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  1. Also Faye.. I love your avatar ^^ It's a very nice artstyle! ^^
  2. I wasn't planning on it though. I have 8 chars on Balmung and have RP'ed here before, though it was very on and off so to say. I am not one for realm hopping. I have 8 chars on Balmung which I am happy with. Though.. One I am currently still trying to figure out "class"-wise. I actually made a thread asking about that too in uh.. can't remember.. where you ask help with character creation. Thank you! Balmungs RP is all over the place I know. But I am just very unlucky in finding decent RP around the time that I am about to RP. I tend to avoid the qui
  3. Hello, I have recently made a new char, an Elezen Duskwright that I made in resemblance of a Drow because.. I always loved Drows. However.. I am struggling to figure out which class I should make him IC. I was debating between two, one of them I have a little bit more worked out than the other. First one: Magic/Aether Martial Artist. Basically, a Pugilist/Monk that focuses on his physical prowess aswell as magical. He would be someone that would travel the world to learn different forms of martial arts, eventually perhaps, creating his own unique style, so that he has a
  4. Goodday! My names WhiskyDonut and I finally decided to do an introduction here. I have been playing FFXIV on and off for several years now but never really managed to get into some proper RP due to several issues. I play on Balmung and there's the first.. I'm an EU player (and not even an english one so my english may be a bit off). So often, RP happens in the middle of the night for me when I am not online. My main character is Saidan Dotharl, a big ol' grumpy pants which has recently taken a shine to the Odachi and Dark Knight magic. Going to try and work him into a sorta.. DRK/S
  5. I know that slavers are despised and hunted. However, so are drugdealers IRL, yet they still exist. Ofcourse they're not going to openly admit to anyone that they deal in slaves aswell as other merchandise. But to make it clear and obvious for people, Slavery, Slave-wranglers is allot easier to understand then "dubious merchandise of the fleshly sort". And while I am aware that I will need to change some aspects and idea's in the guild, slavery is not going to be one of them. But I thank you for your thoughts.
  6. This is what I am trying to do. The Language I can cover by saying it is their personal way of communicating and/or a sort of code. And I do know that the lore of Final Fantasy is completely different, I am just mentioning WoW because I'm giving credit to the people that originally created this guild on WoW and I only bring it into the world of Eorzea. I am not good at politics whatsoever, so am hoping that I will find someone interested in the concept and willing to help me out with politics and diplomacy both IC and OOC. The hostility part I may change to neutral/aggresive status. Aslon
  7. Thank you for unarchiving this thread. ----- While the Thread is for now somewhat small, I shall work on putting in some general rules and funfacts about the FC. Please be patient with me for I am a fairly new Guild/FC leader with many attempts on my name, but no succeeds yet. ----- I am currently looking for someone that could help me run the FC OOC'ly and mayhap IC'ly. As I have said above, I am fairly new and can use all the help I can get to get this FC up and running!
  8. The Sandstorm Bandits are a band of notorious nomadic sell-swords, smugglers, slave-wranglers and weapon traders. They are mostly found in the area's of Thanalan and the Sagolii desert. Barely venturing into Ul'dah. Their culture is hardened and adapted to the deep deserts and rough canyons, their society built around survival of the fittest. Those who have encountered the Sandstorm Bandits relay tales of a very fickle sense of morality and an amiability towards the philosophy of "the ends justify the means." They are said to be vicious, capable fighters with few allies, treati
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