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  1. Tonight we welcomed on (Left to right) Jeena Faun, Silk Haru and Lyra Lynx after a wonderful conversation! Welcome aboard you three! (Technically four, but dear Lucian Lynx was under the weather, Feel better Lucian!)
  2. Interviews are underway! Today we welcome Naaril Wistyrnebbyn to our ranks!
  3. Welcome to ffxiv! I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy the community as much as I do! If you have any questions about the game or want to strike up some RP, I'm also on Mateus as Kodlak Slafwilfsyn!
  4. Hello! Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your RP! I'm also a veteran of Gaia Online, though it's been a very long time since I've been on there!
  5. While we weren't able to make our meet and greet, we did welcome on two new members! Meet Jeena Faun (Left) And Emil Raemil (Lalafell) Welcome aboard you two! I hope ye both enjoy yer stay with Wanderlust!
  6. Due to unforseen events, (Mostly everyone being at conventions and work!) We're going to reschedule our open house! However, we're still recruiting and always open to roleplay, whether new to the game, roleplay, or gaming in general, come check us out!
  7. Recruitment continues, I'd love to give a warm welcome to Lucian and Lyra Lynx (Left) And Silk Haru! Welcome aboard you three! Want to join the fun? Feel free to visit our website https://wl.enjin.com to apply! For more information or message: Kodlak Slafwilfsyn:Coywolffe#13 or Arja Mideur: Fethend#001
  8. Coming up this Sunday is a meet and greet to celebrate the opening of Wanderlust! Even if you're not a member, everyone is welcome to visit, eat drink and enjoy themselves! Sunday, Aug 18, at 06:00 pm (GMT -6) to get a feel for us, and to get some Roleplay going!
  9. I can't wait to see what you come up with! And thank you, It took a lot of tweaking to get Kodlak to where I wanted him, haha, though I do like your blue lynx!
  10. Welcome to Final Fantasy! Just from reading your post, I can tell you're going to enjoy it here for a long while. If you ever need advice or have questions in regards to the game or Lore don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else! Also, side note- I love your rendering style already from just the few glimpses you've posted here!
  11. Aye! And I'll enjoy almost all of them! Haha
  12. I still craft stories for my Skyrim stories, there are mods out there too that give SO much immersion, it's fantastic.
  13. I'm there with you, haha. I play on PC and usually just hit F1 and select myself.
  14. The search info is just where you can put a blurb of information out there, I know RPers like to put their status's and maybe profile links if they have them. If you select yourself in the party frame and selecting yourself and doing "Edit search info" From there you can put that little bit of information.
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