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  1. Hey, everyone! I made an introduction here about 4 years ago. I dabbled in a bit of the game, made it to 46 as a Paladin, and even joined a pretty solid FC on Balmung. For some reason though the game just didn't stick. Decided to give it another shot with the latest expansion dropping and I am wondering why I didn't give the game a second chance sooner. I've been role playing for too long and thoroughly enjoy it. I've rolled up a Double Catman (Hrothgar) named Red Tooth, a take on a long-standing character of mine from a D&D campaign, on Mateus. I welcome RP o all kinds, and though I am interested in a RP FC, I am waiting to see if the game is going to hold my interest long-term. Looking forward to getting back into the community again. I plan on creating a character sheet with pertinent details soonish, but right now Red Tooth is looking to network and make some friends in a land that is entirely alien and overwhelming to him.
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    If I may?

    Welcome! I'm still feeling out the lore for the game myself, having only arrived a few weeks ago, but I'd love to make some RP contacts. W'rex needs to start making friends instead of enemies.
  3. Miqo'te, right? After all, you wouldn't want to choose poorly, would you? In seriousness, welcome. I've only been on Balmung and the RPC for a few days and it's been remarkable at how helpful and diverse the community is. I think you'll be quite pleased. Hit me up if you'd like, either for leveling or RP. I'm still new to the game, but certainly not to MMO's, and I'll happily be a pocket tank for others. c:
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    Regicide is one of my favorite words.
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    Welcome to Eorzea and the RPC! ^^ Seeing as how you're a fellow gladiator and new to the lore I'd drop some helpful links for you below! -Gladiator Lore -Gladiator Roleplayer Directory -Race Lore (if you need it!) Hope this helps! Feel free to ask lore questions if you have them! Super. Much appreciated!
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    Uh. So I made a trial account about two weeks ago after seeing an advertisement on Steam for the game. Apparently I am incredibly lucky to have been able to roll up a character on Balmung, and from my mind came forth the Miqo'te W'rex Tia. More on this guy later. I admit I was very skeptical about the setting, lore, and overall theme of the game. Final Fantasy games were never really my cup of tea (though I do acknowledge their quality and the impact they've had on the genre). However, over 14 days it--and W'rex--grew on me. Enough to the point where I decided to slap down the money for the full game and 30 days subscription time. So here I am. The skinny of it: I've been playing vidya for the past two and a half decades, across seven consoles and at least a dozen PC builds. FPS, MMORPG's, RTS; I've got a broad range of experience. I'm also a sporadically competent creative writer and role player who enjoys telling good stories involving characters the participants can relate with. So, needless to say, only the best role play server would do. Right now I am still settling into the server and the game, getting my bearings and reading up on game mechanics and world lore. I will say this, though: the very aggressive welcome campaign people have been directing at me--for whatever ulterior motives it may hold--has been a breath of fresh air. Within the first day I had people messaging me offering advice, answering questions, and even a select few who very generously contributed to the "W'rex Get-Rich-Quick" fund by contributing a bit of gil and potions to make my adventuring easier. I've also had a massive flooding of people simply whispering me with "W'rex," to which I found myself instinctively replying with "Shepard." Even after two weeks, it's still funny. Oh. The backstory is still a WIP as I am very much unacquainted with all of the game's lore, but W'rex Tia was charged with crimes he doesn't remember committing and served his sentence in the gladiatorial pits of Ul'dah. These crimes supposedly occurred during or just after the event where the Empire stole Bahamut's Stretch Armstrong (the Calamity). He managed to earn his freedom by winning the crowd, and has been set loose upon Eorzea to try and rebuild his life with little coin and a broken memory. He's got a lot to discover about his former self (and ultimately learn if he is actually guilty of the crimes he was accused of committing), but I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out. With y'all's help, and all. That about sums up my introduction. My primary goal is to get comfortable with the game before I extend my RP feelers, but if you're interested in RP, feel free to hit me up. I may be available, and I want to work on ironing out W'rex's personality and mannerisms before he makes a more public debut. It wouldn't be so bad to maybe develop some acquaintances he had during his years in the Colosseum, be they ally or rival. Thanks to all the Balmungites for the warm welcome. See you in-game! -W'rex
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