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  1. That entire post may as well have been ripped straight from my soul, minor alteration of details aside. I recently created a new character that I've been thinking about for the better part of a year, and have similar availability (standard M-F office job, with responsibilities to certain things here and there on weekday nights). If you ever see a Fyna Rhiannon hanging around in game and wanna start some trouble, 100% feel free to poke! Alternatively, I practically live on discord (Savarah#1873).
  2. While I have no idea how Sav would actually run into Ophelia, she would be terribly interested in learning about Ishgard and their customs. She's only been to the outskirts of Coerthas once (a friend had to prove to her that snow was a real thing), so Ishgard is completely foreign. Nobility too, really. I've got her wiki down below for a more comprehensive idea of what she's like. If that interests at all, feel free to poke me here on the RPC or in-game!
  3. My understanding is that the largest communities on non Balmung/Gilgamesh worlds seem to be Mateus for the NA crowd and Omega for the EU crowd. There are certainly other servers with budding RP communities (Faerie included), but if you're looking for sheer numbers, those are your best bets.
  4. Welcome, adorable new person! I am happy to see you have chosen the Keeper master race~ Echoing that Balmung is unfortunately on lockdown for the forseeable future, Mateus is the NA place to be and Omega is the EU place to be (with smaller communities popping up on other servers, of course). The community is generally pretty helpful, so best of luck to you wherever you end up!
  5. If you're looking for a younger Keeper to complete your merry band of friends, I happen to have one! Sav hangs out in the Shroud often, and is a lover of research and aether users (and chocobos, and lots of other things). As someone who also enjoys things on the smaller scale/really likes doing PvE things with people, I am always down for meeting new folk. I have a wiki down below that I've redone relatively recently, and my own connections post is buried somewhere here... I'm usually poking around here when I'm at work or in game EST evenings during the week and all day weekends. Give a poke sometime if Sav sounds like new friend material!
  6. Welcome, fellow 25 year old nerd! :moogle: The best and quickest way to meet new folk is to poke them here/in game. Maybe poke your head into a few events that interest you (the good people here are rather diligent in keeping the events list up to date). Mateus is a lively server from what I hear, so don't be shy. Go poke your soon-to-be friends~
  7. Preliminary Sav stamp of approval, because yes. :moogle:
  8. Though I don't see any LSs or FCs here on the RPC being advertised on Midgardsormr, that doesn't mean they don't exist! This link is for the Discord of non-Balmung RP. In the same vein, there is also this link that has a running list on non-Balmung/non-Gilgamesh RP FCs/LSs. The above links are in no way mine (they're Maril's!), but they're a great resource.
  9. Echoing what has already been said here...if there's something going on that doesn't quite match with the avatar, it usually comes up in search info. If there's more going on than can be summarized with a few words (damn character limits!) I've had people send me /tells saying as much. What I did come here to contribute was that I know someone who is incredibly skilled and managed to make a Keeper female look older (she's supposed to be the mother of their previous character, who has been shelved due to her story ending). Said 'new' Keeper is supposed to be in her early fifties, and while she doesn't quite look /that/ old, uses some level of glamouring with her mastery over the element of ice to justify her youthful skin and such. Once I'm home, I'll post a screenshot (because lodestone is just not cutting it). EDIT: Screenshots! First is a normal one, second is a close-up. A paler shade of hair than she had in her youth, accented with some greying...all makeup options used, but in a neutral way...use of facial markings/warpaint juuuust a shade different than her skin tone to simulate 'impurities'...subtleties like that.
  10. I'm sharing my hair because rare good photo of me. Excuse lack of makeup.
  11. Welcome back! 1) Balmung is closed to transfer and character creation indefinitely. Many NA folk have gone to Mateus, and many EU folk have gone to Omega. Those are your two largest communities, though there are definitely smaller RP scenes on other servers. The FC/LS halls here might give you a good idea. 2) Poke around the FC Hall here, see if anything catches your eye. You can also check out the event calendar once you choose a server to meet new people. The party finder on whatever server you choose will likely have advertisement as well. 3) Most FCs have some sort of theme, even if it's as broad as "adventuring". Some are more specific.There's a little of everything. 4) We've got a pretty good lore collection here on the RPC, from people pulling info from multiple locations. There's also the lore forums on the official forums, Encyclopedia Eorzea, and a host of others. (I know I've left some out, those were just the ones that came to mind.)
  12. Have you poked around the Linkshell Hall/Free Company Hall? There's a bunch around, and all should still be actively recruiting (I think there was an inactivity sweep not too long ago).
  13. When you happen to get back in game, send a poke my way! Sav would love to share her attentions, ranging from annoyingly endearing to adorable.
  14. The more the merrier! Sav would be happy to meet all who would tolerate her. :moogle: If you're lucky, she'll be in such a mood that she can hold an introspective and intelligent conversation. If not, all that gets thrown out the window and you'll have an overly excited mooncat that can't shut up.
  15. @Faye Thanks, good to be back! Sav is a pretty plug-and-play type, and can fit with a variety of different personalities, so I'm sure anyone could run into Sav successfully without too much trouble. She's like the endearing little sister you never knew you wanted (or you really don't want, but too bad!) 8-) @Kasi I almost forgot I had a wiki for Sav, lord that's a tad old. But everything in it should be correct as far as events are concerned. Sav hasn't had any other tribal Keepers around in the better part of forever, and she would love to find a kindred spirit. Sav falls back on her Miqo'te master race-ness occasionally, and I'm sure the two would have a ton to talk about. I totally forgot to add in potential hooks and junk in my original post, I should throw that in there. Will edit!
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