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  1. Hey, I really love your character! Just checked out the carrd and he looks like a great character!
  2. Hello guys, I did some research on Roleplaying a Monk and I'm more confused than ever. I've tried to do my homework on MNK and even my Mi'qote name and such: K'yalia Sahari. Shortest version I can muster: my character lost her memory after the calamity, found herself learning to fight and defend herself around living in the outer lands around Lil' Ala Mhigo (Never was allowed inside the rock formations), this is where my character learned to fight with her hands to defend herself from bad people. She joined the pugilist guild, because of the affinity of her hand to hand
  3. Hey thanks a lot! I appreciate it. I was wondering how duties work when RP'ing. Since your character is NOT the Warrior of Light, is it normal to just act like adventurers that plunder these dungeons unrelated to story? How do you handle story if not the Warrior of Light? Do you just pretend like you were a Scion that went with the WoL?
  4. Hello, I just started RP'ing today and surprisingly loved the interactions I got this far. I'll admit I started just to see what it was like, but after starting and acting the character out, I really felt a while other connection with my character! I was also surprised at how cool other RP'ers were and how kind they were to me. I'm so excited for doing an RP character now. Any tips for a noobie RP'er? (I'm not new at FFXIV mind you, lol)
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