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    How do people feel about un-universe characters?

    @SQUAWK @Kieron Lohengrin Thank you for your responses. As I said, I am completely new to this, so your advice is most welcome. I can especially understand how something like this could be a bother to the most lore-concious of players. I certainly do not wish to ruin other people's experiences! As you have both said, I think it may be best to keep this roleplay on a more personal level. As I said, I have had interactions with others, but these instances have always been things that other players have started. I'll admit, my description wasn't overly detailed, but as a stand-alone story, I have become quite attached to this character and how she has developed. It would be a real shame for me to delete her. As such, I think I shall keep away from more public rp, unless I am openly invited to join in by other players. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and answering me.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to ff14 and rp in general. As such, I had some questions in regards to playing characters that exist(ed) within the story of the game. I am currently roleplaying the character Edda. I found her to be a deeply captivating character and so moved was I by the events of tam-tara deepcroft HM and potd, I decided I wanted to play her as a character. In my roleplay, Edda survived the events of tam-tara and the palace of the dead, owing in part to the fresh awakening of the power of the echo within her and from the timely assistance of the Scion's champion. From there, with the aid of the Scion's first champion, she was taken to Gridania to recover, free from the influences of the necromancer, Obdilord. It was from here that she eventually began her journey as an adventurer anew, as much for her own sake as for the memory of her lost love, Avere. Full unaware was she of what life had in store for her, what she would eventually come to be known as across the realm. I have puzzled out a nore in-depth explanation as to the why and how of it. However, whilst many seem to have forgotten Edda, there have been some folk about Eorzea who have recognized her and taken some joy in their encounter, which makes me happy. I am aware that my character is still in direct contradiction to the lore of the game, so I ask, how much of an issue could this be? Should I continue with this character? Is it too world breaking? Your thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading!
  3. Think I accidentally uploaded some pictures in two separate places. Sorry!