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  1. Heyo! Looking for some new (long term) friends to RP with! I'm an experienced paragraph RPer and I think my character could use some drinking/cuddle buddies. He's a twenty six year old war vet who can be very flirtatious as well as a little snide, but his alignment is chaotic/lawful good and he loves doing whats right (aka, not the sort of person to get along with criminals!). I'm looking for RPers who prefer writing in a paragraph style to work with, be involved in plots with or just to hang out at bars with! My character gets along with most types of people (who are on the right side of the law) and is pretty easy to please, he likes to smile and has some darker, sadder elements to him that will probably be revealed over time. My char is taken, he has a husband, but that wont stop him from getting into trouble...! He is pansexual, and their relationship is semi-open. His husband doesn't mind! Personality wise, he is a bit of a preacher, a devout of Azeyma and has something to say about anything always. He's a good match for characters maybe lost, characters needing help in life, stability or otherwise. He gets on with both males and females equally! Find art of him here; https://toyhou.se/2662174.raxus-xon IC Interests include; > Medical work; he was a medic in the army. > Drinking; Oh lawd, he loves his liquor. > Research; He is a scholar and always chooses brains over brawn. > Teasing; His favorite pastime is to goof about! IC dislikes include; > Criminals; Stop right there criminal scum! > Hot-heads; They never learn. > Physical Violence; A mage has no use for such. > Liars; Finding people to trust is so hard, hm? If I could describe my char as short as possible? > Dad-like catte is highly religious and seeks the good in others. Timezones? > Free around 5pm - 12pm EST and more! Please message me if you have questions or want to talk about chars-- my inbox is always open for you!!
  2. Hiya! I wrote some writing recently about my char who is a war vet (from the recent stormblood wars) and would love some feedback on my writing. It's prose; its about my characters inability to accept those who go to war with enthusiasm and leave with barely any scars. It is also about his jealousy towards those that avoid the scarring that comes with combat. It's about how people like the warrior of light swept in and took all the glory for themselves, when hundreds of thousands died at their feet. https://lucksblackcat.tumblr.com/post/178165683943/glory-hunters-or-a-piece-to-those-monsters Thanks for looking; I don't see too much free-writing going on anymore, so maybe I'll find some luck here? (I doubt anyone on tumblr read it... its tumblr).
  3. Not a problem!! I'll beef it out with what we are doing so far; Raxus, my char and the doctor, has been investigating the shroud on walks in an attempt to literally get out of the house more -- and in doing such he stumbled across a corpse with its head shorn completely off, jagged tendons and broken pipes replacing the skulls position. In some (mild) alarm he called Jinan, a personal detective and a crime scene investigator to come take a peak at what had transpired. It took them but two days to find another body, adjacent from the first. Somewhat baffled and relatively new to the Shroud area as a whole, Rax and Jinan are planning to take the law into their own hands and investigate the crime with no interference from authorial figures. I cannot speak for my friend obviously, but what you will get from me as an Rper in YOUR story; Someone who will develop prompts without needing a nudge; someone who has the intuition to point out and add to plotlines without having things spelt out. This may mean your plot will deviate a tad because I strictly adhere to how my character acts and wont change it for the sake of a story, but at least it keeps things fresh. My char isn't an idiot, and will bring to the table his own skills without being asked or expected to either out-rightly or in secret. My character is unpredictable by nature and if he feels like something is wrong / your chars ideas are stupid he will not hesitate to point them out; meaning if your char says 'hey lets go into this cave!!' to progress a plot line he will not simply just wander in without pointing out the damn dangers and such before hand. That isn't in his nature. Critical thinking is a must when it comes to plotting, especially long term (for me at least). Damn it Rpers, hes a doctor not a WoL on a suicide mission! At any rate, if you want to discuss anything in DM's @Nebbs I'm game! I hope this helps people.
  4. Me and my friend are looking for plot rp, a storyline to be involved in, absolutely anything because at the moment there isn't anything fresh (we feel) to really do aha. ;; Looking for action, enemies, friends, absolutely anything. We are both long term rpers, I am a paragraph Rper, they are a semi paragraph rper. Both literate, but we RP with anyone. Deep, complicated plots is what we love to do, and our recent one just ended. My character is a doctor, a veteran, a erratic son-of-a-gun well versed in magic. (His tumblr is here! https://lucksblackcat.tumblr.com/ ) My friends char is a detective, is snarky, rarely smiles and is good with a gun. If this post comes off as desperate, its because we are. Feel free to comment / dm for more info about them!
  5. Heyo! My char, who is a war-torn veteran, is looking for a therapist (not a medic as he is one). I won't go into the long details here of why he needs one, but to put it shortly, anger issues, flashbacks and paranoia are among his greatest problems. He doesn't have any friends because of these problems and finds himself very much alone in his suffering. No-one really understands in ye olde Eorzea (not even his partners), and people usually just get by by calling him crazy or a lunatic for his problems. You don't have to be a RL expert (duh xP) but IRL, I am a sufferer of PTSD and am dedicated to role-playing realistic scenarios. I write probably too much and my character, outside of his issues, is a pretty friendly dude who gets along with most (as am I!). I love drama. If you know anything about mental health then you might know the sort of character I'm looking for. :> I'm looking for a long term bond here that, if it goes well, will see you probably being pulled into a friendship! If you want to know the details of it all feel free to message me. I'm on Balmung and I'm free most of the day. o/
  6. Heyo! Looking for characters that have a history with divination, tarot reading, scrying or star reading. Must be a professional of sorts (no IC con-artists! : P ) with a talent for it that can be magic based or not. I'm a literate (almost) full time rper, and I'm looking for someone I can preferably keep coming back to for answers to questions that he himself doesn't understand. He's a bit lost in the world and is struggling to find meaning to... anything. Character is an ex-soldier Miqo'te, born in Thanalan, belonging to no clan at the moment. He thinks far too much about fate and about the universe but has no talent in any of the things I've listed above. His wiki-page needs serious updating, so here's a blog where I reblog pictures that relate to him. Blood warning. https://lucksblackcat.tumblr.com/ Feel free to message me or reply if you have a character like this and would like to interact.
  7. Hi! Before I continue, a strict warning: don't respond to me or even continue reading if you're looking for underage nasty stuff. Full offence, but hell to the no. Go. Shoo. I'd have harsher words for you if this wasn't a public forum. NO NSFW is permitted with my character. At all. Now! I RP a somewhat mentally stunted seventeen year old female Au ra on Balmung, and I'm perhaps looking for others who have teenage characters? My girl spends a lot of time around adults, when all she wants to do is teenage stuff... AKA, get into trouble, form a gang, try to smoke behind her fathers backs, swoon over boys and get into more trouble. Naturally she often gets into trouble regardless, but because she is around her fathers so much they always bail her out or snatch her up to resolve problems; and she doesn't want that! Kharaa wants friends of her own around her age that she can get up to no good with. As for her herself, she is a runt and the fifth born of her (real) parents. The girl came from the Steppes by accident and found herself marooned here, and after a series of tragedies she finds herself now calling Eorzea home. She has been adopted by two males here who will absolutely grill you IC if you become her friend / even interact with her once. Don't worry. They are friendly. They are just protective... which they need to be when their child is literally running around doing the most 24/7. Feel free to check out her page here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Kharaa_Geneq And if you have any questions, ask!
  8. Specifically for Au ra! I'm keen on rping my 'non-human' characters, well, not human-like. I know FFXIV leaves little to the imagination sometimes, but there are a good deal of artists that draw Au ra like sub-monster humanoids and I'm super into that (Please look at my favourite Au ra picture of all time, here http://nickutried.tumblr.com/post/166586137732/in-which-what-if-au-ra-looked-like-their-concept). I know a fair few people that roleplay their Miqo's and Au ra as biologically differing humanoids that are either beastly on the outside and diverse within, so I'd like to see if anyone else does it in the general populace! Examples of stuff I'd be interested in hearing out are head-canons to perhaps your own character, regardless of whether you are 'lore strict' or not. Some examples I see around are regarding enhanced hearing, running higher temperatures, pseudo-claws instead of hands, alternate tail shapes for function (IE biologically natural stubbed tails or more prehensile tails (more catlike)), crazy jaw strength, resting BPM differences, hormone differences, bent backs, far wider thighs ect, ect. My reasons beyond liking these changes in peoples characters? I'm a h u g e biology nerd, and this sort of thing is insanely interesting to me!
  9. My Miqo is looking to serve a greater, kinder cause too. Maybe the people in this thread can put together a band of like-minded characters?
  10. Hiya! I'm looking for an RP discord to join so I can gain rp contacts IC. I love to rp on the game and I've never joined a discord before, but I'm looking for one with ZERO drama tolerance (I've heard stories from my friends in discord groups), good natured people who love character development and exciting interactions. I love to write and my character is a Miqo whom I've made up my own lore for (Seeker of the sun, his tribe is of my own creation). Long story short hes of a sub-tribe that he left and now sticks almost strictly to cities. He's looking for a purpose. He is a healer, has a spontaneous personality, gets along with most but is probably annoying to many others. Has a past that constantly chases him and thus, he is of the 'flight-not-fight' variety with impressive fierceness when cornered. Has many flaws, including being gabby, not taking things seriously (even in DIRE situations), a wandering mind and a fear of leaving crowded places and being alone in life. He's full of thoughts and will spill them onto you in a huge sting of words and by the end of the sentence, the subject will probably be different than it was when it started. Not a great memory, but has a great mind. Autistic-spectrum-like with a fascination of people and how they work. Dislikes dirty, 'unlawful' work and would be a good addition to any guard force. Very obedient to the rules. Dislikes roaming but likes to help people. Would do great in a band of characters who rescue or save others, protect others, or bring joy to people. Kindhearted. Lawful good. I could write about him for eons so I'll stop there, but if you have a little group (or a large one!) of people you think would be friends with him, feel free to message here. I'm not one for random rp's that are one on one mostly and would love some structure or a group I could build stories with (setting wise and such!) As for me, I'll do NSFW but only in the violence case, meaning I will do violent gore and warfare but will not do sexual rp's of any kind. I'm up at all hours. I'm up for making friends and looking forward to any comments / PM's! I'll be taking anything I get into HEAVY regard, so feel free to wall me with information if you wish. Regards!
  11. Hi! From my intro post: "My character is of the Dotharl tribe and came from the customs of slaughtering his kin, cannibalizing them with food was scarce, the organised hunting of both Au Ra and food alike and warring battles within the tribe itself........ to Eorzea. He came alone to Ishgard when he came upon a realization (said realization came from a journalist who was wishing to document the tribes and, instead, found themselves coming across the worst tribe they could have) that there was a better life awaiting him further away. Deciding to sneak out and abandon his homeland, he arrived in war torn Ishgard amongst the knights fighting against Nidhogg's brood and took up arms to do what he did best; fight." I'm looking to do tribal things because sometimes Eorzea can be stressful and going back to your roots might be good for stress relief IC. Such activities would include; > Hunting and Prey stalking > Campfires and feasting in the middle of nowhere > Sparring / War-dancing > For the Auri tribes that sing; group singing! > Harvesting and gathering for the non-meat eaters > Anything tribal / cultural really! I don't think theres a linkshell for this sort of thing but I think it would be really interesting to almost make an Eorzean tribe of Au ra that were all from different tribes at home finding their new lives here. So if theres any interest about this sort of thing... let me know! :thumbsup:
  12. Hi! Only about three months young to the game, been an rper for seven years though. Looking for lots of Au Ra buddies (specifically Xaela) but I go to a lot of RP events in Balmung, and if you see 'Ignis Aeternus' wandering around one, please feel free to rp with me regardless of race! My character is of the Dotharl tribe and came from the customs of slaughtering his kin, cannibalizing them with food was scarce, the organised hunting of both Au Ra and food alike and warring battles within the tribe itself........ to Eorzea. He came alone to Ishgard when he came upon a realization (said realization came from a journalist who was wishing to document the tribes and, instead, found themselves coming across the worst tribe they could have) that there was a better life awaiting him further away. Deciding to sneak out and abandon his homeland, he arrived in war torn Ishgard amongst the knights fighting against Nidhogg's brood and took up arms to do what he did best; fight. That's an extremely long story short! I hope I find friends here (even non-scaley ones ) and I look forward to meeting some of ya!
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