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  1. I'm not the best person to ask for the other questions, but I can definitely point you in the direction of more lore resources! For the basics and an ever-growing collection of links to large lore compilations on a variety of topics, you're gonna want to start here: Lore Compilation Index There's a section on Lalafell lore in there! And so far (since I haven't really gotten around to it) it's all Stormblood spoiler free. Hope this helps! ^^ Lemme know if you have any other lore questions that aren't covered on that page or the pulled down menus for additional rpc and tumblr compilations~ :love::love::love:
  2. {Generic Greeting} , I'm Bubbers and I'm thinking about returning to FFXIV and trying out roleplays. The last time I played was a few months before they ceased PS3 support, and even then I only just beaten ARR and never got to touch the lovely HW content aha. But now I have a proper PC to play it on, and I'm ready to get back in action! I used to play SMN, and I heard theres been a lot of changes to how classes function. So I would appreciate if I could fall into a group that'd be willing to help me relearn aha. Other than that, I'm thinking of getting into roleplay this time around and have some questions that I'd really like answers to before I go and rebuy my sub and all. 1. Firstly, I'm currently in Faerie. What server would be good to transfer to, I'd prefer not to balmung because I dont wanna tell friends new to the game server transfers and all. I've gotten the impression Mateus is a good pick with a healthy community, is this correct? 2. How would I go about getting into a roleplay group/FC? I was actually dragged into my first one so I'm not sure how people make connections aha. I'd really like some peeps that could help me out with the lore/character, but also aren't shy of helping me clear a dungeon now and again aha. 3. Do all the Roleplay FCs here have a theme, or is there something more broad or general? Are Linkshells more pertinent than FCs for roleplay? Just asking because I'd like to join a group that I could work multiple characters in if I needed. Also would be nice to have peeps I can rely on for dungeoning and stuff. 4. What lore resources are there? I've heard of there's the Encyclopedia Eorzea, which I plan to get later. But is there any thing else? I'm gonna play Lalafel if that helps.
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