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  1. Draco Tamafune

    mateus Looking for a connection? I can help you start here.

    Sure, I am willing to do that, just find me in game.
  2. Hello, I am seeking out new friends to join me as staff at the Blades of Black Rose Resort. We are hiring all trades and services. Some are mercenaries, merchants, maids, theatre performers, and even a few courtesans. If you do not know what you wish to be, just contact me through discord (dracogiraffa#1564) or in-game. I can assist with a tie-in or background to join up with us. Also, always looking to find new persons to chat with. I like to rp more than pve/pvp.
  3. Draco Tamafune

    @Mateus - Where All the RP At?

    Hello, I am somewhat recent to the server myself. If you want to roleplay and need some tie-ins, come find me in game as Draco Giraffa, usually listening in on conversations at the Quicksand in Ul'dah.
  4. Draco Tamafune


    I would be willing to write something up, find me in game Draco Giraffa. Send me a tell and we can negotiate a tie-in. I am typically at the Quicksand listening in on conversations.
  5. Draco Tamafune

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Thanks for the responses. I have been contacting individuals in game.
  6. Draco Tamafune

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Thank you.
  7. Draco Tamafune

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Still here. I am trying to find a linkshell or a FC that will get me started roleplaying on Mateus. Hanging out at the Quicksand I see much rp going on but I am unsure how to join in without looking like a fool.
  8. Draco Tamafune

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Birth Name - Tamafune Ueyonabaru Chosen Name - Draco Giraffa Female / Au Ra / Raen / Early 30s Follower of Azim She is a mouseish looking Au Ra about average height and a thin build, with blond and ginger hair, orange eyes, with large forward white horns and scales. She is quiet and unremarkable even with her unique hairstyle that she typically runs her fingers through when she is nervous. She appears younger than she is because of her lack of nourishment all of her life. Skills - Basic survival skills, cooking, cleaning, mending, hiding, slight of hand. Strengths - Will to Survive, Wisdom, Cautious, Hearing, Polite, Civilized. Flaws - Shy, Anxious, Introvert. Origins - Orphaned shortly after birth. Raised in a group home in Doma, run by Garleans, where compassion never existed, even amongst the others living there. She become slave labor for one of the empires projects, mostly as a servant that would move from household to household because of her strange and some may call it unattractive look. When Zenos raized the city, she took the opportunity of the chaos to escape, with food and drink for a long journey on her own. She followed a trail of other refugees that also fled at the same time. Confused, she slowly migrated with the others. When she needed to, she worked for food and a place to sleep over the travel to Ul'dah. Minimal schooling and no sense of future for herself. She dedicated her efforts to survive in Eorzea day to day. Now the gil of her last job is dwindling to nothing, and she has no idea where to look next for work. She gets desperate... (Hopes - I would like Draco to grow from her bubble and expand her knowledge, profession, and personality from this bio. Which would require extensive roleplay. If you are interested in helping or having her help your character, just find me in game anytime.) Playstyle Amount of RP: Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Terrible at PvP. Roleplaying combat, good. Views on IC romance: Possible, but one would have to work on it. Views on non-romantic RP: Anything goes! Spontaneity is welcome! I work best in text rather than voice. I like to delve into character building roleplay and more intense scenes. Views on lore: Too much not learned. I have yet to understand, which is why I am playing unknowledgeable for now. Contact and Availability Country: USA Timezone: CST (Weekdays Mornings or Late Nights, EU availability) Contact info: Mateus Discord @Draco Giraffa or PM here.
  9. Hello, I am recently returned to the game and looking for friends. Contact me when you have a spare time and we can meet up.
  10. Draco Tamafune

    [Mateus] looking for a longterm friends and partner :D

    Hello, I am looking for connections too. I have no associations at the moment but would like to get started with someone.
  11. Welcome back. I have recently returned too. We could meet up and see if we mix well?
  12. Returning player looking for connections for deep character roleplaying. Currently I have no roleplay connections here and would like to develop friendships and intellectual rivals to talk with for long periods. I do not have extensive lore knowledge but I can learn. I currently have a character but willing to start a new job to accommodate a role as a apprentice or squire. I am flexible to be written into any current story. Since new characters on Mateus is not allowed, I can re-customize my character. She is currently a young Au'ra arcanist.