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  1. FF-XIV is a single player campaign, wrapped in an MMO. Very often events are presented in a way that really does not allow for lore-friendly ways to expand them beyond the Warrior of Light. So, fudge it! As long as you stay within the spirit of the game, people will accept almost anything.
  2. It's been a long time since I went through that quest line. From what I recall, It didn't seem like a recent development. I could be wrong though, maybe you can find the quest transcribed somewhere or on Youtube? How often it was used is up for debate, I guess it would depend on how often someone was suspected/accused of heresy, and how fanatical the heresy seekers were at their job at the time.
  3. Tregarde

    Loop holes?

    It's an unfortunate truth that many of the job quests make their profession a very small, exclusive club. If you go strictly by the lore of the quests. White mage, as you noted, is a very clear example of this. While these can make for good, personal stories, it makes for poor RP in the larger picture. Why the devs chose to go this route so much, I have no idea. As pointed out, there can be ways around this. For one, some of us just don't care - it's your character, play it how you want. Alternatively, you can just RP being a very skilled Conjurer, no one would argue that. Or maybe your character came from outside Eorzea, or was trained by someone who traveled to Eorzea - there is very little lore about classes and jobs outside of the one continent. Remember, the lore are guidelines, not strict rules. A lot of the lore is used to justify certain aspects of game mechanics. But really, not everyone falls neatly into these narrowly defined roles. For instance - by game mechanics one of my characters is a Paladin. But IC, my character has never been a Gladiator, she most certainly never pledged herself to the Sultanate. She just happens to have trained to be good with sword and shield.
  4. I wouldn't call the point "moot" either, but I'm not going to step on anyone else's RP. We're here to have fun, if something bothers me THAT much I can just walk away. At this time the lore has only given of a couple, very limited, ways to go between worlds - but that doesn't mean there aren't others. If something stays within the spirit of the game I'll roll with it.
  5. Yeah... I wouldn't go that route. Remember, the Warriors of Darkness HAD TO DIE to cross worlds. Emet was amazed that the WoL came over, intact. So amazed that he kidnapped Exarch to find out how it was done. This means that Ascians do NOT know how to bring others across worlds without killing them. Now... HOW spirits have seemingly solid bodies when they cross worlds... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Unnamed Mercenary is right. In the case of Viera I remember one saying they live three times longer than an elf. Assuming lifespans in The First are the same as in The Source, that means a bunny in good health could live around 360 years.
  7. So many questions answered, so many new questions. Emet was the best thing in Shadowbringers. Also, keep in mind, that while I believe Emet was being honest, he wasn't necessarily telling us the whole story - we have no idea how much he may have been holding back, and we certainly do not know what he did not know. We've only gotten one person's account of the ancient past, and that account is limited to what he actually knew. The shades we met were just pale reflections of ancient Ascians, and again were limited to what Emet knew about them - but I think it's safe to assume that Emet did know each and every one we met. It should be interesting seeing what bits of additional lore we find in future DLC and expansions.
  8. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/330f2b280067d69d85b17831c66712a499e97484
  9. They should hire Tom Holland for the Warrior of Light! He's already been training for it!
  10. No real details yet, other than it's coming! https://kotaku.com/sony-announces-live-action-final-fantasy-xiv-tv-series-1835904929
  11. PATCH NOTES https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/d65aa2c282957d3d0fde9e8979c62bcebe5aa9f5
  12. I made this with the Shadowbringers benchmark. I regret nothing.
  13. MTQcapture had an interview with Yoshi. Some very interesting questions were asked and answered.
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