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  1. Hello!! A'fen Terronar from Mateus here! I've been recently trying to build an RP FC up into a community of casual to hardcore Roleplayers. Lionguard's Pride, is an FC centered around a mercenary company, and includes all the jobs that running such a business would entail! Whether it be actual mercenaries working contracts, lounge workers, clerical workers, or anything. There is a spot for everyone, combat or not! The main reasoning behind it was to give players an excuse to RP anywhere, anytime, and to have excuses to run content/ improv short stories, or develop plots, all while having the slice of life in between contracts moments. The FC is ICly sponsored by the grand companies of Eorzea, and provides amenities as well as opportunities for adventurers, mercenaries, or anyone with a bit of ambition or work ethic a chance to make a living. Most importantly however it's about coming together to create a community of like minded folks that are here to have fun RPing. Being part of the Pride means looking after each other! Whether you want to join or perhaps work together in an FC alliance of some kind, all form of contacts and growth are being sought after! Feel free to message me on here, or go join the FC club page! When Maintenance ends you can always send me a tell in game! Thank you for your time! -A'fen Terronar
  2. The Lionguard's Pride is currently searching for players, and roleplayers. Casual or hardcore, roleplay the way you want, and run PvE or PvP content to your hearts content! The most important thing I'm looking for are folks that just want to have a good time RPing, with an excuse to go out anywhere into the world and RP, create crazy stories, either heroic, or villanous! All the while forming a friendship with the other members of the company. Currently we are looking for all classes, all types of players, and all races. No requirements to get in, just be friendly, respect other people, and be active! Feel free to message myself in game with a tell, My toon's name, is A'fen Terronar. I'd be more than happy to hear from anyone! Thank you for your time reading this!
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  4. I've been away from the game for a month or so, and most of the RP groups I was with are all doing their own thing now so Fen here is essentially back to basics minus a couple folks. I'm open to making any connection, whether it be 1 on 1, or RP with a group, chance encounters out in the world, etc. I don't have all the time in the world to RP working full-time, but the time I do have available I'd like to meet active people and enjoy anywhere from casual RP to the occasional plots (if my random schedule allows it.) Essentially, A'fen is a male Miqo'te with a very colorful and busy history! I've RP'd him for a long time, so he has a lot to share! I go by A'fen Terronar in game as well, I will most often be in the quicksand scouting around for RP. Otherwise, feel free to send me a tell! Looking forward to meeting you all in Eorzea! (I am over 18, and pretty chill with limits so long as everything is conveyed appropriately OOC!) Thank you all in advance!
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