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  1. Tonight is our social night at the FC house! Mist, Ward 6, Plot 30 starting at 8pm EST!
  2. We've had several new members since July! And we're open for applications as well.
  3. Giving this another bump! We're definitely still active and willing to take new member applications. Please check out our carrd for all the details.
  4. Welcome to Chesasa! Also tonight is an open tavern night. Anyone is welcome to drop in! Mist, Ward 6, Plot 30.
  5. We have shifted to a new website! Please check our carrd for more information about us and for our application for membership. https://ardentlotus.carrd.co Thank you!
  6. We've updated a few of our details and have a few new members, so I wanted to give this a little bump. Apps are still open!
  7. Happy Little Ladies' Day! Just wanted to give this a bump to show activity and say we are definitely still open for applications. Stay safe!
  8. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and new year! We are still open for new member applications for those roleplayers wanting a nice, cozy place to call home in game.
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