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  1. The official Menu for the Potluck (so far) Should your character want to provide a dish ahead of time, please feel free to drop a message here, on our tumblr, or contact Milloux Allard in-game!
  2. (crossposted to our tumblr: https://ashen-clinic.tumblr.com/post/172280118881/) A fair number of these brightly (some might say garishly) colored flyers have been circulated along with various Hatchingtide decorations around the citystates. The days grow brighter and balmier, and with it - a wonderful reason for a get together! Please join us this week for a small gathering of family & friends to celebrate the budding spring season. Seasonal dishes from around the City-states and the far east will be available for sampling, and guests are encouraged - but by no means required - to bring their own favorites to share. Pull up a chair, share a meal with our staff, and enjoy a relaxed evening among friends! (And maybe a few games, and spirits, as well.) Where: Goblet - Ward 9 Plot 35 (North subdivision) When: 3/29/18 - 8 - 11:30PM (EDT) (Please note: While our clinic won’t be officially open this week, we will be offering hot meals, warm clothing, and comforts to those in need in addition to our festivities. No one, regardless of circumstance or affiliation, will be turned away from the Enclave. )
  3. ✦ RP Goals ✦ Open RP: Providing welcoming, inclusive, and engaging open events for the Balmung RP community at large. This includes but is not limited to: Open clinic events, lecture series, and assisting other FCs with overarching storylines and mutually beneficial collaboration. Making certain everyone - members, patient, patron, recruits, etc - that walks through the doors of the clinic feels included, important, and heard! FC RP: Providing ongoing & overarching storylines and one-shot plot events for FC members. This will include, but is not limited to: d20 style events, staff workshops, social RP nights, a job board with various small scene / rp starter ideas. Personal RP: Providing an environment and resources for pursuing personal storylines and promoting character growth and development. FC members are strongly encouraged to consider goals and aspirations for their characters, obstacles they may wish to overcome, etc. We are here to build each other up, to have fun, and make something awesome together. That said, we strongly encourage our members to be self-starters when it comes to RP! Come to the table with ideas, suggestions, etc! Seek out other members to RP with!
  4. OOC Info: FC Theme / IC Info: It is easy to assume that a Free Company based around the tenants and aspirations of helping others is a strictly Lawful Good organization, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Ashen Enclave. While we ask that our members strive to do their best by and to help others, we also understand that the best characters are multifaceted and sometimes complicated creations with their own strengths, flaws, and at times contradictory goals. RP is at its most interesting when one is able to explore and express those things -- and the possible ramifications that may have for one’s character. Our ideal is to, simply put, have good intentions. Our members strive to do their best, and “doing good for others” can take a whole lot of different forms. ( A quick note on underaged / teenaged characters: We will accept underaged characters only a strictly per-case basis, and with the implicit understanding that such characters will be limited to either the ranks of 'Ward' or 'Apprentice' and will be restricted from certain storylines, events, and RP situations. ) Who we are looking for: OOCly, we are looking for players that take their love of the game, and of roleplaying, seriously - but also understand the clear division of IC and OOC. Folks that treat one another kindness and respect, and those that like to have fun. Players that join, or are looking to join, the Ashen Enclave should be aware that while we strive to RP with each other regularly, and most of us do, the majority of the FC is comprised of folks in their late 20's - 30's that are sometimes pulled away from the game for IRL responsibilities. We strive to be active, and our Open Clinic Nights, scheduled RP nights, and job board posting exist to facilitate regular RP for our members. Folks looking for a free company that regularly has 15+ members online and events every night of the week may not find what they are looking for with us. What you can expect is a small group of friendly, welcoming, and close-knit RPers seeking a low-key experience from the game, friends that are invested in each other's stories, and in creating new stories together. And puns. A few of our members really like puns. ICly, While we are always looking for skilled healers of all stripes and specializations, it is not required for recruitment! Our members run the gamut from scholars to couriers to vigilantes to strays needing somewhere safe to be. As we said before, the best qualifier for joining us is a willingness and want to help others. By all sorts of means. Possible hooks:
  5. ✦ The Clinic: Open RP Rooms. ✦ (coming soon!)
  6. ✦ The Clinic: Info, Events, etc. ✦ ✦ Open Clinic Night is 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, 8-11:30PM EST. ✦ ✦ Friends & Family RP Night 2nd Thursday of every month, 8-11:30PM EST.✦ Ashen Clinic Address: The Goblet - Ward 9 Plot 35 General Guidelines: ✦ Please keep all RP in public spaces and designated private rooms in the Clinic safe for work. Please be advised there may be some explicit medical terminology and graphic depictions of medical RP, etc. ✦ FC rooms are available to all members, though we do gently suggest new members wait until their trial period has concluded before purchasing a room. Gil will not be reimbursed to those that leave the FC or are removed for any reason. ✦ Public RP Rooms have been created by various members to better facilitate and foster RP. (see post below this one for a comprehensive listing of our open RP rooms) Clinic RP Guidelines: ✦ The Ashen Clinic aims to help all, regardless of circumstance or affiliation. ✦ Information collected will be used only to ensure accurate treatment. Staff has been instructed to ask ‘what’ has happened, but will refrain from the ‘how’ or ‘why’ if it is so desired. ✦ Anonymity can be assured on request ✦ Shelter and safehaven is available to those in need, as is food, fresh clothing, etc. ✦ No patron is required to pay, though donations of gil, goods, or volunteer work is always appreciated and needed. ✦ The clinic is considered safehaven and neutral ground. ❂ Outside quarrels must be left at the door ❂ Arms must be declared, but will not be removed from patrons unless given due cause. ❂Those found concealing weapons, causing discord or provoking altercations will be removed from the premises and barred from future events. ✦ Healers are expected to work ethically, transparently and with honest intentions. ❂ Healers found in violation of the above are subject to discipline or removal from the Enclave ❂ Apprentices may not treat patients without being overseen by a Liaison or an appropriate Advisor without prior approval. ✦The Enclave aims to reach out to other organizations, maintain good community relations, and seek to be a force for good across the realm.
  7. ✦ Communication Channels ✦Linkshell / Discord / FC Chat ✦ Linkshell: ‘Ashen Clinic - IC’ (IC) - On being hired, all members of the Ashen Enclave are given a linkpearl tuned into the free company’s own private frequency. This line of communication is to be used for non-private correspondence between members and allies of the clinic, both socially and professionally. All potentially sensitive information should be sent through a courier or discussed in person. Allies, apprentices, volunteers, potential recruits, and friends of the Enclave can be given a linkpearl at the discretion of the Advocate or an Officer. (OOC -) Please keep the linkshell PG-13 at all times! The linkshell should be treated as a walkie-talkie and long-distance communication device rather than a fixed setting. (OOC -) communication / Coordination for RP between members is allowed, please just use (( OOC Brackets ))! ✦ Discord:Use of Discord is not required, but strongly recommended. We use Discord as our primary socialization outlet as a group - as well as coordinating RP/events, running content, movie nights, etc. - No NSFW content outside of designated channels. (Please, no blatant pornography or fetish material in the NSFW channel. Tasteful nudes / art of one's characters, potentially off-color meme content, etc are fine!) - Keep contentious / political content to the "discourse" channel. We encourage discussion, rants, and debate in this channel, but ask that all members follow the #1 rule of the FC: respect each other. (If officers believe discussion has taken an unfriendly turn, or if we receive word that someone feels uncomfortable, we will request a subject be dropped. If repeated disagreements or bad feelings occur, the channel will be removed.)- Our Discord is open to FC members, and friends of the Enclave. Feel free to contact Milloux (snarksonomy#5640) for a link to the Discord at any time.✦ FC Chat:- FC chat is an OOC channel! For IC communication, use our Linkshell. Please keep conversation PG-13, and refer to our discord guidelines.
  8. ✦ Rules, Guidelines, & General Information ✦ General Policies: ✦ We are an 18+ Free Company, no exceptions. ✦ LGBTQA+ safe & inclusive environment ✦ We are a safe space. We do not tolerate hate-speech, discriminatory behavior, etc. ✦ The FC is not sympathetic or supportive to/of the current US administration or it's policies. If you are, this is probably not the FC for you. ✦ Be kind to others. We expect members to present themselves respectfully in public channels - members caught trolling, harassing others, etc will be removed from the Free Company immediately, no exceptions. ✦ RP Guidelines / Rules ✦ ✦ All new members will undergo a two week - one month trial period. During this time, we encourage all new members to seek out RP with our members, settle in, and use this as an opportunity to see if the FC is a good fit! - After this trial period has concluded, members will be granted a rank that best fits their character. ✦No Godmoding / powerplaying. This is especially important, considering the scope of our RP. It may be tempting, for example, for a healer to wave away an ailment or illness with a wave of a hand and a flash of magic, and may certainly make your character feel powerful and strong -- but a quick fix isn’t always the best. Such actions may not be what others want to happen in the course of an RP session. Always consider the wishes of the other people you are RPing with. This is a collaborative hobby! ✦Consent and communication are key. Due to the nature and theme of the FC, we may be dealing with potentially sensitive topics on a regular basis (graphic injury, depictions of trauma, violence, etc.) however, please consider the comfort level of those you are RPing with, and don’t be afraid to speak up if a scenario or scene is making you uncomfortable! - Reach out to those you are healing / working with on an OOC basis. Achieving a consensus with another player on how they would like an interaction resolved ICly is important. - Aim for realistic treatments within the constraints, lore, and allowances of the setting we are in. - Understand that a player may not want all of their character’s ailments healed or “fixed.” This isn’t a reflection on you as a player, but rather their decision for the sake of their character’s story! ✦ We are, as an FC, lore friendly and aim to be compliant, but we also understand that gray areas exist and lore can and will change at the whim and discretion of the devs. At the end of the day, we would prefer to write with characters that are plausible, well thought out and are a concept you are enthusiastic about above all. - This includes character jobs / classes and characters being in the possession of soul crystals. Some jobs and skillsets are more rare and/or taboo than others, and should reflect such. - Use of ‘forbidden’ magics or disciplines such as White / Black magic (Or the skills employed by Dark Knights) should be done with extreme discretion, and never in public. We follow the idea that such things are exceedingly rare about not impossible. - Don’t let the above two points discourage you. If you have a concept that might be a little unorthodox, we will more than likely be as enthusiastic to hear you out, or help you make it work if you’re unsure. ✦ Don’t police other people’s RP. Period. If you don’t like the portrayal of a character or concept, politely disengage. - If the character in question is a client or patron of the clinic, see if someone else can step in to take over an interaction. ✦ We will never require attendance at our events, though we do ask that members that sign up, and/or offer to help during Open Clinic Night or other events are present and ready to help with patrons and/or actively participate behind the scenes to help facilitate RP. ✦ If a problem or issue arises, or you have any concerns, please contact the Advocate or an Officer ASAP. We are always happy to discuss possible issues and do our best to resolve and matters swiftly and fairly for any and all involved parties. - If the issue is regarding another member of the FC or a guest, please try and include logs and screenshots. - No one will be removed from the FC for a first offense or misunderstanding - these things happen! But those displaying a pattern of pattern of antagonistic or unkind behavior will be asked to leave.
  9. until
    A relaxed gathering of staff members and friends both new and old! Interested in volunteering at the Ashen Clinic or even joining the Enclave? This is a great opportunity to meet some of it's members, and learn a bit more about our mission.
  10. We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, and are enjoying the heck out of 4.2! Open Clinic Night will be tomorrow - 2/1/18 - 8 - 11:30pm (EST)
  11. The Ashen Enclave has moved as well! We are now located at Ward 9 - Plot 35 (Still in the Goblet!)
  12. Happy New Year, Balmung! ★ We hope you'll join us this Thursday, 1/4! ★ Thread has been updated to reflect our new location!
  13. While I am here~ There is no Open Clinic Night this week, instead~ ❄ Join us in bringing light to the darkest night of the year! ❄ It’s been an eventful year for the Ashen Enclave - one that began with loss and ends in blessings and bounty. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating it all, with one last hurrah before Heavensturn! We’ll be decorating the Enclave’s Starlight tree, and we encourage all friends, new and old, as well as patients & patrons to bring something to add to it’s branches. All while we play games, eat goodies… and maybe even attempt a few carols. ( As a small thank you to everyone that has made our first year of public events such an overwhelmingly positive experience, we’ll be giving away two mogstation minions! All guests (and staff!) in attendance will be entered to win! ) While our clinic won’t be officially open this week, we will be offering hot meals, warm clothing, and comforts to those in need in addition to our festivities. No one should spend the holidays alone, so we hope you’ll spend them with us. ❄
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