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  1. I can't be the only one missing the original difficulty the original PS gave when it first came out. It is still by far my favorite dungeon to come out since release. It was interesting location with interesting and challenging bosses. The Siren at the end just was crazy fun and now it feels like bosses in the dungeons are just way to dumbed down even to casual standards. I'm a casual myself honestly. Anyone else feel the same? What was/is is your favorite dungeon and why?
  2. Tryed messaging you in game but can't seem to get you when you're on. Would love to join this Linkshell with my character Vexlu Dhoro if you aren't full up.
  3. Just a reminder that the event is still going on and will be held tomorrow at 5pm PST. Hope to see many old and new faces alike, can't wait!!!
  4. Woot, good turn out this week, having over 20 people there, which at this timere still there RP'ing so if interested now is a good time. Anyways, thanks for everyone that showed and I have a couple events planned out which include a one-shot fighting tourney and a auction. Should be fun.
  5. Hey guys, just a reminder that this is a weekly event so even if you missed one day doesn't mean you still cant participate. Also make sure to keep an eye out for when I host special events.
  6. Fear not, its only the weekly meetup RP's that will be on weds. As for events I have planned will honestly depend on my upcoming work schedule.
  7. Will be starting some RP at the silver bazaar tonight around 5pm PST. Come by and have some fun.
  8. Time: Weds. 5:00pm PST. Location: Silver Bazaar, Western Thanalan. OOC Info: Name is Vexlu Dhoro and I will be hosting events atthe silver bazaar from time to time for Au'Ra and Doman RPers. This does not mean that others of different backgrounds and races can not attend, in fact we hope you will. Me and another will be running, or alteast attempt, to run a place where you can just go to to find RP that isn't in the same old quicksand. I myself will be trying to host numerous events from time to time from just doing a big party to possibly even doing auctions or talent sh
  9. By the way my Dhoro's name will be Vexlu Dhoro.
  10. Vexlu Dhoro - "See's oddly familiar face." I know you!
  11. Ile be going with the Dhoro. Their obsession with staying hidden is what would cause my characters wanderlust to develop. I mean, a tribe that packs up everything the second a single "outsider" is spotted would tend to create a few individuals like that.
  12. So, the Lalafell in the heavy armor is the WAR.
  13. So I havn't been playing FF14 for a little bit, merely on and off for my raid group and still havn't beaten in titan, ifrit, or Levi EX modes and was hoping maybe I could get some people to help me out tomorrow, which I am available all day. In game name is Eadmund Vexyll. Would greatly appreciate it and just want to be able to catch up so I am not so far back once 2.3 rolls out.
  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the great ideas. They have been very helpful and insightful.
  15. So, I have been RP'ing for almost 10 years now and I havn't really had an issue making up characters or stories for them. Recentely it seems I have a hit a wall on idea's, how to stick with them, personalities, or even how to start a conversation. I was wondering if anyone else has hit this wall before and how they were able to overcome it. I still would like to RP but at this point I just don't know how.
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