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  1. " It turns out our knight had an incoming job. Though the letter never reached him, it didn't have to as he met with its sender before it arrived at Whitebrim. I was lucky enough to come onto the scene as they were still arguing about it, and potentially sending another party of their own to look for Gervant in Fallgourd, again. Apparently being closer, Fortemps sent their own to Fallgourd to investigate the first time, and something had put them off the first time around: leading to our hire. Drillmonte himself summoned us up when they decided to get loud about my questions. He has mellowed a great deal since I saw him last, even coming up the lack of stiffness towards outsiders was apparent. I am guessing his ordeals since, and the lives lost in between have softened his approach a little: even if his men could use a good reminding. Said men were however much more pliant than I expected when he chastised them just as loudly as they had been below, and tossed informing me of what they knew in their faces before he excused himself to see to the afternoon drills in their absence. That done, they allowed me to read the letter, finally; and filled in a few blanks, and though there were still some things they left out, I can't say what that could be until we find out, or find Gervant. I suspect still however given their character, that Gervant's lower status and mismatching, earned greater name has something to do with it. Many of them have served Durendaire for generations, where Lesaille only came to serve them after the Calamity when Falcon's watch was buried under snow and ice along with the Pass once leading into Western nearby. Given some of the comments made during the conversation, I believe he may be among the last of his kin; as one of them mentioned how he should have died in the avalanche in the pass with the rest of those what tried to escape the even colder climate changes in Western Coerthas to Central. In any case, we found the job he was after; as well as one of the debtor's men: who likely is the tool of a monetarist. I'm requesting Grace's help with this one. Comphas is letting that man go when he's done with the Serpents. I would like to see where he goes -- or rather to who. Eventually, his employer will pick him up. Finding out who it is will help us know what we're dealing with, and perhaps help us find out how much he owes. If we can get a hold of his ledger through the lender, maybe we can find out how much money he needs and discern what other jobs besides collecting Dullahan swords he might have gone after. Speaking of, we found his chestplate. Pretty likely he's gone to Hyrstmill to have it temporarily replaced, given the best smithy in the Shroud is there.. and very close to where his own was cracked and discarded. Hopefully, we find the man himself.. but I doubt it. If he were that close to Fallgourd still they would have found him by now. Perhaps the best thing to come of being attacked in the inn, is that we know that his pursuers are still looking, and think he's still alive. Which means unless he's gotten himself cleaved in half by a soulkin; means he probably is. Here's hoping that's a correct assumption, on both our parts. Folk like him who care and actually prove it to their own detriment, are rare. I hope he's alive, if only so he can stay that way long enough to see and feel the reward of it one day after if not when he gets home. ~Faruhn'li Rhalakos."
  2. " Not one for long reports. The dagger they got from the Toll sounded like it might be more than it seemed, so I asked the ladies to bring it up to the Paw for examination. Turns out it's whitesteel: an alloy made with a mineral the Ishgardians have a monopoly on in Whitebrim. Not cheap, or easy to come by. Next to impossible unless you're sworn to one of the Houses or have a shite-ton of money and the connections to get one made in Ishgard with all the honors. Given our knight didn't have any money and the state it was in I would say he kept using it, and it was important enough to leave at home: probably because he wasn't going wherever as Durendaire: if not because he didn't want it to see any further levels of disrepair he couldn't afford to fix. I'm heading up there tonight to see if I can't track down it's maker. The smith's mark isn't hard to memorize. --Drax "
  3. " Our first stop in finding out about Ser Lesaille's whereabouts was his temporary residence in Revenant's Toll. Though no longer there, his rent has been paid through til next year; and many of his things are still within. Or were. While asking around about his last appearance and any known destination, we came across more than a few individuals whose opinions of the knight were varied thanks mostly to his habits of reducing his fees for Freelance work when being employed by those who were most in need. While many of the less skilled locals admired his sacrifice and helpfulness in the community; the expectation of similar price cuts this left on his peers was far less than welcome. In other words.. he made as many enemies as he did friends; and continued to pile up debt as a result of his price cutting. One such incensed individual was caught by the locals trying to loot his things while we were present; and was caught trying to abscond with a decent amount of personal effects, including a dagger that may or may not mark him as a man either in service to House Durendaire.. or to whom someone among them owe a debt. This in itself is curious, as Durendaire takes care of it's own, and is the richest House in Ishgard even to this day: still having management over both Whitebrim itself, and the compromised Stone Vigil. Further, while trading for pantry goods to take with him on his travels: he asked for a specific hot meal to be wrapped up, Lentils and Chestnuts: well herbed. As a Falcon's Nest man, his tastes have been confirmed as being very bland when it comes to food. We can only guess at this time that this dish was meant for his friend in Fallgourd: whom some children who pointed out 'Bo's theft pointed us towards when asked about Gervant. Our next step is to follow the trail to Fallgourd, after a visit to Whitebrim. I admit I don't look forward to it, and wonder if I shouldn't ask Lan to use his and his cousin's connections to better pry at Drillmonte or at least his aides in particular: none of whom have any love for me to say the least. ~Faruhn'li Rhalakos. "
  4. Friends of House Fortemps have sent us a bill to find and return a missing knight to Ishgard. Ser Gervant Lesaille was last seen leaving Revenant's Toll where he made his second home while stationed in Coerthas; and has not returned. It has been discovered he has run up a sizable debt of undisclosed amounts, which he paid with gil from an unknown source. Some contemplate the possibility fo approaching a loan shark; and that these individuals may or may not be in pursuit or have already caught Ser Lesaille. Regardless, Ishgard does not abandon her sons; and we have been requested to bring him home: hopefully alive, and if not: to have the peace of resting with his family at Falcon's Nest in death. ((Each part is usually followed by a report, and in a post after it a link to a log of the RP as it happened either here in our forums or in-game. Those posting logs are expected to clean them before posting as much as humanly possible, with as little OOC as possible. We recommend using chat filters to help with this, both in removing things like rolls, FC and party chat from the roleplay.))
  5. First and foremost: every character type, race, and sexual preference is welcome, within reason. Crafters, mercenaries, clan or tribal types, Aldentale is designed to have a place for everything and anything short of Garlean loyalist characters, and even then there are exceptions and antagonists needed, right? Smaller and family/clan/group stories aside, Eorzea, Gyr Abania and Doma are all at war with Garlemald at current. That said, any Garlean loyalists while welcome, would be a group apart from the rest of the FC and considered antagonistic until otherwise stated. We just ask that if you intend to play an antagonist that you make sure to state it when you apply, or with which character. While right now we only have three 'group' types to start new members off in and a few members, as we grow; we hope to expand the number and perhaps even shift leadership of some of those existing groups to other players! We also do not intend to stay solely inner-FC oriented! We will be attending others' events, and be taking 'jobs' from outside the company on a regular basis when possible. So how does that work, and where do you fit in? Whether you're joining our FC or looking to hire us in character; or just make connections: the first best step you can take is to join our discord at this link: https://discord.gg/Pet4HXz The nice thing about discord, is that we don't have to be online in order to get your messages; and can respond as soon as we're able. As many of us have alts we play and roleplay regilarly, this is a more reliable form of communication coming in, whether you're here to join or to hire. If we don't get back to you right away, be patient; most of us are on daily but also work! We'll get to your response as soon as we can! If you're looking to become a member, application is simple: Drop into discord, let us know you're interested; and with what character: we'll talk a little about them OOC to get an idea who they'll be working with the most and what initial group they'll be with. From there we'll follow through in game with an introduction or interview RP to get you situated in character too! If you want to hire us for a co-op event or just because: Pretty much the same as above, discord is a must for inter-FC communication! We just need a general outline of the job, where to meet you in game and what characters to look for to start! Please have a look at our rules page to understand both how we work on this side of teh brackets as well as see some of teh jobs we -won't- take; and have at least a rough outline of story done for our admins so we can keep track of our end too: including a basic do and don't list (things like don't abuse this npc, guard this person until x happens, or bring this item to X place that kind of thing.) That said just to cover the few things we do don't do for jobs IC: 1. No primals, no Ascians, very few higher voidsent. Primals and tempering are a real threat in the world our characters live in; the only known cure for tempering is death. Ascians are on the same level and sketchy; we don't mess with that. Higher voidsent is something we'll do, but not on a regular basis, so please check first. 2. No fantasia RP, few extreme makeover jobs. This one's a no brainer: fantasia is a game service, and is not recognized as something to be RPed outright here. There are ways around this, but they are difficult to explain in RP, especially changing races. We try to avoid these unless they have a solid, believable explanation. 3. No major cannon characters. Knowing about them is one thing, but we don't play, or play opposite of major cast roles from the world, such as the Scions, Grand Company or City State leadership. If you are hiring and choose to include us in an RP of yours involving these characters, give us a heads up ahead of time so we can minimalize and adjust contact with that element please. Otherwise, we take all jobs. Caravan, crafting, mercenary, spy work, curses, research, and even at times thieving, dungeoning.. just about everything and anything else you can think of. When I join.. how do jobs work? What's the process? First your character would be set with a starter group after or during their interview! Each starter group has it's own specialties and feel. Ferret and Nhagi's group is fairly well rounded and run by the male Keepers of the Sleeping Panther clan. Those uncertain and still trying to figure out their place will probably end up in their group. Those interested in joining the clan or existing clan members, interested in management or starting their own group, if not forwarding the Company's growth or intending to do research, usually stay in this category. Lan and Mishinko's group deals with the grey area jobs and occupations: from organizing street fights, thievery, smuggling, gambling both legal and illegal, spy work, to high end prostitution, drugs and more. Most with those kinds of skills and connections tend to end up with them; Landgrent often handling the Eorzean side of things while Mishinko handles the far east and runs his own theatres as taikomochi (Male original version of Geisha or in Hydaelyn they're called Geika, for those unfamiliar.) Drax's Group is merchant and crafter; with a heavy Mercenary overtones. Much of what they sell in the shop upstairs is either made by the members, or brought back from varied locales by the Mercenary end of the grouping. Mant mercenaries end up here, along with engineers, and craftspeople. There's three kinds of jobs no matter where you land: Company Jobs, External Jobs, and Retroactive jobs. External Jobs are jobs we're employed to work from outside companies and always dealt with entirely IC. If you get an offer for an external job, this type has to be roughly reviewed and approved by an FC admin, and communication and RP done with the one hiring before moving on it. Internal Jobs, are those set up entirely by the members of our FC. Anyone can make a job, so long as it stays within our rules and has a rough outline. Inform us if you make one so we can announce it in discord and pin a Job thread you make here in our forum for folks to follow in case something happens and someone gets behind on info, etc. Retroactive jobs, are jobs that are constantly available and can be taken up IC, but can also be used OOC in certain situations: like character or player absences when you yourself are busy or can't be on.. but your character is still around. Some jobs will have extra rewards, such as decorations, glamors, and more! So watch the Jobs threads and channel in discord! We will try to help you with room costs, as well. Our current plot is in Mists, Ward 16 Plot 44.
  6. Was a few years back. has all but cleared out now though a few of the guys play still: the new group's it's not remotely as active as it used to be. I keep contact with them through skype & discord (and still RP with them there more than in game since moving my mains to Gil and then later Bal pre-heavensward,)and Narshe was the original name; short for the full: Knights of Narshe. Smallish group, I think the biggest we got was 14ish people? Many of my current characters are either second generation from that roleplay, if not first. My main, Ferret (or Far, Ferret is a nickname he was given by his C.O. in the Flames years later) seen in my avvie is one of the second generation. His dad and uncle both were members (I also played the uncle, Aghir'li, he was my main back then: though I didn't know quite as much about Miqo lore as they were so new to the game at the time.) Vedis (V'Edissia) is one of the few first generation characters I have left from the original Knights, though I have been edging towards bringing the uncle back, slowly. The premise was something those of us that stayed active worked on for a while and as more lore became available to us, was fleshed out further in then-current if not back-RP. A group of Ishgardian Knights come down looking to establish and potentially recruit more allies into helping them with the then struggle against the dragonkin. Several intended to do so through marriage bonds. In the process, they established bonds of their own, and rather than simply aquiring more allies: also made friends down there. Several stayed, forming a newer, smaller order of Knights that was comprised of these allies and friends, with the intention of helping the common folk and establishing overall better relations with the less xenophobic city-states. As many of their allies (and wives or partners, in many cases) were based in the Shroud, that was where they set their base of operations.. setting out from there whenever a request was made. It's been a while since they've been active though as a group over there, which is part of why I know a few of them were looking for something still on Primal/Ultros. Another part being those of us who stuck with it more long term like me, changed servers. In my case, I went to Gilgamesh and then Balmung, though I still poke my head in on other servers like Omega and Mateus, where I have versions of my mains if not older characters some request from time to time: as well as some new ones I mess around with when I need a break from a particular muse, or just feel like chilling and checking them out. lol off topic and that said: saw a really cool performance group in Limsa on Gil the other day.. a quartet of moogle-dressed lala bards that were doing a really good job of playing game music, complete with chocobo dancer. They were playing good king moogle mog when I went by on my dusky! I had to clap for them and take some screenies! If by chance they see this: LOVED IT! And keep up the great performances!
  7. I'm available most nights myself, though work has been kicking my butt lately. Should prolly try to get together in game, even if just in messages. I think I only have a few LS slots open on my mains, would very much like to fill those if not replace the inactive with an active community LS. <3
  8. I debated on not replying to this at all. In part because, not even halfway down the original post and after whats' (almost frightneningly) been 20 years in online RP communities : I got a whiff of toxicity I'm all too familiar with smelling from some role players. A lot of us with especially long time experience can probably say we've seen the most of it, and know exactly what I'm talking about when I mention this. Some of us have been guilty of it from time to time. I know I've caught myself at it a few times over the years. The same. This is not a new conversation, and I can say with certainty it's been going on at least 20 years. Gods I feel old when I type that! Liek I should be waving around a cane that says: I REMEMBER MSN CHAT AND GROUPS! GET OFF MAH LAWN! But! Personally, and as someone who's been on not only both sides of this been-going-on-forever conversation/debate; as well as having been a GM/ST for both tabletop and MMO RP I think if you wanted less 'snipey' replies and responses.. you likely should have started and continued your interaction with the thread you started with a far less aggressive and then passive-aggressive approach to begin with. Really, all you needed was 1, 7, and 10. The rest is insultingly assumptive of anyone and everyone who might read it. No kind of about it; especially with the words you chose to type out. Definitely something more for ragey-post in the drudges of tumblr, or facebook rather than here I think. For instance: my free company currently has a former nurse who roleplays our medic: they -do- know what they're doing. Just because they're certified.. doesn't mean they don't play games or roleplay. And prior to that? We did have an actual, IRL doctor in our group (he stopped playing the doctor in RP in part because, though he did it VERY well; he only enjoyed it half the time as he pretty much spent his days doing the same and it started to feel like work more than fun.) At the end of the day, and assuming you actually posted this for discussion and not for attention or toxic-troll fix of making yourself feel better than someone else: People will roleplay who and what they're going to roleplay, and while communication is key: that doesn't just mean the other person: nor should anyone in a public setting have to feel restricted by your personal restrictions on your roleplay. If you have issues with that, especially in a public portion of a massive multiplayer online game chat: you may want to step back and examine whether MMOs or large groups are the right place for your specific style of play: or whether roleplay group more confined to housing etc is more for you. Because as it stands; anywhere else where it's not game-made NPCs standing around you, it's other people. If you put yourself in public, into their open RP range; you are accepting the fact that those already there or who come by can see you, hear you, and yes trip over you or whatever else while you're healing some goon in the middle of the floor if they think it would happen. If you want less, yes; you are going to have to take it to a less public venue. That's just how life is. If you don't expect the entire IRL park to get up and leave or be non-responsive when you have a freak-out session at your boyfriend in it, or a cop not to come up wandering by when you throw something at him; then don't expect the same to always happen in a public place in game. That's not how reality works, and it's especially not how things work in public in general: public chats and locations in game included. If you find you can't or don't want to handle that; there are options mentioned above and more: though I personally don't see the point of coming to even a remotely a public venue just to exclude those in it... at the end of the day you are only responsible for and can change your personal environment RP. Not only is it bad form to try and force others to change before they're ready or to conform to what you want versus what they want, it's just straight impossible until you become them. Which, again; impossible. Party chat is your friend. Housing is lockable, as are personal rooms in it. Discord and PMs or IMs, are a thing. So is blocking. If these aren't something you want to do; the only thing that needs to change at that stage is you; and more specifically the way you look at whatever person you want to try to blame for the day. There are trolls out there, true. However, we do outnumber them. Most, want to have fun RPing just like you do. I've said this I don't even know how many times now: we do this for FUN. All of us. Forgetting that about the next person who posts or walks up to you in game and viewing them as some alien invader rather than communicating and trying to meet that middle ground between styles and preferences in a game like this? Because they like to play differently than you do, or have a different opinion? You're never going to be anything but unhappy UNTIL you come to terms with and remind yourself of these very simple facts.
  9. Been a while since I heard Ultros and RP mentioned together; makes me happy though as I started playing there first. I think I still have some characters over there; and know my old FC does. I know one of them was talking about finding another FC since that one died down. If you lot are still there and looking for people, and he's still up for it; I can try and point him this way?
  10. Not knowing how much you did give him OOCly, it does sound like you have a bio somewhere.. but whether or not you do, the conversation definitely does need to happen. I used to have an active profile open when I first moved my main play from Gilgamesh to Balmung and at times still run into people who spot it and will try using odd info off of it to establish things like a pre-existing relationship, or extra knowledge of my character/s that wouldn't or shouldn't be there. Seen other things as well, but that in particular is probably the most common: and it can be tough when you especially enjoy the RP with that person. If you plan or hope to RP with them again, or still are; I would absolutely stop feeding them info until you do have that convo: and trim down the amount of info available to others. Save any bios you might have in word and take down any unnecessary info, like favorite foods, colors, and drinks. Anything that isn't obvious should never be on your first page unless you put a base history first. Even then, don't be afraid to summarize; and if bios being used is a manditory thing in your FC (I don't know many who do this but I've seen a few) give an officer a heads up about the situation and your comfort/discomfort with the misuse of that info before editing there or asking them to: or make that section of the site/forum more private? Another thing to do with bios/profiles is to mega-display your preferences about OOC knowledge, and what you're okay with in RP right alongside it never hurts. I try to put mine front and center; super bold and preferably in another, stand out color if possible at the top as the very first thing they would read. In the end though, P is already in your life and hopefully; his intention isn't to creep you out/make you avoid him. (though I've seen stuff like that happen to friends too. idek sometimes people are really weird like that.) So that conversation's going to have to happen, if you want anything to change: and.. from the sounds of it .. something should. Like I said in previous posts.. RP has at the end of the day the same purpose as the game itself: to have fun. If you're not having fun with him because of this and know it, say so to him. It could start off as simple as ' So hey.. I have a lot of fun RPing with you normally but, lately I noticed something's been coming up in ours and bothering me..' and taking it from there. Either he'll get that and you guys can work it out and continue moving forward with better understanding of eachother from there; or not: but there are always options. Maybe he -is- creepy stalker man. Maybe he's been talking to someone he knows is close enough to know, or notice some of those things based on her habits in his presence. Either way, communication between the two of you (and roleplayers you interact with in general) is really important.
  11. Heyos, and welcome! Hope you don't mind me asking a few questions! You know what kind of RP you're interested in yet? And what times/time zone you play in would be awesome info. There's a lot of different types and themes to pick from, and I know a few who are looking for RPers (including Aldentale lol.) I was at Jade Casino tonight, for instance; and I know they're looking for more folks too; though I'm unsure when their busiest times are.
  12. I prefer mostly immersive myself but! I also GM so, getting too deep int the character isn't always the best for me and! There are as many styles and levels of roleplay as there are people, or writers. The longer you do it, the more your style and understanding not only of your own likes and dislikes in roleplay are, but also those around you. For what Erah'sae says about the hesitancy.. man have I been there: and ultimately I think there are always -some- limits you should have on yourself because that is ultimately true and the above also still holds true for everyone. For the most part; that hesitancy can be avoided with one very important part; especially with other situations mentioned above by others: communication between players/typists involved. Injury and character death, metagaming as a general RP term and otherwise are some pretty good references. Some of us use profiles to give a basic idea of who we roleplay and go pretty in depth.. some don't go as in depth.. and some don't bother; either because they'd rather avoid the meta all together or because they either want us to discover their character as they go .. or are still discovering that character themselves. Some enjoy having that 'random guy X' strolling up and knowing their character immediately.. some have the opposite reaction to the same guy; and some just don't care if they pretend they know them already, they just want to RP. On the other side of that, there's injury and death: and also gore, torture, and dark storylines I've seen fail or cause drama because some random got picked without communication and had it pushed on them. Personally, I think that kind of thing should always be at least moderately discussed, before action that way is taken. Know your partners, when it comes to that kind of stuff especially, and what they're comfortable with.. and vice versa. The point of roleplay in any MMO setting is ultimately for enjoyment. So, if you and your partners aren't having fun.. something's wrong. Don't be afraid to sit back, examine that kind of thing and speak up: and try to find a place where you can continue having the fun intended! Anyroad.. I say the above mostly because; unless you're playing purely with an NPC on the other end and those involved are comfortable with that kind of thing, or incapacitating and removing themselves from the roleplay for a period if not permanently (which is entirely unproductive and the reverse of the point to joining it in the first place;) they aren't likely to have fun with it or you, and less so if they spend an hour or more of their RP time on the floor as the result of your or someone else's actions. With having fun with others roleplaying being the main point of engaging in the first place; it's always made more sense to me to take it on a situation by situation basis, especially if I don't know my RP partners well; or we haven't had the discussion in the past, et cetera. Everyone has their own play times, everyone has their own tastes and tolerances. The best I can say is mostly what's already been said above: try to find folks who either have or are accepting of similar styles and, try to remain as respectful of others as possible; eeping in mind that every toon that types at you has a living person with their own tastes and intention to enjoy the game and role play as well. Feels like a weird place for it, but.. do unto others, etc: communicate, and you'll rarely go wrong.
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