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  1. The Samurai has found an FC, but folks who want to build some sort of Othardian ties or plots in Eorzea are still welcome!
  2. Looking For: - Friends - Plots -Partners Character Name: Kiyoshi Gunji Origin: Isolated Raen Gunji Clan of Othard that was shattered upon Garlean invasion of the region. Character Profession: Shinobi that fought for the Doman Liberation Front once assigned by his Lord with the remaining survivors of his clan. Current Location: To keep an eye on his brother, the Gunji Daiyamo has sent Kichiro's brother to Ul'dah Other notable information: Kiyoshi may be a shinobi, but he's not very open about it. Most that speak to him know only he's in Eorzea on
  3. I have a certain Raen Samurai that'd love a slot here.
  4. I. Basic Info Characters: Kichiro Gunji, Kiyoshi Gunji Primary character: Kichiro Gunji Linkshells: None at the moment. Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Done with player consent, add depth and richness to storytelling. Views on IC romance: Similar to my views on RP combat and injuries, plus relationships are part of life. Good to include in a story and great driver of plots. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I love working on background ties to ch
  5. Thanks! Right now, his story is quite wide open to be honest. A mist-based location may work well enough. I loved reading about your FC so far, it seems it'd be a good fit for Kichi. Though he's extremely loyal to his own Clan, they are in steep decline and on the verge of collapse. Maybe joining another would do him well. Adding you as a friend should we get a chance to RP.
  6. Looking For: - Friends - Plots Character Background: Character Name: Kichiro Gunji Origin: Isolated Raen Gunji Clan of Othard that was shattered upon Garlean invasion of the region. Character Profession: Samurai that fought for the Doman Liberation Front once assigned by his Lord with the remaining survivors of his clan. Current Location: While the Gunji elders and clan leaders decide on the plan to rebuild post war, he now visits Aldenard with the objective of building ties with those who also oppose the Garlean menace. Other notab
  7. Hello everyone! I've RP'd an embarrassing amount of years, but haven't played FFXIV at all since last September. More heavily, almost half a year before that. My main character is a Samurai of an isolated Raen clan with extremely traditional values that was mostly shattered upon the Garlean invasion of Othard. Looking to find a way back into the RP community in Balmung. I'm not a large fan of dice combat RP events unless the GM's have ways to give the players agency over the dice. However, I'm extremely interested in collaborative story telling and world building in the game.
  8. And we honestly don't know what's toxic to Miqo'te, Elezen or any non-Hyur. We might not even know what's toxic to them, since physiology in a fantasy world can work differently, same with properties of metal being different. It kinda boils down to the author with the finer details. But yeah, I think some of the largest limits will be in the number of spells as there is limited space on the body... the complexity of it and the mastery over the type of spell casting that the character has. I'm inclined towards limiting the spells to the character's own aether instead of providing an extern
  9. Tattoos aren't done with ink? I'm sure some alchemist could find an aetheric conductive metal based ink that won't poison those with the tattoo on them.
  10. Arcanima works primarily off of pre-drawn geometries, actually. It works like this: the arcanist channels aether through their body (their MP). They visualize the geometric shapes that form that aether into a specific kind of spell, say, Physick. The magic that is shaped by the geometries is then channeled through the grimoire through the ink that's used in its pages and the spell takes effect. The important thing to note is that arcanima primarily works through the arcanist forming mental imagery. However, we're told that the geometries are complex; thus the designs within grimoires are
  11. That doesn't make a lot of sense, does that mean that they constantly have to redraw every spell/ image in their grimoire and relearn every spell on new pages? Does their grimoire get constantly filled up with just a powerless image or inky page?
  12. My understanding is that the algorithm is the focus, but the ink helps amplifies Arcanists' own use of his or her aether. If it was a commonly used construct, then I imagine the Arcanist could draw out the construct in his mind a lot easier with a tattoo that has aether-conductive metal based ink than he might without any illustration. However, it wouldn't be as easy as pulling it straight from the pages of a Grimoire. So it might be more limited by not only space on their body, but also how much experience they have with that particular algorithm. I'm toying with the idea of having the t
  13. Seems like this is a good place to look these up. http://giphy.com/
  14. I like that opinion, if the author is willing to do the leg work to determine a feasible way for it to happen, why not? But! That does give me some other possibilities. Maybe he is traveling along one of these rivers mentioned in a book about Nym's ruins. Or maybe he is doing Arcanist duties and inspecting a pirate ship, where he finds one of these things. -ponders.- Bringing this to the RPC has been greatly beneficial, thanks to everyone has given me feedback to chew on. Hopefully this helps future scholars as well.
  15. Scorpio is something of a renaissance character, someone interested in everything. Of course, this means he's not quite the expert in any one thing. However, I'm leveling all the disciplines of the hand and land on him and a well educated type seems to fit that more. Calling him a healer isn't quite adequate, nor an Archaeologist, because he also loves to fish and cook. It's part of what got him exiled. It's why when people ask him what he does, instead of listing everything, he simply states he's a "scholar of all things Hydaelyn." Even being an all-around er, he's not without we
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