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  1. I certainly don't mind if that's what people are interested in. And I'm no prude by any stretch. I love a cute and sexy character as much as anyone. My only point is how upfront people just seems to be about ERP in our community as a whole. I think it has a lot to do with how MMOs and gaming have become much more accepted than when it was mostly a niche. As Graeham stated, it seems like many RP opportunities turn into that more often than it used to. For many that's a bit... intimidating and awkward. I guess it used to seem more obvious if that's what you were getting into than it does now. If that makes sense. There is obviously no easy solution, but I do wish we had a better means to advertise what we're looking for in game like you can in, say, WoW with its RP add-ons. That would likely lessen some of these things for everyone involved.
  2. Call me old, but I remember when RP was about immersion and "living" in the world you play in. ERP was looked down upon because roleplayers didn't want to come off as creeps just looking to cyber. Now it seems to have flipped and RP is just a way for people to hook up. Everywhere I look, especially on Balmung, it seem to be full of Miqo and now Au Ra that are just looking for a "good time." Look on the connections section and it's a lot of people looking for "romance" or flat out state they are prostitutes. I know this was always around (Goldshire), but it seems to be much more prevalent and out in the open these days than it's ever been. It honestly makes me not want to RP anymore. I'm not looking for a date or ERP... Maybe I just don't fit with the "new" RP crowd. It's really pretty sad. I'm really curious what your take is on this. Is this just me or do others see this too?
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply. All great advice! I'll do my best to take it to heart. Hopefully I can get things to a better place. I think it's something a lot of FC leaders probably deal with, so hopefully it will be helpful to others as well.
  4. So I've been running my own little RP FC for over a year now. We are actually made up of several folks from a previous RP FC and have been playing together since the 2.0 launch. So many of us know each other rather well, which includes having dealt with a lot of OOC drama and such, but we're still together as a group. The problem is... over time this has caused me to sort of stop RPing... I used to RP because it was fun! Now... due to a lot of personal feelings, worries and just overall guilt and pressure... I've just not had much of a drive to RP... I feel bad about this and with Heavensward I switched to Au Ra in hopes of starting over with a new story and such and revitalize my RP passion, but I've been hesitant to get started. I think a lot of the past with everyone I play with, the pressure to lead the FC, to try and drum up interest and events, to make everyone feel involved, and to make sure I'm RPing enough and with enough people... etc has essentially buried the fun side of RP. It's made more complex by the fact that our small group has a span of people that don't RP much at all (like myself, lately) to those that do it very heavily. Even possibly worse, a couple of us (including myself) are in a raiding static, which takes up a lot of time. But beyond that, I don't know if I should be pushing people to RP more... starting events... or what?! :dazed: I didn't get a handbook when I started this thing. :cry: What should I be doing as an RP FC leader? The fact that I made it this far is amazing in itself! This has been a pretty complex topic for me and I don't want to go into too much detail. I'm proud of our little FC and that we all stuck together for so long. It's a strange monster, though. With the mix of RP interest in the group it often feels like people won't do anything unless -I- get things going. There is just this lack of group motivation, synergy, or just plain interest. It just feels so much that everyone is looking to me and I have a hard enough time finding my own motivation because of it. It's very cyclical. As RP groups go, I'm sure I'm not the first person to be in this situation, so I was wondering how do others deal with it? Is it just too late and a sign I should move on or do I just need to approach it from another angle? Maybe I just need some help to take a little bit of the burden off my shoulders so I can breathe more. What is your advice/feedback?
  5. I've been doing some research into this very topic for my Au Ra. I was very intrigued by this princes in the NIN 50+ story. I found it rather interesting, but I found a conflict and was hoping maybe some folks here could shed some light on it. The princess says she's from a clan. The whole NIN story is about her and her clan, even including her vassals. She talks about her domain (land) and the small folk that live in them. The NIN leader, a Doman shinobi, Oboro, even recognizes her clan name. Now here's the conflicting part... She's Raen, as is her guard/retainer. Yet, we have this bit of text from the naming post: How can she be the princess of a clan if the Raen are now clanless? :dazed:
  6. They mentioned this in a recent Live Letter. "Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch)" This most likely excludes Legacy characters. Last I heard on those it might be several months.
  7. This is something I've done too and I'm in a similar situation right now. As I was researching lore I discovered that some of my ideas won't work. This close to launch I try to at least narrow down some personality traits and hope that she grow from there on her own. It's not like people need to know her background right away, if ever. Role-players that go around spouting off their character's history to anyone that will listen is usually a turn-off for most role-players. So don't stress about it too much. Sometimes letting it grow organically is better. On the flip side, filling out every detail of a character can also cause you to freeze up in RP. "Did she like green or blue?" I can't remember!"
  8. You also don't need to really stick with race lore to a 'T'. Just like people in our world, depending on where you are born and what you are exposed to can change how you see things and act. I think a lot of people usually give their character a backstory with some wiggle room and then place them at the start of the game among the general melting pot of world we play in. For example, Miqo'te are setup as tribes, hunt and stay away from outsiders mostly, but that doesn't really work for those of us that play one. The PC Miqo'te are usually the ones that left the nest, so to speak. As such it's inevitable that they will have become acclimated to the broader world, especially as an adventurer. Basically, I think it's more important to worry about the character's personality, which can be pretty varied, just like us humans.
  9. It was my understanding that only legacy got early access. Otherwise you need to pre-order. 1.0 players get 2 weeks of free game time at launch.
  10. Pretty much all this for my character as well. In the end I'll likely focus primarily on one job/class the most, but I think sticking with the idea that she is a "caster" or "magically inclined" is a reasonable way to have a couple IC skill sets. If I want to do DoW classes then I'll likely roll another character for that. To me there is a bit of a personality difference required for DoW or DoM.
  11. On the flip side from the THM story where there is someone that wants to train but doesn't have enough "power" to produce a spell, on the CNJ side there is a young girl that has a natural ability to heal but doesn't want to be properly trained. So it seems that it really depends and there are extremes on both ends.
  12. Haha, "little ball of neon fluff", I love it! I still think there is room for a character to get attached to their summon anyway, depending on the character's personality. Even if it's similar to how you treat a special car etc. I'm curious about the Scholar's faeries as they seem like they could talk etc. If these things are merely constructs that have no emotion or personality then why do they take these forms, or why do we give them these forms?
  13. Hope you feel better. All I got is a couple cans of Pringles, carrots and some juice. >.>
  14. All 8 of my character slots are taken on Balmung. Many only have a couple levels. So I'm planning to tweak one or two of them for now. The rest I'm going to hold on to for future alts if I get the urge. :lol:
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