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  1. Salty Lake is hosting her annual Starlight party at her hotel, Roegadyn Retreat, in Lavender Beds Ward 3 Plot 36. Everyone is welcome to this casual, social event! Thursday, December 21, 5 pm Pacific/ 8 pm Eastern.
  2. Was anyone able to make a new thread to update this list? Thank you!
  3. Roe Halloween Party scheduled! Thursday, October 26, 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern. At Roegadyn Retreat Hostel, Lavender Beds Ward 3 Plot 36. Come in costume!
  4. We are hosting the grand opening of Roegadyn Retreat Hostel at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern this Friday, August 22. Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 36. Non-roegadyn are welcome too.
  5. Hey all! We are still very active, and have quite a few open spots if you'd like an invite. We are wrapping up redecorating Roegadyn HQ to take advantage of the increased housing item cap. Please do stop by for some RP or just to say hi! Lavender Beds Ward 3 Plot 36.
  6. I have a correction to make to Balmung Lavendar Beds. In Ward 3 Subdivision, Roegadyn Bar and Boarding House, hosted by Salty Lake, is in plot 36, not 39. Thank you.
  7. The roegadyn holiday party and open house is this Saturday, 12/17, at our HQ in Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 36. 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern. Non-roe are welcome too!
  8. Welcome to Balmung! I am on maternity leave IRL so I haven't been playing, but we have many active officers, so you should be able to get an invite soon. Bug us again here if you have trouble with the hookup.
  9. Y'all changed your FC tag to DENN and now I'm crying all over! What a tribute to a great person.
  10. I can't describe how bummed I am to hear this news. Denn is--was--one of the closer friends I've made through FFXIV. We were among the founding members of the roegadyn linkshell Broken Chairs back in 2.0, and became fast friends when we realized we were both vegans and anarchists. We both enjoyed silly RP, and had a lot of laughs during our scenes together. I regret that we didn't keep in better touch after he killed off the Dennthota character, and that we never did get around to meeting in person.
  11. Hello roegadyn. I have some very sad news to share. One of our founding members, Dennthota Ahtarmwyn, has passed away. His free company, Night Blades, will be holding a memorial this Friday at 11PM EST at Lavender Beds Ward 5, Plot 6. Denn was awesome. He was an excellent RP partner, loyal friend, and upstanding and appropriately silly roegadyn. I am not good enough with words to describe how much I will miss him.
  12. Hello friends. I haven't been around as much lately due to my pregnancy. In my limited play time over the last several months, the tone of the linkshell has shifted from one of roegadyn camraderie to something verging on toxicity. A handful of people have spoken to me individually about being unhappy with the changing tone of the LS, but they have been afraid to speak up because of the social cost of doing so. In fact, I found myself today unhappy seeing the female Weeping City bosses being called "bitches," but I was afraid to speak up because I thought I'd get flamed on my own LS.
  13. We are still going strong and have a few active spots! Our officer list has been updated so send any one of us a /tell for an invite!
  14. Hey roes! I've only been playing about once a week do to IRL, but hope to be back regularly in June, and will host an opening party for Roe HQ then. I'll keep you all posted! In the mean time, if you are trying to get an invite, please feel free to message any of our good folks with invite privileges.
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