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Niten Ichi Tea House Grand Opening [7/31/2020 9 PM EST] by TH-RP




The TWIN HEAVENS TEA COMPANY invites all of Eorzea to sample the finest tea blends of Hingashi. Experience the renowned flavors of the Daisho family under the atmosphere of the Far East brought close to home. Enjoy complimentary brews, authentic Hingan food & live entertainment at the carefully crafted experience of the NITEN ICHI TEA HOUSE.


In addition to enjoying our flavors & atmosphere, please feel welcome to inquire about purchasing Twin Heavens Tea Co. brand for your eateries, events or venues. Whether you wish to take it home or be our business partner, we'd love to hear from you!


The Daisho family welcomes you into our home in Eorzea.


Read our menu, preview our amenities and inquire about us through our official website.


WHEN: 7/31/2020 9 PM EST.

WHERE: Mists Ward 6 Plot 46, Balmung.

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