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  1. I was curious how many Gunbreaker RPers there were in comparison to Paladin. I feel like since the expansion there has been a huge increase in the number of Gunbreakers running around.
  2. Bump: Updated this LF Connections post with a fancy new Carrd
  3. A fellow Mateus player! Hello! May likely bump into you at some point. Sent ya discord friend request for if you ever wanted either Axah or Elsitte to RP w/ Garrett
  4. Need an enigmatic Hyur in your life to go on wayward adventures with? Looking for friends for Mr. Sadova to go on those said adventures! Name: Garrett Sadova Race: Midlander Hyur Server: Mateus Class: Artificer Profile: https://sadova.carrd.co/ Message me in game or on here anytime! Discord: The-Penman#8782
  5. I don't think it's updated for Shadowbringers quite yet, but here is this! FFXIV x D&D Companion Guide
  6. Hello everyone! Getting back into the game and have recently finished current story content. I wanted to try and join/ make a group of friends to start RPing again and/or doing other content. I wanted to check and see if there are a lot of people in the RP community who would be interested in playing FF 5e? Beyond Tabletop seems like an easy medium to do this in and as an old DM I have a creative itch that needs scratching. (Note this is not an active recruiting thread for anything- just wanted to see if there are other like-minded players who're familiar with D&D before committing to anything, and maybe make some friends on Mateus along the way).
  7. Hey everyone. I am building up a new character on Mateus (Male Keeper), and am looking forward to roleplaying. I thought about making someone who was very into magic but... eeeh? I miss Tanking too much and I've never been much of a healer. So I had an idea to make someone similar to a Hexblade Warlock from D&D, minus a patron; Someone of a half martial skillset/ half into thaumaturgy/conjury to enhance that martial prowess. My question is: How feasible would this be in the world of FFXIV?
  8. Sort of. Just wasn't sure who really was actively recruiting. If a sweep happened though then I can take a second look.
  9. Hey everybody. I'm getting back into the swing of things in FF and I was hopefully looking to find a new FC or Linkshell willing to take on a character following the warrior-poet trope with a side hobby for carpentry/metalworking?
  10. This is actually interesting. It so happens that I was leaning more towards Rowan being a Darkstalker/ Void Hunter type character. I'll check it out.
  11. Like the title says... I'm just looking for a easy going RP Linkshell or Free Company that is currently recruiting, that isn't very strict with attendance and is willing to have a Neutral Good character that is currently a WIP. PM me here or in-game if anyone has any openings (In-game name is simply Rowan Cross).
  12. One of the big things that FFXIV is known for is the sheer amount of content cramped into it's game. I have to say, out of all the other games I have played in the past, FFXIV is comparable to open world Bethesda games like Skyrim. One of the design decisions Square Enix has made for this game however, is that a lot of said content is locked behind specific quests- which has a lot of pros but also has some cons as well. One of them I'm finding to be is that I find myself as a player spending more time PvEing in an attempt to unlock everything I can in the game, and am spending little time at all engaging in roleplaying. I was curious about your guys' opinions on what is a happy median between engaging in roleplay and progressing in the game itself? Do you only participate in RP events as they come up? Do you mainly stick with RP partners? Or maybe set a specific day in a week that is dedicated to RP only?
  13. That was fun to sit and watch! Thank you guys very much.
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