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  1. With June coming to a close, it would be almost a month since we've began on Mateus a year ago. Since then, we've shared many stories and written with other amazing roleplayers on the server! However, as time went by, we've learned a lot—especially in the past few months. So, there a lot of things I'd like to say, and please excuse me for the lengthy (possibly cringeworthy) post. If you'd rather not read my recollections of the past year, please scroll down to the bold text! First off, I have learned a lot about being an FC leader. Being one of the many who migrated from WoW to FFXIV within the past two years and having led / been an officer in a few guilds over my long, long years on WoW, the last thing I expected to do in FFXIV was lead an FC. I didn't want to tarnish my experience in an entirely new and unfamiliar MMO by immediately piling FC responsibilities on my game time. And admittedly, I didn't even know if I wanted to RP in this new game. However, even with the amount of pressure that comes with being a guild / FC leader—an RP FC lead at that—organization, and more importantly, forging new friendships through RP or games has always been my truest love, and what makes all of the stress completely worth it. It took a bit of convincing from my closest friends for us to form an FC together. We were a fantastic team—they were on the bold end with their ideas and I, on the other end, require some time to get the cogwheels turning, so they had me be in charge of expanding on those ideas and bringing them to life. Literally, whenever they had an RP idea, they'd put it in our Discord group DM, and I'd come back later that day with an entire Google Doc of possible events to do based off of one-to-two sentence ideas. Ever since we've started, the FC's events have been the most fun I've ever had RPing ever. On the other end of things, there were obviously some bumps on the road. At the very beginning, the FC's growth was slow—it's a tough world out there for a completely new FC, where most people, understandably, want something more established. I had to navigate my way through an entirely new community and figure out how things worked, to put it simply. Originally coming from a game where people would plant their guild's banners down in a major city to stand there for 10 hours was an actual method of recruitment, I was lost for the longest time. It took so long to find a roll / event system that worked almost perfectly for us. We've had to change our recruitment process.. four? Five times? Not only that, no matter how much an RP guild plasters "ZERO DRAMA, NEVER EVER" on their rules, it's bound to happen. No matter what. No matter how stringent you are with your rules; no matter how many people you kick. It's just the nature of any online community in general. There were times in this FC where I honestly wish I had handled drama better, especially as the FC leader, where everyone is practically relying on you to lay down the law and handle things correctly. There were times where I had to force myself to get a backbone, other times where I just.. didn't, times where I couldn't get a hold of my emotions, and there were times when I had to put up a wall between myself and other members to make unbiased decisions. Each experience, no matter how negative or taxing they may have been, came with a lesson. And like I've said earlier, in this already long blogpost, I've learned a lot about being an FC leader. I've grown a lot from when I first made this FC. This FC has grown a lot from when it was first born back in August 2019. Many people came and went. Some people stayed for the ride. This FC has been the start of many meaningful friendships—I know I've made some good friends—and many people's own RP characters had some amazing development during their time in the FC. I keep the many, many memories that came from the Gilded Onslaught near and dear to my heart, but passive changes aren't the only things gradually and naturally. We have since then found a better sense of who we are and what we wish to bring to the table. To signify a new and brighter beginning, while also nodding towards our past, we have since made the bold decision to rebrand to Company of Ashes - <ASHES>. We are still located on Mateus and still reside at the same FC house, and we are still sticking to our theme of broke mercenaries. That being said, we are now actively recruiting once again, and we ask for patience as we build ourselves up a second time. We have updated our original post with our new vision, alongside our carrd that you can check out here: https://ashes-fc.carrd.co/ Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you around.
  2. Last month has been pretty eventful! But I am once again happy to announce that after some spring cleaning and updates to our event system & rules, our doors are once again open for the month of June! Thank you for your interest, and here's to another great year!
  3. It has been about a month since our last update, but our last recruitment spree has been met with resounding interest, so we are once again closing our doors to let our group settle in! We've still got plenty of stories to tell and foster, and even more on the horizon, so please look out for the next time we will be opening our doors. Thank you so much for your interest.
  4. The FC house recently underwent a complete remodel! Please feel free to stop by—screenshots hardly do the place justice, and our doors are always open to visitors!
  5. As April comes to a close, I'm happy to announce that our doors are once again open for recruitment!
  6. After our last recruitment spree, we've had a particularly large stream of new members join and so for now, we'll be closing our doors for recruitment to adjust and foster our current community! This does not apply to those who have an application / interview pending before our recruitment closed, so if you've submitted a message before I posted this, don't worry! Thank you very much for your interest in the FC and keep an eye out on this thread for updates and the next time we'll be opening up our doors!
  7. We've been growing a healthy bit and so we are making a few changes to help accommodate our growth! When we were just starting up, we would have once a week events, but now we're aiming to have multiple events per week at different timeslots hosted by different DMs with a player cap of around six people (DMs / DM assistants excluded)— we're hoping that by implementing this new system, everyone could have a chance to show up to events and also have a chance to have their character shine without their post being buried by a large party. Not only this, besides the FC's "main storyline" that will be hosted by officers, members are highly encouraged to host their own events as well—basically an officer-free zone—whether it's an effort to forward the company, or following their own personal storyline that we're able to be a part of. There is always new things on the horizon with lots of room for more to join!
  8. edit: NEW BANNER, updated info, formatting. It's been a while since this thread was last updated and quite a bit has happened! We stormed the gates of Natalan, the Ixali stronghold in Coerthas and attained a boon of wind crystals to kickstart a project for weapon production! Not soon after, a treasure hunt was held in the Sharlayan ruins of the Dravanian Hinterlands! And guess what — we're still recruiting! To make matters a little easier, we also have a minor change to our recruitment process — we're now allowing applications through our Discord server! Upon joining the server, you'll be redirected to a channel where you will be able to fill out a short form asking about your character, OOC activity, etc.
  9. We will be starting our third storyline this week! Recruitment is still open!
  10. We just finished our second storyline involving finding a link between black magic and missing fledgling adventurers and we have plenty more stories on the horizon!
  11. Hello! And yes, we absolutely do have a crossworld linkshell for off-server contacts, as our RP isn't primarily exclusive to the FC's roster.
  12. ** edit: Added header image, formatting. We're in the midst of our second storyline involving a mystery surrounding new adventurers suddenly disappearing in Central Thanalan, but that doesn't mean we're not recruiting!
  13. edit: Added extra info, active times, themes, etc.
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