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  1. Sounsyy you are a godsend thankyou so much! Anything is better then nothing and I'll be reading through this intently~
  2. Pretty straightforward honestly, I was curious if anyone had any lore dumps on Alchemy and how its handled in the game/what most people use it for/its practical uses, in general,/how it is performed. Because I know what ALchemy was originally used for in reality, but considering the crafts in the game, it seems to lean more towards our Chemistry?(Or maybe its 2 am and I'm overthinking this). Either way, I just want a giant lore dump on Alchemist and Alchemy but I can't seem to find something, I could just not be looking in the right places though. Any help is greatly appreciated while I level this bad boy up and read what I can find from there. Thank you to anyone with knowledge in advance < 3
  3. This is going to either be an oddly specific question with no genuine answer or...just an odd question in general. So in Seeker tribes I know how the Nunh works, I know how the tribe works and I know how all those gears fit together to form a perfectly working machine. But here's my question. What happens when a random wrench is thrown into that machine? I'm talking about illegitimate children and the like. Is there anything set in stone on that or is it mostly theory crafting? I know how most hierarchies run animals deal with it, but I didn't know if the Seekers being obviously sensible in most terms would deal with it; if we have a solid fact, or if it is mostly headcanon and theory crafting. I'm looking into (possibly) making a character who is a half breed (big surprise) from either some badly timed meeting, or very unfortunate happenstance. But I was curious just how that goes among the tribe. I can assume that based on their hierarchy and just how strict it is it would be less a 'burn the witch' situation and more a 'you don't come from strong blood' kind of situation. Considering that the Nunh is supposedly the most 'fit' male for breeding at the time, anyone born outside of that I'd assume would be seen as a lesser tribe member but more than likely still a member. Not to be cruelly stated so as to bully the child, but to be more blatantly stated by some of the tribe if asked as it would just be a general consensus. As I'm assuming that's simply how the female seekers would see it, someone born from a lesser male would just be innately weak? That's my theory, but I am unsure if there is a more solid thought process on this or a better theory. Would that theory change depend on if it was a female or male who fathered the child? Aka a female warrior versus a Tia? Aka do you assume a Nunh would be enraged to hear about a Tia fathering a child in his place, more so than a female. Would they even care? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on these, in regards to just seeker children and hybrids honestly? Do you think it would be worse if it was a hybrid? Less? Theories? TL;DR: What do you think Seeker tribes do with illegitimate children? Children born outside the Nunh by either a Tia or one of the female warriors (or both), do you think it changes depending on circumstance? Or do you think it would be more like real lion prides in the way they get rid of children not born from the leader? Thoughts? I'm actually very curious how most people feel/if theres lore on this.
  4. I FORGOT TO COME BACK AND CHECK THIS! Ahh! Thank you both that was very helpful those were the things I wanted to cover and it really did help a lot! Your group sounds amazing! But sadly my friend and I are located on Mateus, but that does sound like a grand way to run it. I'm highly interested in learning more and will go read through that information you linked as well. If you ever do compile all the information I would LOVE to read it! Thank you both for the help!
  5. So, odd question but a question none-the-less. I recalled hearing something about there being a possibility of two Nunhs(?) in a Tribe. One being the breeding male and one being a supervisor of sorts or something? I do not recall the exact situation and that is why I am here. Seeker lore, I seem to run into it in places and it is normally sparse or mostly about naming or something. Because it is one of the first races introduced I wanted to know just how much reading material is out there for our dear tribal cats; and if anyone can help me better understand their hierarchy and the like. I know Sounssy(?) keeps large lore posts somewhere but I'll be honest and admit I've lost a lot of that recently ;; Any information is helpful and appreciated.
  6. Hello there everyone, I recently made a new character, a Qestir for anyone curious and after reading up around the forums I found the general census was mixed. You can write things down, or gesture, or play a game of charades with your roleplay partners and see what sticks, I decided on the latter. I'm currently playing with my roleplay partner and I am using descriptive gestures with expression to convey my point. I suppose my question, however, is this, does this sound like something you personally would be interested in, or is it to much trouble that way? If you were playing with a character like this how would you like it explained to you? Translated in a ooc way, or would you prefer guessing what was being said? My second question is this, advice more so. I've been struggling on explaining things that are a bit more complex. If theres anyone whose played a character like that I'd be very curious to hear how you handle 'HEAVY' conversation roleplay without making your partner bored or confused 90% of the time. How did you, would you play that character to make it more accessible with everyone? I haven't run into the problem yet, to the point where someone is frustrated but I'd like to prevent it if at all possible by getting as much information as I can. General tips and tricks, description lessons welcome~
  7. INDEED THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!~ TY BOTH~ Killiet was the post I was talking about and the extra information from you both was wonderful, thank you so much~
  8. Hello, this will be an odd one. I recalled a really awesome guide someone in the community made that detailed the plausibility of certain jobs and their actual availability to roleplayers who were lore abiding. I've lost it and I was hoping someone might have it.
  9. Hello, you all are always extremely helpful so I wanted to see if I could pick some brains for lore and opions again. I took a look around for lore myself but I can't seem to find anything on this particular subject or how its handled so here I am. We know Ishgard has several classes within her walls during the war but one thats caused me a lot of confusion is the sword wielders. Originally I assume they were just Paladins nothing to worry about, but noting the Knights use Holy magic I'm not a bit curious on how most people handle this. I personally was thinking of having my character be a sword wielder but I was curious about just how far lore wise that can be pushed. I know of the Sultana Sworn and the Paladins there and the Free Paladins, and I know that it is easy to garner a soulstone from these places, but what about Ishgard? Are they using Holy magic, do you suppose there are soulstones for sword wielders there? Are they just weaving other magic into their fighting styles to seem like they are using Paladin like skills? I know the game has its limitations and having Ser Adelphel use other abilities (assuming their are not Paladins) would have been a bit much but I simply am not sure if that is or isn't the case. I want to use skills from the Paladin repertoire on my own character, but in your opinions; would it be better to simply put a spin on them as a Gladiator? Or is it safe to assume their are Paladins in Ishgard as well, and they are just maybe handled differently then Uldahn Paladins?
  10. UI recently found a nice snippet of information to dabble in, if you'd still like to leave info here I wouldn't mind (I couldn't figure out how to delete this instead)
  11. I know some people have likened it to the Shinto religion I also know that the geomancers deal with spirits, but I'm curious if there is any underlying religion that most of Doma follow or more selectively, the Raen Au'ra follow? I regret to say I know VERY little about the religions in Asia to attempt comparison in the game for a character. So if there's anyone who is willing to drop me some tidbits of knowledge or an area for me to start researching in I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Thank you all for the wonderful information! It is really helpful I happily take all I can get <3 thank you everyone so much~
  13. If anyone is willing to answer them~ It seems we are still fairly short on information based around the Raen as a people and Othard information but I wanted to see if maybe I had just missed a good amount of lore during my dig because I am blind or if I had indeed uncovered everything I could find. Medicine: I was interested, did we get any lore on Othard medications? Herbs, things like that? I do not have a leveled botanist so I have no idea if any leves said anything of interest on Othards medical practices. Their plants, illnesses, overall magical classes that frequent there? As for the Raen, I know of Sui-no-Sato and I was curious about a bit more on it. Can't get in the game right now (obviously) to check on anything myself or re-read so I was curious if anyone kept the information: Can those Raen breath underwater as the Kojin do? They said they were taught but I wasn't quite sure if that meant what I thought it may mean. Is it unheard of for Raen that lived there to feel some need to stop being there, would they ever be allowed back in or is it a 'once you leave never return' sort of deal in speculation? I know the Xaela and Raen have some obvious bad blood between them, what are the chances of them ever co-inhabiting. Such as a displaced Xaela youth being welcomed into a Raen colony such as Sui-no-Sato or just Raen in general? Unheard of, or more likely then you think? My most important question is the medicinal one, what do we know of their medicines? (I will be honest I probably powered through most of these answers when I originally went through the Stormblood quests. I reap what I sow I suppose. Thank you for any information you have and can give, it is greatly appreciated)
  14. Thank you! I am in the Mateus RP Hub Discord and I saw this one get posted up, now we definitely have a reason to go! Hope to see you there o/
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