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  1. Hello! I'm still open for 1 slot and will be until it is taken~
  2. The two commissions I did 3-4 months ago! Thank you for commissioning me again, I always have fun drawing people's characters haha. I'm opening commissions again! I'll be taking one slot for now. Thank you!!
  3. Slots are still open! I might only be able to take one for now due to school, but feel free to still DM me for any inquiry~.
  4. I forgot to upload them here but here goes some commissions I did the past few months^^ (the oldest one is from December.) I'm going to take 2 other commissions! DM me with details (+ your PayPal email for the invoice) if you're interested
  5. Hello hello, it's been a long time! Since I'm coming back for the upcoming patch (I'm so excited!!) I will be taking one commission! If you'd like a commission, please DM me.~
  6. Hello! Apologies for missing so much DMs over the past few months, things got a tad busy but I'm free again! I've cleared the waiting list, my bad--since it's been quite some time already. I will be opening my commissions for one slot again (may take two in the end though!) Have a nice day~
  7. Hello! Sent you a DM. Thanks for the tip! I'll try that out, seems really useful. About the brush, I don't use SAI, but looking at the settings I think I can translate them to photoshop. Hopefully with a few adjustments I won't feel so unsatisfied with my linearts... Sorry for the late reply, I was absent for a bit! Hopefully this helped! I don't really lineart per se to be honest, my lineart is pretty much clean sketches (but since I draw on huge canvases then resize, it's clean enough to pass as a lineart. ) By the way I reopened my commissions! For one slot this time too~
  8. Oh I usually (and slightly) use the blur effect on photoshop to make my lines look softer Usually on a duplicate canvas because you don't want it to be /too/ soft neither. Also if this helps, below is my brush's settings on SAI, though they don't really have anything special to them..! Thank you again for the compliment it means a lot!!
  9. Ah of course! I'll put you in the waitlist and send you a message whenever I open them up again! Thank you for the interest~!
  10. Last commission done for Eses Fafa! Thank you everyone who commissioned me!~ As for right now my commissions are closed but the wishlist is open for whoever who would want to get noticed whenever I open my commissions again. [align=center]http://orig10.deviantart.net/2f27/f/2017/173/4/4/eses_fafa_by_nieruu-dbdn113.png[/img][/align]
  11. Aah, thank you for the nice message! Here's the latest commission I finished (and mentioned in one of my other posts), for Ruran! There's also a version without glasses ehe~ [align=center]http://orig09.deviantart.net/62e7/f/2017/145/a/e/ruran__glasses__by_nieruu-dbadwe4.png[/img] Now working on the next!~ [/align]
  12. Ah thank you so much!! Went through your gallery and your art is really cool *__* Can't wait to see your character! (And my apologies for replying late to your DM, timezones can be such a bother sometimes!) Thank you for the interest! You'll just need to send me a DM with reference pictures of your character~ However the last slot may get taken soon, so I can always put you in the waitlist and notify you when I open my comms again.
  13. Hello! I'm back from a semi-hiatus! I finished my two last commissions, so they're open again! However I'm only going to take one slot, due to a growing to-do-list. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to claim the spot! [align=center]Ellmida http://orig11.deviantart.net/80e5/f/2017/118/6/8/ellmida_by_nieruu-db7dszh.png[/img] (Second commission from this batch will be posted once I get the commissioner's OK!) [/align]
  14. EDIT: Laughs sadly about how I handle forums. My apologies for double post again, I always mix up the edit button with the reply button. I'll try to be more cautious next time! A commission for Maia--thank you again for commissioning me! [align=center]http://orig05.deviantart.net/3930/f/2017/072/8/7/maia_by_nieruu-db27uoz.png[/img][/align] Commission for Serenity; done! Thank you for commissioning me! [align=center]http://orig12.deviantart.net/4c98/f/2017/081/c/d/serenity_by_nieruu-db35e47.png[/img][/align]
  15. Ahh sorry for the late reply but than you!! <3 I'm glad you understand ahaha as a simple student I have to find ways to pay for my gaming time;; Also sorry to everyone for my lateness in general, I'll reply to my DMs as soon as possible. I'm about to finish my last commission from the first batch!
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