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  1. Hello everyone! We've recently made a new and improved update to the Carrd as well as generalized the Ward's purpose (just a little). Check out the new link in the original post for further details. As well - Please note that Discord can sometimes be weird about private messages. I have my account set to receive messages from anyone in mutual servers - and I can be found in the Mateus RP Hub and the Crystal RP Hub servers. If you aren't in either server and wish to message me, please send me a friend request first. That should allow us to message one another.
  2. Good morning folks o/ The Ward is still open for recruitment! We have a new battle-system based off FATE Accel now in beta - weekly scheduled events and a slowly growing, active community. The Carrd has a new secret now check it out, see if you can find the secret.
  3. Hello everyone! With some recent story developments, the Ward has taken on a new purpose. View the original post for changes!
  4. Good Afternoon Everyone! The Ward is still recruiting new members to join the FC and the Network. Carrd has recently been updated. In addition, we have a new store page as well! Looking for new contacts for your character? Or perhaps need a means to prepare for upcoming story-beats and events? The Ward provides fantastical goods and services, with lore friendly(?) write-ups and commissions that you can take home with you. Message us to schedule some casual, productive RP, or come by during our Open House Production Floor to make friends with other Ward members and other
  5. Hello everyone! We have made a couple of additional changes to FC structure to help promote activity and collaboration. Details are listed in the Carrd! New: Levemate Board Opting for a more fluid and easy to engage method of story-telling and collaboration, we are moving away from the Venture Room/ Day Action system to utilize a Levemate Board instead. These are posted events/scenes that folks coordinate days to engage in either in game or Discord. There are three types of Leves. Ward Leves: General missions posted by Garrett or a manager of th
  6. The Production Floor at Byregot's Ward [Saturday, November 21st @ 8:00 P.M. EST] The Goblets, Ward 18 #17 https://theproductionfloor.carrd.co/# Byregot’s Ward invites you to The Production Floor! Join us today for our open house. Find great deals on our wares or arrange commissions at discounted rates; browse our collections of manuals, textbooks, journals, research papers, and stories; or come enjoy the food and drink offered by our guest lounge. All within the Brimming Heart of The Goblets! We'll see you soon.
  7. Couple of new updates for the Ward! 1. ) Updated the Carrd. Check it out for a break down of the Free Company Ranks! 2. ) Completed our most recent story-line, The Halls of Fortune's Favor. If you don't mind spoilers, feel free to check it out to see what happened! We are still recruiting new members for the Free Company. We have another Free Company Plot in the pipeline, one that we're collaborating with another group, Occulta Speculatores, for! We also will be starting up a new, monthly, public server RP event soon. Keep an eye out on the Mateus RP Discord an
  8. Free Company Name: Byregot's Ward Free Company Tag: BWRP In-Game Contact: Garrett Sadova Discord Contact: The-Penman#8782 FC Workshop: Located in The Goblets 18th Ward, #17 Alignment: True Neutral Carrd(s): https://ambervault.carrd.co/# Mission Statement Nil Nisi Malis Terrori No Terror, Except to the Evil We are the Hand and the Hammer. We are the Line. About Us To the Eorzean Alliance and the public at large, Byregot's Ward is known primarily as a free company of artisans, traders, and contractors whom serve a w
  9. I was curious how many Gunbreaker RPers there were in comparison to Paladin. I feel like since the expansion there has been a huge increase in the number of Gunbreakers running around.
  10. Bump: Updated this LF Connections post with a fancy new Carrd
  11. A fellow Mateus player! Hello! May likely bump into you at some point. Sent ya discord friend request for if you ever wanted either Axah or Elsitte to RP w/ Garrett
  12. Need an enigmatic Hyur in your life to go on wayward adventures with? Looking for friends for Mr. Sadova to go on those said adventures! Name: Garrett Sadova Race: Midlander Hyur Server: Mateus Class: Artificer Profile: https://sadova.carrd.co/ Message me in game or on here anytime! Discord: The-Penman#8782
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