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  1. I usually, for the sake of organization, reserve /em for when there's actually long actions being described with a lot of "Dialogue here"... And /s for when most of the action is speaking with the occasional <action here>. Also when /s in crowded places, I almost always start the sentence with a /s <to UnidessGaming> "Dialogue is here...", this bracket to grab the attention of the other person, because sometimes the place can be so spammy that the other person might not spot your entry. I wish we could customize our name colors though, for a better visual organization in the chat box. Also player chat bubbles would be SO useful to spot chat in a crowded place.
  2. So, I was toying with the idea of my character being a rogue that is specialized in "Throwing"... But simply hurling all sorts of items on your enemies can only go so far regarding power. I was wondering if there's such a thing as "infusing the object with your own aether to make it extra powerful" as you throw it. Same thing as trying to translate "Coin Toss" into roleplaying: is feasible to infuse a handful of Gil to make it more destructive as a weapon?
  3. I thought the term "witch" was more like a spellcaster title in general rather than a specific thing.
  4. Hello, I've tried to look here in the Balmung RP directories, but they don't seem to be very updated with many recruiting FCs. Also the official forums lack a good listing too. I'm assuming that people just don't really care to look for new recruits outside of the game? Said that, any tips on how I can meet a nice roleplaying FC ingame? Ul'dah's pub is bursting with just random roleplaying that rarely bear fruit to something nice. Then, I've turned to look for public housing places to meet new people, and many are tagged with RP in the aethernet directories... Yet they don't disclose the times with activity or anything like. Any clue on how I can even get to find something suited for me? Ingame or out of game?
  5. I really wished Squeenix had built this whole thing without job crystals at all. You'd simply learn how to be a job, like any Summoner of ancient times would, for example. It would open for much more character flexibility without really making the idea of jobs a commonplace. For example, without a WHM crystal, you'd still need to be a chosen individual to be taught by the Padjali or Elements anyway.
  6. I've branded my character simply as an "inventor". Her default job would be MCH because it's the most tech-oriented, but I've thought of dabbling in some concepts to incorporate other job's to this inventor fantasy: 1) She would use the MCH's aetherotransformer and a Magitek Rod to convert it's energy into offensive Thunder I, II, III, etc spells, granting some sort of BLM fantasy to the tech aspect. 2) She would reverse-engineer the aetherotransformer and some Tech-like WHM weapon to draw ambient aether and convert it into something resembling conjury spells.
  7. So, after a bit more than 1 year hiatus, I've decided to come back and managed to transfer to Balmung and finally start some RPing in XIV. Prior to that I've been playing in another server for about 1 year too, but my focus was more to get involved with the story, world and get to know the lore, etc, before properly going into the RP scene. So, I have just 1 character, as this game got the peculiar feature of you not needing more than 1 character to fully experience anything. This character is also the one I'll roleplay with, and I came up with 2 concepts. I can't decide for the sake of me which is the one I'm going to pick (and Fantasia up to flesh the persona). a) Marbles Balthasar: A midlander young woman that is an inventor and creator. The Machinist and Scholar are the OOC jobs I have to represent her in the world. She creates all sorts of gadgets and absurd utilitaries to help her in combat, like... Heeled shoes that, for example, can be flung like a projectile that would explode on contact, or using a Bio Blaster. Basically something like FF6 Edgar's tools. She is an energetic adventurer that roams Eorzea trying to sell her usele super useful inventions and profit with freelance dungeon crawling, etc. b) Surya'to Mhaskoba: A Miqo'te young man that is an exotically-dressed performer in both acts of dance and song. The White Mage and Bard are the OOC jobs I have to represent him in the world. He learned basic conjury, and channels aether into magick with either a somatic choreographic component (damage, ailments)... or music (healing, buffs). Prone to boredom crisis, "Yato" travels Eorzea like a bardic adventurer with Mono, a moogle that convinced Yato to take him from Gridania to see the world, that is also a kuperformer. The moogle only shows himself to others on occasion... Leaning to situations like people thinking the miqo'te is going bananas, speaking with nothing there. They are both greedy and fuel each other's ambitions. So, this is basically the short premises of both characters. I don't know yet which one to choose because I like both equally. Which character you guys prefer? Any input that might help me to decide. The thing that both Marbles and Yato have in common is the greedy - precipitate - hedonist personality, that is always ready to deliver shenanigans in Eorzea. Eventually I'll level another brand new character and have both coexist, but for now, I'm content with just one to focus.
  8. The idea of this character is: Surya'to used to be a travelling performer, an acrobat rogue that is also a dancer. Originally from the Black Shroud, he lived many of his younger years in Ul'dah. Easily bored, he found an opportunity to take the risky travel to the far east, with spice-smuggling pirates and lived there ever since, even managing to be some sort of "exotic attraction" on Kugane's theater. --> Then I'd apply a soustone finding with a deceased Ninja, somehow.
  9. Okay, here's the thing: I love NIN mudra magick theme, and would love to roleplay as one, but I'm terribly unaware of how to approach this concept without having a Ninja soulstone or being a Doman/Hingan. I'm contemplating the following routes (my character is a Miqo'te) 1) Being an ijin that is residing in Kugane for a while (there are a few who does). But how he would be able to learn ninjutsu there? a) He could find a soulstone with a deceased ninja and go from there (much like WoL did)? or b) He'd convince someone to teach him from scratch. Obviously with a few years of training, he would only be an initiate in ninjutsu. Also not sure what an ijin could ever do to convince a master to take him under his wing to teach the principles of a secret art. 2) Not being in Kugane before, but learning ninjutsu from the refugees in Mor Dhona. a) route would be the most straightforward to go, because going b) probably would need a bigger timeframe than ARR-SB's. What you guys think?
  10. Guys, does anybody have the knowledge if these earrings are avaliable as ingame items for players? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/314065207070687233/334516549513641986/ffxiv_07112017_230813.jpg[/img]
  11. *whistles* No, nothing at all! Yeah, I've thought about that background... Like, what if an arcanist went machinist instead of summoner or scholar lol.
  12. So, I was thinking of this idea: Roleplaying a MCH as a magic gunner. A crafty inventor that develops all sorts of ballistic trinkets, but her bread-n-butter is a magic revolver that is connected through a cable on the aetherotransformer, that is used to capture aether on the surroundings to feed the gun magic, elemental-based shots. Would that be too stretch-y? Yes, no?
  13. Wa-wa-wait... People are calling you off for having the same name as a NPC? Lol! Like if it's impossible to have duplicates. It's not an issue really. At best is a thing to add up in your RPing! Even the highlander ingame name generator can name you Lyse.
  14. I've never seen this addressed ingame, but in big cities, like Limsa or Ul'Dah... They have electricity and stuff like that? I mean, Gold Saucer is defnitely a very advanced place in the tech aspect. Garlean stuff def. are. I guess they don't use linkpearls either? I've seen Cid mentioning that they use electromagnetic communication devices (so he could find a way to jam it).
  15. Oh thanks for this clarification! Still, I wonder how expensive or difficult is for someone to order a soul crystal to be made. I believe isn't a trivial matter to have that setup to be a Job, taken they are supposedly "advanced" warriors.
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