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  1. Just a passing thought, but perhaps my character sold him a relic or antique she knicked from some fancy noble's house a time or two? Perhaps he hires her to take another? Just tossing out some potential ideas! Let me know
  2. Hello there! Long time FFXIV RPer looking for an FC and connections for my main, M’Shugo Jutah after a brief break away. A couple of things to note: · I would prefer RP partners to be 18+ due to some of the more mature themes that Shugo is involved in · I am located in the US in CST and typically in game 2-3 days a week and on weekends. Since I am not in-game as often, I highly encourage Discord RP since it is a much more flexible medium for me. I can be reached at Hufflepug#5984 · I am looking for an FC that has a good amount of members and that would fit Shugo’s interests well. · Here is a link to my player directory for any other questions about me as an RPer About the Character If any of this interests you, please feel free to contact me! I’m very open and receptive to any ideas.
  3. I. Basic Info Characters: M’Shugo Jutah (Balmung)|Matthias Wilder (Balmung)|Bukha Noykin (Mateus) Primary character: M’Shugo Jutah Linkshells: N/A Primary RP linkshell: N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I am a primarily medium RPer. I fluctuate depending on my plans for in-game day by day. I do let those I RP with know what I’ve got going on or if I prefer to just focus on gameplay. If a RP storyline or interaction keeps my interest I’ll focus on that. I like compelling stories that I can see my character involved in. In regards to post, I mimic the length and substance of those that I am RPing with. Views on RP combat and injuries: I actively participate since it is a skill for two of my three characters. I typically follow the old grindstone rules for fairness but if I know my partner well enough and trust that they can keep the combat fair I don’t mind going without rolls. Views on IC romance: I like and encourage organic development of romance between characters. That being said, I don’t RP for the sake of romance as there are many other interesting facets to RP. I am a sucker for tropes if I’m honest so enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc. I find really enjoyable. I am ERP friendly but once again, it would need to develop into that sort of relationship organically. None of my characters would just jump into it and I will ignore any tells that solicit it. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I LIVE for connections of any type. Past ties really help solidify the direction RP will take and honestly helps me get past the whole awkward “first-meeting” phase. All my characters have background elements that helps integrate connections. Views on lore: I would consider myself decently knowledgeable about lore, thanks in part to the Encyclopedias and forums I’ve researched. In all honesty, I do find aether and the usage of magic and the like something I am not wholly versed in so my characters are not knowledgeable about it either. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): IC vs OOC on these mediums vary depending on the context. I’ve been in both IC and OOC LS’s. The simplest way to denote if an interaction is IC or not is just using quotation marks or the content of the /say /ls or etc. III. Other Info Country: United States Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST) Contact info: Prerably via In-Game or Discord at Hufflepug#5984
  4. (All credit for pic to the amazing MabyMin) Time Zone: CST Server:Balmung RP Methods: IG or Discord (Hufflepug#5984) How to Contact Me: Discord is the best medium Looking for:Romance/Work/Connections RP Type: I'm comfortable with all genres and plots. IC Information: Matthias (Matty) Wilder was once a well respected First Lieutenant in the Maelstrom and was present and played his role well in the Carteneau Flats. As is the case with most battles he was grievously wounded. He returned home and was promptly discharged from service. He tells anyone who asks that it was his ailments that caused his discharge though this is not at all the case. At present he is jobless and homeless, scrounging through rubbish for his next meal and sleeping in the streets. Personality wise, his circumstances have left him cynical, skeptical and altogether rude. He has seen how others treat those lesser than them and this has discolored his perception of everyone in general. He no longer cares to help others for the sake of helping and will do any task that pays him. OOC Information: Hey there! Most people call me Shugo as that is my main! I've been playing FFXIV since A Realm Reborn released. I've RPed on a wide variety of mediums and have about 15 years of experience doing it. I'm a mother of 2 located in CST with a full time job! Matty is an alt but I do dedicate an equal amount of time among my characters. I respond best on Discord and I'm also open to RP on discord. I LIVE FOR PLOTTING AND PREVIOUS CONNECTIONS. There really is nothing I love more than plotting. I'm a very open person and I love talking about pop culture and anything in general! Please don't hesitate to ping me if you're interested!
  5. Crown and Crow is proud to host the Blood and Glory Tournament We're still looking for fighters! Please visit our website for sign up and more information!
  6. Crown and Crow is at it again! You loved our Fight Night so much we're going to do another! We're still actively looking for fighters. Visit our website to sign up or for info!
  7. Crown and Crow Trading Co. presents The Beast Within-Masquerade Ball! Join us on March 2nd, 2019 at 8 EST for a night of music, masks, and marvelous prizes! Performances will be by The Lucky Sparrow. Enter our raffle for the opportunity to win one of several exciting prizes! After the Party join us for Fight Night at 11EST. Fighters will have the chance to win our Grand Prize, 1 Million Gil! For entries or info, contact our organizer, Iko Masamune on Discord at mybananas#5032! https://ccmasquerade.cardd.co/
  8. Crown and Crow Trading Co. presents The Beast Within-Masquerade Ball! Join us on March 2nd, 2019 at 8 EST for a night of music, masks, and marvelous prizes! Performances will be by The Lucky Sparrow. Enter our raffle for the opportunity to win one of several exciting prizes! After the Party join us for Fight Night at 11EST. Fighters will have the chance to win our Grand Prize, 1 Million Gil! For entries or info, contact our organizer, Iko Masamune on Discord at mybananas#5032! https://ccmasquerade.cardd.co/
  9. We are still recruiting! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested
  10. FC Name: Crown & Crow Trading Co. Tag: <<Crown>> Leader: Demicent Deszeld Officer(s): Iko Masamune, M’Shugo Jutah, Rhen’li Molkoh Type: Medium-Heavy RP FC Active Times: Mid-Day & Evenings Headquarters: Mist, Ward 1, Plot 5 Application: Via Discord or In-Game Website: TBA Discord: Demicent#9605, mybananas#5032, Hufflepug#5984, A$AP Rhen’li#2397 IC: We’re part of your future. From the basic fundamental elements of like to the more complex defensive systems employed by even the Grand Companies, we’re as committed to our future investments as ever. We are always just within reach of our next scientific breakthrough and with a focus on tomorrow, you too can share in the securities of the next generation of adventurers. What can Crown & Crow do for your career? We have trade exposure to all markets, increasing personal and company equity every day. We are always on the precipice of the next world changing technology-solving a diverse problem base in the most cutting-edge way possible. Most of all, we foster an environment of empowering our employees, from providing flexible schedules, recognition, respect and advancement. We intend to fully be reachable and value all of our employees-no matter what your status is in the outside world. Feel free to contact any of our associates to learn what a career at Crown & Crown can do for you. OOC: Crown & Crow is a new FC but what we lack in time, we make up for in enthusiasm and over 10+ years of individual RP experience. Crown & Crow is the brainchild of Demicent Deszeld and along with Iko Masamune & M’Shugo Jutah we are bringing the wonderful concept to fruition! Our goal for the FC is that it remains close knit and so we are aiming for no more than 15-30 members. This allows us all to be able to better focus not just on company plots and events, but on everyone’s own individual character development. We are also looking for other FC’s or individual characters who would be interested in partnering with our business as well as clientele and customers who would be interested in purchasing (ICly of course, no real Gil required!) our wares. Applicants will be asked to review our rules and policies and will need to complete an IC interview that can be done either IG or on Discord. What we offer: Inclusivity: We are an inclusive FC with general investment and interest in your characters OOC is Handled Respectively: We understand that conflict can and does happen from time to time. We deal with each matter with respect and an open mind. Content: We also participate in in-game, raiding, leveling and maps content and are ready and willing to help our fellows out with such. OOC Benefits: Certain aspects of IC work will incur OOC benefits, such as a stipend for work done ICly Discord: We have an exclusive Discord Server with RP channels available for out of game RP What we are looking for: Adults 20+: We expect some RP to stray into darker themed territory so we are asking for adults over 20 at this time. Activity: Being smaller means we would like to be as active as possible. We do however understand that RL takes precedence over all and are willing to work to meet your needs. Variety: Variety is the spice of life! Crown & Crow will need a variety of employees with diverse skills that are expected from merchants and craftsmen. Creativity/Suggestions: We love and welcome constructive feedback and suggestions and are open to receiving such from all members. If you’re looking to join us (and we sincerely hope you are!), please reach out in-game or on Discord to the GM or one of our officers: Demicent Deszeld; DC-Demicent#9605 Iko Masamune; DC-mybananas#5032 M’Shugo Jutah; DC-Hufflepug#5984 Rhen’li Molkoh;DC-A$AP Rhen’li#2397
  11. Shugo

    Hullo all!

    Hello! I am new here, but not new to FFXIV. I've been RPing for almost 15 years at this point with experience in both forum and MMO roleplay. I know the RP community on FFXIV is among the strongest and I would love the opportunity to be a part of it! I am still getting a feel for my character, M'shugo Jutah, and the best way to do that is by interaction! I am on Balmung and I am always open to free interaction. As i get more of a feel for who Shugo is, I'd love to get involved with an FC and make some friends, both OOC and IC.
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