and food! Traders & Suppliers Provide us with goods and supplies we need in our operations! Guards & Bouncers Keep the peace and protect our staff and patrons alike, in the teahouse or perhaps in some more clandestine ventures! Couriers & Transportation Guards Safely transport our supplies to us, and our goods to various markets and customers! Researchers & Consultants Provide the information brokering side of the business with information on topics of your expertise! Spies & Investigators Retrieve information needed for our information brokering clients! Our application process consists of a brief general application section, a brief RP application section, and an RP "interview." For those who do not wish to join the FC, we allow guests in our Discord (no app required) if they wish to be involved in either our teahouse events or information brokering and private investigations RP. However, please understand that for events with limited numbers, preference will be given to FC members. Those who wish to attend our public teahouse events and receive reminders of them, or who want to hire our information brokering services, are more than welcome to join the Discord! Please contact Faye Covington in game or at Destiny (Faye)#8463 on Discord or @Faye for an invite, or with any questions. Apply here!
  17. OOC Info: FC Theme / IC Info: It is easy to assume that a Free Company based around the tenants and aspirations of helping others is a strictly Lawful Good organization, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Ashen Enclave. While we ask that our members strive to do their best by and to help others, we also understand that the best characters are multifaceted and sometimes complicated creations with their own strengths, flaws, and at times contradictory goals. RP is at its most interesting when one is able to explore and express those things -- and the possible ramifications that may have for one’s character. Our ideal is to, simply put, have good intentions. Our members strive to do their best, and “doing good for others” can take a whole lot of different forms. ( A quick note on underaged / teenaged characters: We will accept underaged characters only a strictly per-case basis, and with the implicit understanding that such characters will be limited to either the ranks of 'Ward' or 'Apprentice' and will be restricted from certain storylines, events, and RP situations. ) Who we are looking for: OOCly, we are looking for players that take their love of the game, and of roleplaying, seriously - but also understand the clear division of IC and OOC. Folks that treat one another kindness and respect, and those that like to have fun. Players that join, or are looking to join, the Ashen Enclave should be aware that while we strive to RP with each other regularly, and most of us do, the majority of the FC is comprised of folks in their late 20's - 30's that are sometimes pulled away from the game for IRL responsibilities. We strive to be active, and our Open Clinic Nights, scheduled RP nights, and job board posting exist to facilitate regular RP for our members. Folks looking for a free company that regularly has 15+ members online and events every night of the week may not find what they are looking for with us. What you can expect is a small group of friendly, welcoming, and close-knit RPers seeking a low-key experience from the game, friends that are invested in each other's stories, and in creating new stories together. And puns. A few of our members really like puns. ICly, While we are always looking for skilled healers of all stripes and specializations, it is not required for recruitment! Our members run the gamut from scholars to couriers to vigilantes to strays needing somewhere safe to be. As we said before, the best qualifier for joining us is a willingness and want to help others. By all sorts of means. Possible hooks:
  18. Aldentale Investigations will be holding a meeting open to the public in Mih Khetto's Amphitheater, with early RP starting at 8:30 PM EST. Those interested introducing yourself, socializing, presenting a case to our leads; or joining our ranks, all are welcome. ((Recruiting and looking for more contacts as well as members! For those interested in presenting cases in particular, please message me here or through discord for faster reply, as I am often between several characters on Balmung.We are open minded towards cross-server roleplay, but prefer at least moderate pre-planning with how that system works!)) ===The breakdown=== SERVER: Balmung WHEN: 8:30 PM US-EST WHERE: Old Gridania, Mih Khetto's Amphitheater WHAT!?: Social RP intended to introduce characters both new and established to each other: make new connections in RP through the community first and foremost. We are a small group, but hope to grow both as an FC and with this event and, hope to facilitate more connectivity in the community. MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL!! Have fun! We hope to see you there!
  19. until
    Aldentale Investigations will be holding a company meeting open to the public in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, with early RP starting at 8:30 PM EST. Those interested introducing yourself, socializing, presenting a case to our leads; or joining our ranks, all are welcome. For those interested in presenting cases in particular, please message me here or through discord for faster reply, as I am often between several characters on Balmung. We are open minded towards cross-server roleplay, but prefer at least moderate pre-planning with how that system works! Have fun! We hope to see you there!
  20. until
    Aldentale Investigations will be holding a company meeting open to the public in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, with early RP starting at 8:30 PM EST. Those interested introducing yourself to socialize, presenting a case to our leadership; or joining our ranks, all are welcome. For those interested in presenting cases in particular, please message me here or through discord for faster reply, as I am often between several characters on Balmung. We are open minded towards cross-server roleplay, but prefer at least moderate pre-planning with how that system works! Have fun! We hope to see you there!
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