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  1. I was about to send you a PM before I saw the Balmung tag. Unfortunately I am over on Mateus so my fledgling ideas are all for naught, but I wanted to post to support what you're doing. I think its absolutely great to get more lore/story RP going like this. Getting the chance to play a true antagonist can be such a fulfilling story experience. Anyways, I hope you get the chance to set up some fun stories!
  2. Garrison

    @Mateus - Where All the RP At?

    As Koti already mentioned a lot of Mateus RPers coordinate their stuff through discords. The adventurer's guilds are fairly often filled with RPers, though admittedly I rarely check Limsa's. I avoid the Quicksand, but Gridania's guild is used pretty often. I can't speak for anyone else, obviously, but when my FC roleplays out in the open its usually in various zones to match whatever RP we are doing, so if others are the same part of it may be your zone limitations so far. Really I came to answer your third question. Everyone has their own experience with things, but Mateus can offer a full and enjoyable RP experience. I left Balmung for Mateus before all the server lockout stuff and I've never once regretted it. A lot of people really enjoy Balmung, and hey that's great. I just never had the greatest experience, so Mateus has been a better fit for me. So point being, don't give up hope. Mateus isn't just the discarded scraps of RPers, it has its own vibrant scene. I run an RP FC, but most of the time I hate mentioning it because then its assumed I'm only opening my mouth to recruit. I'm going to offer my contact info in case you want some people to RP with or ask more questions, but my point is: don't think I'm just headhunting. There are more and more people joining Mateus by the day so its just a matter of the community welcoming in people as fast as they can while the status quo shifts to meet needs. Anyway, I'm rambling. Discord is Rook#5193 and in game I'm Garrison Rooker. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything. I've been playing this game so long that I can get bored without helping people out. Edit: I forgot to mention timing. The patch just dropped so a lot of people are off to slaughter things and get new shiny toys. RP typically dips a little bit right before and after patches.
  3. Garrison

    (Mateus) Downtime RP?

    I'm going to be home most of the day cleaning my apartment and whatnot, so I'd be happy to RP and/or chit chat about XIV RP stuff. My Discord is Rook#5193. My character isn't an Au Ra, but he's a traveler so he can be basically anywhere if your character is still living on the Steppe, or whatever else.
  4. Garrison

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Feel free to contact me sometime if you want to get some RP going. I play a relic hunting adventurer, so he's always up for talking lore-esque stuff or whatever else. I run a FC, but I'm not one to throw it at everyone since everyone has their tastes. We can always bring you into our LS so you have some more RP contacts and whatnot. Anyway, I'm Rook#5193 on Discord, and Garrison Rooker in game if you'd like to set something up.
  5. Garrison

    New to RP, hi everyone!

    Welcome to Mateus! I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have, or even just get a little RP goin'. My Discord is Rook#5193 and my character name in game is Garrison Rooker. Either way I hope you enjoy your stay and find some good fun.
  6. Welcome to Eorzea, and to Mateus. If you'd like to set up some RP or even just talk lore and character ideas and whatnot, feel free to hit me up. My Discord is Rook#5193 and in game my character name is Garrison Rooker. Either way, I hope you have a fun time in XIV.
  7. I read your character profile, she seems like a fun character. I play a bit of an old fart that loves to sneak opportunities to teach youngsters about the realm and about life. I'd really enjoy meeting your character. My Discord is Rook#5193 if you'd like to set something up. Depending on the time of day I'd probably bring my wife along, as well.
  8. Now that my finals are over I've finally got time to be back in XIV RPing and whatnot. I'll be in game throughout the week working on events and catching up on some things if you wanted some more RP, though it sounds like you've got some good interactions going on. My character is a relic hunter and dungeon diver, so I can put him anywhere at any given time. I'm Garrison Rooker in game and Rook#5193 on Discord.
  9. Really I'm talking from the OOC side of things only. IC beliefs and perceptions are both a whole other bag of worms. The original question, from what it sounds like, is more from a player standpoint. The ultimate answer is there is no consensus, but I think understanding what we can as creators helps bring everyone into the same playing field.
  10. I think the majority of what's to be said has been said, but I do have one thing I like to point out a lot of times when the Void is being discussed. I've seen a whole lot of players treat the Void like a Judeo-Christian demon/devil theme. Its easy to relate Voidsent to what many think demons to be in our world, and while there's some similarities there, when you look at the whole picture they are vastly different. The Void is just another dimension where shit went down. The creatures we face were once like us. The Void plays by the same rules as our realm, they're just trying to abandon ship from their own. So really anything to do with the Void itself just boils down to "lack of aether." We go to the Void to fight the Cloud of Darkness at the end of the Crystal Tower arc, and its just like "Yeah, it sucks here. Let's gtfo shall we?" From what we've seen even Nero doesn't have any lasting effects from the trip there, and he was getting aether deprived enough to start looking... funky. Point being, if you say "Void" three times into a mirror, its not going to pop up and rustle your jimmies. Its just a place. The effects we see from "Voidsent" are because of individuals using the same magic that's available to us. In that way I disagree that anyone can turn into a Voidsent (short of actually being possessed) because really they'd just change into something else like we've seen countless times in our own realm. Changing into monsters or having dark techniques is not unique to them. So while the term "void touched" is going to keep being used, and there's no real problem in it being used, its literal definition seems anti-climactic. The Void is just a bad neighborhood full of angry people with a higher capita of people willing to use pretty nasty magical effects to get what they want.
  11. Garrison

    Feedback needed please

    I think Damien asked the big questions about the setting and the personality stuff, so really there's only one point I want to make for consideration. From the little amount to go off in the original post, it sounds like you are treating aether like a super power, or how a Jedi uses the Force. Manipulating aether is the very definition of magic. Using it in its various forms is what makes the world go round, and the different schools of magic are basically separated by how they use it. You mention that she learns how to control the aether around her as a red mage, but the entire reason for the birth of red magic was to not use external aether. After the War of the Magi and everyone sucking up the planet's aether to do crazy stuff, Red Mages were born to use magic fueled by their personal reservoirs of aether, amplifying its power through their weapons. Just something to keep in mind if you want to tie your character into the Red Mages. If you want to use ultimate cosmic power, you could look into something like Black Mage. Their whole thing is using aether from around them to fuel big spells to make things disappear.
  12. Garrison


    Update 9/13/2017: The company has gone through a minor theme change, so changes were made to the text to reflect the spirit of the new theme. All mentions of "Vikings" have been removed and replaced with Final Fantasy Tactics as our thematic inspiration. Viking themes proved to be difficult to implement while staying firmly within the lore world, so the company has kept many of the traditions, but is now taking a slightly different direction.
  13. Garrison

    mateus Looking for more friends

    If you'd like some more people to RP with, I can offer up my FC of people. We can always just run into you in Ul'dah or whatever else really. Could possibly use you in some of or story events or something, too, if you wanted. Anyways, just let me know if you're interested, I'm not gonna be butt hurt if you're not since I'm not just representing myself. Discord is Grimnir#4433. Either way I hope you find some more contacts to interact with.
  14. Garrison

    mateus New to RPing would like some help :)

    My FC categorizes itself as "Heavy RP," but as been said that distinction varies from person to person. It sounds like your main question seems to be about storylines, but if I'm off the mark I apologize. I will say the main thing about running or being part of longstanding story arcs is: flexibility. In normal creative writing, you figure out the story from beginning to end, adding detail and substance. RP storylines can't really work that way because it robs participants of effect on the story. Things don't go how you plan them, nor really should they. If you're wanting to run one, you create a solid skeleton of what you want the story to be and where its going to go, then you let it fill out as it happens. Its super tempting to pre-determine the outcome of an event to further your story, but events like that can easily leave other people feeling like bystanders and they can lose interest. And I think that's fair, we all want to see the IC world change around us as our character interacts with it. Anyways, I could continue ranting but I won't. Just one point I wanted to make about MMO RP storytelling. If you wanted to chat more about it, my Discord ID is: Grimnir#4433.
  15. Garrison


    Update 7/11/2017: Dropped the [Mateus] from the name now that we have our own server section. Also changed "Whitewood Clan" to "Clan Whitewood" to better fit nomenclature of the game world. Added a small IC section to the Main page to try and give a basic idea of what the feel of the clan is. Also made minor edits to certain sections to become clearer. Minor edits to IC clan rules to make them flow better. Upcoming update will be a section tracking where we are in our FC storyline.