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  1. -Fake. He makes predictions that can make themselves come true of their own accord. Never hard truths, just very cleverly worded illusions that will invetiable become truths. -Semi-realistic. I've been learning to read Tarot in real life and I have some resources to help me for doing ingame reads, though they will be NO WHERE near professional -Cross between Serious and Tricky. Izaya from Durarara is a quick point I can make, but for non-watchers, his business is handled seriously but he always speaks like he's having a giraffe. -He will just do the thing for most, but if he senses something he can latch on to he may push and actually try to look into the world the client is presenting to him -Verbal fortunes as his main trade, but will be selling "fortune" tokens that will be random much like a loot box of forturnes, and then trinkets that are all meant to help with things but are all fake and boloney. -Harmed? No. Only wallets and trust, to some degree. -Life issues from the past that has lead to them becoming something of a mild hermit, and making a living manipulating others so he never has to commit to something ultimately that isn't just for his self. Annnnddddddd added to my bookmarks.
  2. Vhah

    [BAL/MAT] Nerds in need of love

    Post has been updated again with a new in the work character and... Well more edits to my Mateus buddy. Official return: Next Wednesday
  3. So after some discussion about characters with one of my RP buddies, and playing through some FF15 and watching some DND stuff... An idea came up I wanna do but know little about how some stuff in the game works lorewise. The idea is to throw together a "Street Oracle" who sets up shop in Uldah, using charm and wit to get people to spend coin on his services, peddling fake luck charms and potions while also giving out reading from Tarot decks and other such things. My idea was to use potions and incense for effect, like lighting certain candles that inflicts Blind on the person being read a fortune so he can make them draw a card in a leap of faith or some other such over-flashy effects in place of just... Well, magic. But I don't know a lot about herbs, or regeants, or anything to throw this together on my own. I'd like some advice/help from the community to throw this concept together, coming soon to the Mateus server~
  4. Vhah

    [BAL/MAT] Nerds in need of love

    Main profile has been updated as one of my boys has received a profile and race overhaul that will be going into effect once I get my sub back in the coming weeks! Sorry on the delay! It didn't boop me that you replied. I'd love to work out something with you if the interest still holds since I did change my boy up since my original post. Just toss me a PM and I'll throw my discord your way. And thank you for the well wishes! I am out of the hospital but still recovering slowly.
  5. Vhah

    [BAL/MAT] Nerds in need of love

    Sorry on delayed replies. Came down REALLLLYYYY bad sick, and I'm just now getting active again. I'm pending re-upping my sub due to hospital costs so it'll be a minute before I'm with you guys ingameagain ^^; I will most definately give it a look! And thats fine, I don't expect people to always be in character either, though I have had some Duties that turned into pure RP which was hilarious, lol.
  6. Vhah

    [BAL/MAT] Nerds in need of love

    It chose not to let me know I had updates Damnit forum. Thank you so much! I tend to not really lean toward full on evil, my worst being my Au'ra who is more like chaotic neutral lol You have my interest My hours are literally just whenver I wanna log on. I sadly have that freedom of a 24-hour play schedule I glanced Khaz over as best I could for the moment, and I feel of my two Bal chars the Miqo'te would be easier for Khaz to meet, but I mean he's welcome to my doctor too!
  7. Hey all! As I'm new here (Both to the RPC and RPing ingame) I felt I'd toss up the people I have and see if anyone may be interested in meeting and RPing with these nerds I have. So uh... Lets get right into it! Miqo'te - Street Preformer and Thief - Balmung A playful rogue of an entertainer who works to seduce and manipulate people to spend their money on him so he doesn't have to actually be responsible. A dishonered Nuhn(sp?) who has turned to preformance, and has a penchanct for flirting and smart assery. Avoids commited labor and work, and is keen on forgetting most people as he doesn't believe they will commit to remembering him either, a fan of the passing faces in the crowd ideal. He focuses heavilly on a deep backstory lead to the sad current times he has to live in, and tries to avoid combat. Does want to go out on adventures but doesn't trust himself to make it from A to B due to his... Vices and habits. Open to: Romance, Friendship, Enemies, drama, and potentially CAN be brought into a permenant guild or workplace with story progression. Au'ra - Body Alteration Scientist - Balmung Very focused, dedicated scientist who likes to study the physical body of almost everything he can find and tends to be very shallow or apathetic when it comes to conversation. Socially inept and very literal, often oblivious to social ques. He does go out in public, but tends to not really get flirting, or joking, or anything and will respond as literally as possible to the point of being an accidental buzzkill. A magician, but one who puts magic to the side as a hobbitual interest. Very hard to stir emotionally. Open to: Unsure. Friendship and Job situations are most ease, but also open to someone who wants a real dense friend to help understand socializing and/or romantic akwardness. Miqo'te/Roe Halfbreed - Socially Akward Mercenarry - Mateus You know those men who are really buff and muscular but are total teddy bears? Thats this guy. He's not the best when it comes to people, talking, or bonding. He is more used to doing the job, then retiring for a few nights until his next job. He's entirely capable of his duty, and isn't shy of the bloodshed that comes with work, but it seems that people as a whole tend to be something he struggles to truly understand, even though he frequents the taverns and even partakes the fun of the Saucer and other open venues bustling with interest. Open to: Romance, Friendship, Enemies, drama, and someone to help him NOT BE A SHYMAN ANYMORE Hyur/Au'ra/Maybe a Hybrid Pending - Street Fortune Teller and Trash MAge - Mateus Charming, witty, really just here to get you to spend money on false luck items and buy into his antics so you don't really quesiton who he is or where he came from. A man who will tell you fortunes that you may or may not come to find are true, but also will find a way to peddle his wares that are more fraud than anything so he can lazilly live his life without responsibility. A man dressed in pure rags with little care about the future, it seems. Open to: Romance, Friendship, Enemies, drama, and permenant work if it pays him for a meal.
  8. Vhah

    Well Hi There

    Thank you so much Faye
  9. Vhah

    Well Hi There

    So Uhh.... I've been playing the game, but never really got into the RP side of things... Like at all. So I hear its actually worth doing and a friend pushed me here so... Im Vhah, still kind of new to roleplay with only a couple years of experience, and with characters both on Bal and Mateo which I hear are the busy ones? I'm a literature and supernatural fan, a bit of a shy person, with a deal of fandoms I do play in but admit I could be better about roleplaying in. I play Wargames, Card Games, Board Games, LARP, and watch pretty much everything from Supernatural to Sons of Anarchy, to Peaky Blinders to ANIME. Past that I am not really sure what to say. So um... Be gentle? I have a couple characters in my mind: Au'Ra Body Modification researcher and a Hyur Roguiesh bard with a knack for flirting and manipulating people to cover his life expenses on Balmung, not sure what Imma do on Mateos yet... Considering a self-concious mercenary who wants to be strong but kinda.. Isnt? Anyways... MMORPG background: WoW RP experience: Limited between fandom roleplays, and some WoW RP. Tend to lean to non-magic themed, usually joke/comedic characters. Sad backstories, some romantic roleplay experience, and of course have never been in an MMORP event. How did you learn about the coalition? Friends who apparently used to RP. What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Medium/Heavy