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  1. There is nothing to say they are not already there and studying, but the world has been relatively unclear (to my knowledge) of Viera and Hrothgar within Hydaelyn (planet). We know they exist and little else. Until we travel to Sharlayan, or a new encyclopedia is released, I don't think we will learn much more. I do like Teadrinkers suggestions, or maybe a scholar captured by pirates en route to Thanalan and escorted to La Noscean shores. Possibly even use the games events to assist - Leviathans arrival threw the seas off balance or something? At this stage, until
  2. Back story would be entirely up to yourself. Refugees are looked down on, yes. But maybe you arrived before the surge or some other reason? If you did arrive with the waves, you could come up with an interesting story to go with being accepted into society. I want to avoid spoilers, but Raubahn is a highlander who rose the ranks to his current position. The only real disagreements within highlander society (that I picked up on myself) are those with the resistance and those without - even those who still want to take part in the resistance through other means are shunned becau
  3. Hmm, you could be right. I was under the impression they remained in the cities, while the females went out to make camp and hunt. A lot more research needed thank you
  4. I was thinking that, I was looking at the Game of Thrones bastard names lol. Stone, Snow, River, Water, Hill, Flowers, Storm and Sand. As the game already uses two of them, made a joke of a third, needed a good adjective to go with it Running Waters just sounds like need a wee haha. Glad you said La Noscean as we're based in Mist
  5. Personally I love a good dark back story, and always adds more edge to certain characters. Some of the topics, as Faye says, you wouldn't impart on many people (if any). You could keep this for your own journal, but use it to fuel your character. In the game there is much reference to women being forced into acts (nothing stated specifically that I can remember but certainly implied enough) and Sastasha has the one side room in question. So there are trails of dark within the story that is never spoken of, just implied. Personally if you are happy with your
  6. Has anyone considered becoming a male Viera yet? And if so how they may integrate the lore into the character? I previously designed a Viera to look masculine, and was able to use an excuse that she/he identifies as male. But as the men are supposed to be house-husbands rather than adventurers (I guess until we see their integration we don't know for sure) but wondered if anyone has considered how they'll be integrated into roleplay.
  7. Welcome and hello for reaching out First things first, enjoy the story and experience the world while considering your character. That would be my only advice at this stage, the world is full of lore, you don't need to know it but it certainly helps When you are ready to seek others, check out for Linkshells or a Free Company suited to you, there are pages here for these Unfortunately there are a lot of issues with server space at the moment, it does change all the time if you want to keep an eye out but you will find RP on all servers Please enjo
  8. Unrelated to RP, but related to game lore lol. I want an interesting house name, and I want to follow in the path of the "bases" we've seen in game. Waking Sands, Rising Stones, Falling Snows (referenced as a joke name for the intercessory). Currently thinking Resting Storms but I wanted anyones thoughts or suggestions
  9. Welcome and any and all RPers and even curious people's are welcome here I hope you enjoy the game and community as much as I do
  10. I asked the same question the other day All your progression is you as a player and unrelated to your RP character unless you are RPing a dungeon with people. You can have been to Sastasha as one of the many parties for instance. Likewise the Scions exist but many RPers are "not a part of them". Personally I used the Echo as my excuse that I've witnessed the events of the WOL without being him. The roleplay is everything you character and others make in the world. The story is for you as a player (if that makes sense). There is no harm in you RPi
  11. Aether is the lifeforce of the planet (visions of FFVII) and is used to create life and cast magics, it is also our path for teleporting. I would think adjusting to higher levels of aether would initially make you feel ill before you adjust. Physically, I don't think aether has any relevance, it would come more from meditation, spirituality, etc. I guess this could be measured with literally how many crystals you have on your person? (Unless you are a crafter you'll be using those up a lot haha) or maybe based on your connections, you could identify it by how many
  12. Enjoy the story as you go and when you play Thaumaturge/ Blackmage class you'll see what I mean. Each to their own and play as you will, but yeah Black and White Mages have the hardest time no harm in levelling the class anyway even if you don't incorporate into your roleplay, or let us know how you get on if you do not easy but always interesting
  13. Woo congrats actually doing it is the hardest jump so Go K'yalia Tips I'd say check out this thread/ guide: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=1770 Also I found this thread so helpful: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=1627 A lot of it is the basics I guess you already know but if you've read through those, I guess thats all the tips and everything else is questions as you go Good luck and congrats again
  14. Hey and welcome to the group First off, Final Fantasy doesn't have (officially allow) add ons and mods. There are a few that have been used for screenshots, or even DPS meters, the game will allow use for personal use only, not for public distribution/ to talk about or you could be banned. I don't know what you mean by TRP but I have used the in-game settings to adjust my hud best for roleplay (hide peoples names, minimise clutter, no quest list or mini-map etc) but this is just how I play. I would recommend highly first off, try the game. As I have learned today the m
  15. Answer Or at least best I have it wanted to post if it helps anyone else. Thanks to some helpful peeps on Balmung, general consensus is avoid the WOL story line unless you really feel confident with it, or if you are RPing the MSQ with someone. The MSQ should be enjoyed by the player, rather than the character. Some larger events where a lot of people are involved (I won't name so as not to spoil, but Stormblood for instance) you can take part in. Others such as Shadowbringers shouldn't be referred to as only WOL can access the areas. The Sc
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