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  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. ; o ; I'd be happy to learn more about your characters and see what we could do together! I'm assuming you must already have characters on Balmung or Mateus? If not, we can figure something out (since I do out-of-game rp too). Also, yaaaas for more cosplayers. It'll give us more to talk about on a ooc-level. I'm gonna send you a message now to exchange contact information~
  2. Nice to meet you! I'd be more than happy to RP with you. :3 Either way, I hope you find new partners and a good home for your character!
  3. Quick bump, since I'm still open to meeting new folks! I've been putting in some crazy hours for in-game rp as of late, so it's a good time to start planning how we could have our characters meet. I'm super easy to write with and would be happy to offer more information about my character if needed! ♡ Huge thanks to everyone who has already hit me up on here and Discord, too~
  4. I just sent both of you an invite on Discord! ♥ Should be obvious it's me, but if not, let me know and I'll send you a PM with my Discord name. Looking forward to hearing back and chatting with you.
  5. Just wanted to jump in and give some feedback about this event! I met up with my random partner at the assigned time, and I'm happy to say that we had a fantastic session! We started roleplaying around 8PM EDT and didn't stop until nearly 12:30AM EDT - which is at least 3x the length of my roleplay experiences thus far in the game. I'm really glad that I decided to give this thing a whirl! That being said, I highly recommend that others give this a try next time it's offered. If you're a bit shy or haven't had luck finding a partner, it's an easy way for you to have that opportunity. You never know what kind of people you could meet! Huge thanks to Rhenasi for setting it up. ♥
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