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  1. Hello! I return to Balmung after a several month hiatus, now that life and work has settled down for me. I'm looking for RP / RP partners, long-term or short-term. I'm a lore-friendly player who can go along with bending but who tries not to break. OOC bleed is a big, big no for me. Realistic actions/reactions and consequences are my jam. My limits are few and far between but I don't do gore/ERP for gore/ERP's sake. I prefer a mix of slice-of-life/downtime character development RP and adventure/action RP rather than one over the other. In-game > Discord, but I'll sometimes do both since
  2. It really depends on what you're hoping to get out of RP. Are you happy RPing in only a small group? Like another poster said, if you stick to people you know are all right with it, you'll likely encounter no issues at all. There are people who will RP anything with no mind for the lore and they are a fairly sizable group, at least on Balmung and Mateus where I spend most of my time. But that begets the question: How lore breaking is too lore breaking for you? Because generally speaking those are the types of characters/players who will accept such a concept with open arms.
  3. Although the poster above me means well, I would very much disagree Omega has "most" of the EU RPers. Balmung has several EU-centric FCs (these are just the ones I know about), with one of these groups having more members than all the RPers I've encountered on Omega combined. It's a lovely server, by all means roll an alt there, but I would strongly advise against transferring your Balmung characters due to misinformation you'll find more RP on Omega, which you won't. If you leave you won't be able to get back for the foreseeable future as transfers are closed and character creation is locked.
  4. Think of the coolest person you know. Now imagine the YouTube comment section was also a person. Now imagine they have three grown kids together: one just like mom, one.just like dad, and one where it depends on the day. These three are collectively the RP community, and you have to decide if your engagement with your beloved Cool Person Jr. Is worth enough to occasionally deal with your in-laws. I would say yes, it is, and the key to a happy union is learning how to not let these in-laws ruin your otherwise happy time. But anyroad, welcome to Mateus! Feel free to send
  5. OOC Rules & General Information Maturity: Avoid passive aggression, gossip, and inciting witch hunts. Do not lie, manipulate, or undermine other members or the officers. Any issue within the FC or between its members should be approached with the mindset of us vs. problem, not member(s)/officer(s) vs. member(s)/officer(s). Communication is key. If there's a situation in which a person has, in your opinion, proven beyond doubt they are only there to make trouble, bring the matter to an officer first. Do not make posts such as "Don't talk to [name]!" As
  6. Here's my bluntly stated take on it, as someone who does and has played all the things, but has RPed more straight men than anything in total: In my experience, which is of course just my experience, though it spans over many years, forums, and games, there are more women RPers on MMOs, and they also tend to stick around longer in higher numbers. Most of them will be playing women characters. So I would agree there is a dearth of straight male characters in a game this age compared to their female counterparts. Not to mention like other people have said, if you dock the OOC creepers, that'
  7. Looking for more people to RP with on Celie, and also my new Dodo lad. DM me, PM me, or post here!
  8. I'll commiserate the hell out of this. A few days ago on Balmung, on my off day, I stood for 10 hours at a plot in Lavender Beds, clicking, clicking, clicking... only to have someone swoop in and do the whole insta-transfer deal. I made a point to not look to closely at or remember their names so I wouldn't have any hard feelings against them later, since man I had (still have) a loooot of salt about it, but I know they technically did nothing wrong. It's SE's system; you can either embrace it or accept being houseless forever, which is where I'm at. As someone who adores housing, it's almost
  9. It certainly can! As it happens, I've done this on Mateus several times. XD Actually my home server. Unfortunately it's no longer an option as I have 8 full-fledged characters over there now and thus no slots. If you ever wanna do some general type RP stuff feel free to hit me up, though. I have a pretty wide (non-doomed, non-antagonist) variety over there.
  10. I'm looking to roleplay a temporary antagonist or two. I'm jumping a few characters anyway, the people I'm jumpin' them to RP with will be busy the next few months, and I've got some fantasias and name change cash lying around. My RP calendar is pretty empty at present in terms of plot-heavy stuff and I'm jonesing for some. A few rules and stipulations: > No OOC bleed. I cannot stress this enough. This includes e-peen waving. > OOC communication is important. > I prefer to RP in-game over discord, but I am willing to accommodate the occasional disc
  11. Current Mark: Taurus Their occupancy of a relatively high rung--seventh of twelve--notwithstanding, taurii have long been the subject of voidal summonings, even before people knew they were calling a creature from the void. Due to the creatures' preference of slaughtered livestock as vessels for entry into this realm, ritual sacrifices would often result in the appearance of the voidsent, whether this was the original intention of the rite or not. Current Event: You've heard of the Tide Pod Challenge, now get ready for Eorzea's own next Kids These Days pastime: summoning taurus
  12. Already met some awesome folks OOC and really great characters too. You're beautiful, Balmung. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ I'm here-and-there until about Tuesday due to the holiday weekend, but I'm still looking for more people as are several of my friends. Hit me up.
  13. Hell yeah, let's stir up some SPITE. Feel free to get in touch with me whenever so we can hammer out the details! Looking forward to it.
  14. RPed with this guy tonight and have talked to him a few times OOC now. He is pleasant AF, a good RPer, and seems to have a clear direction / vision for this project which I've often seen lacking in these sorts of things (across various games and servers). People should definitely consider joining this if they're interested in getting out of the taverns and forging connections (both friendly and not), especially if you're new/returning to the server and trying to elbow your way into the RP scene. This is a really quality group.
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