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  1. Gollywobbler, because Kerr is a pirate. Arr. gol·ly·wob·bler [gol-ee-wob-ler] noun Nautical .a very large quadrilateral staysail set between the foremast and mainmast of a schooner.
  2. Balmung. Kerr's is located at: kerrvyen.wordpress.com with strong R to NC-17 warnings.
  3. I'm seeing so many ideas that I love lately. I love creative minds! That said, Kerr is always looking for work and boasts a wide variety of skills. I'll try to find you in game this weekend and send you a tell. Or PM me and we can talk about it before then.
  4. Z tribe! I'm always happy to see miqos with some of the less popular tribes. Mine descended from the V tribe and I've only met another one of those so far. I hope we can learn more about you and your character soon! I'm around on weekends usually. Lets get together some time!
  5. I just wanted to post this because it made my night that much more awesome. Tonight while RPing out at Costa del Sol, there was a fisherman who kept coming by and fishing for a while. Naturally, we joked in OCC party chat that he was listening to us. We didn't think anything of it really when he returned a second time, for perhaps an hour or so. We were too involved in our little session of beach fun. We're starting to wrap up a little and suddenly, he comes over in his swimsuit (changed from fishing gear just to come over) and says "Dinner!" and trades us each one Indigo Herring. Mine was even HQ. It was just incredibly nice and I wanted to share a story about someone not griefing RPers for once. We entertained this guy, apparently. Thank you, Ekso Dismal! I won't forget your kindness. /bow
  6. You might check out Camp Overlook. Looks like a place some ruffians might hang out. I'll keep an eye out for more places as I go along, though.
  7. Adorable artwork! I hope we get to see more as you continue to draw your character! I think she's very cute.
  8. Pick me! Pick me too!! I've wanted to RP with you since you got here! Aysun is a... drunken bonus, I guess?
  9. So far, I haven't seen any other V tribe members around. If you're lurking out there, I would love to meet you! Kerr secretly dreams of finding his tribe again. If you're part of the Vulture tribe, please post a reply below. Vultures unite!
  10. ^^^ I like this. There should be a sticky thread where all the criminals and pirates can state their name and what they might be known for. ... /goes to meddle in the forums.
  11. I agree with many people here in that as long as you can stand behind your reasons, you can do whatever you want. For Kerr, part of it was that I named him before lore came out, but I was lucky enough that I could twist his name and reasons to make it more conventional. When Kerr was forced to abandon his old life, he left his name behind as well. As much as he treasures the name his mother gave him (its all he has left of her), he can't reasonably got by it in some places. Also, as someone else stated: it's easier for hyurans and the like to say! V'khrr can trip up some people's tongues who can roll their r's. Kerr is simpler. He took his mother's first name as his new surname, so he still has ties to his tribal name. And he still uses V'khrr with special people.
  12. Kerr is a known pirate as well (in Limsa) and also a fisherman. Let's be ne'er-do-wells together sometime!
  13. I actually see a lot of DPS who don't follow marking. Target one does not equal Target two! And when they smack it and steal hate... :frustrated: Idiocity does not mean your tank sucks for 'not holding hate'. And if you do it enough, I'm probably going to let you die.
  14. The weekends for me. I'll be around all day this Friday and Saturday. Getting Defiance at level 30 has been a huge help. The mob I'm hitting never looks away from me, so it's only the occasional heal aggro from adds that's a problem for me. The real issue is other players, mos of the time. I had a sunken temple run recently (my first time) where the DDs were so horrible to me that I almost seriously put down my axe for good. When they rage quit when we couldn't make it past the first boss, I was honestly grateful. And a few hours of fishing and plg leveling later, I was back to grinding fates. Is the level 41 dungeon any more forgiving?
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