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  1. Tregarde

    Tokyo Fanfest

    I'd argue that we knew of travel between worlds/starts/dimensions, and that if Light or Dark wins it spells doom, since 2.0. These were just driven home a lot more with the Warriors of Darkness storyline. Anyway... I like a lot of what I saw. The new classes look like fun. The new cities and zones look interesting. The story looks like it's finally delving into what I had already guessed a long time ago - that balance is necessary. What I don't like is gender locked races. I understand that the design teams had limited time and resources, but why spend it giving us two half-races instead of one complete race?
  2. Tregarde

    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    No plans to change or create new characters. Other than I'll be trying out the new classes.
  3. Tregarde

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    New full trailer:
  4. I agree with one of the top comments - they are BOTH cannon! English is what he says, Japanese is what he's thinking.
  5. So, it IS a case of something being lost in translation. Thanks, it makes more sense now.
  6. It's one of those things I've been wondering about for a long time. People are constantly saying 'this star' when talking about the world, instead of just 'this world.' But why is that? Do they really mean what we would call the whole solar system? The galaxy? The universe? Is it because some nuance is lost in the translation from Japanese, and the translators picked the best word they could? Or is it just one of those weird things they do because the can and there is no real explanation?
  7. Tregarde

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    Keynote Address, Paris Fanfest 2019 Official Release Date: July 2, 2019 Pre-Order Date: February 6, 2019 New Class: Gunbreaker Job Characteristics -Role: Tank -Main Arm: Gunblade -Associated Class: None -Starting Level: 60 (Tentative/Maybe) Battle Design -Use your gunblade to engage targets directly. -Deal slashing damage enhanced with magicked ammunition -Abilities executed by spending magicked ammunition -Job quest begins in Gridania (Tentative/Maybe) Coming 5.0 Content Sprawling New Areas -The Rak'tika Greatwood (Home to some 'Unique' residents) -IL Mheg (Home of the Pixies, Very fantasy feel to the zone: Pixies implied to be Moogles 2.0, but less bad. ... maybe.) Thrilling New Dungeons -9 Dungeons at Shadowbringers Launch -Challenging New High-End Raids Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard -Disciples of the Land & Hand End-game Content, (meant to go on throughout all of 5.x content. Will have Storyline attached, not just a grind.) Included A Recap of Features from Las Vegas Fan Fest Announcements --Battle System Maintenance --Trust System --New Game+ --World Visit System (Due in patch 4.5.7) Pixies -Reside in Il Mheg -Proficient in the Arcane Arts -Tricksters -Speak a unique language known as "Fae" (Koji and Yoshi both joke that they're going to give you a Bad Time.) New Primal: Titania, Regent of the Pixies New Alliance Raid: YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse -NeiR coming to XIV -Two Special Guest Creators: ---Yosuke Saito: worked on NieR & Dragon Quest ---Yoko Taro: worked on NeiR & Drakengard Series New Race: Viera Preorder Items --Baby Gremlin Minion --Aetheryte Earring Early Access: June 28th, 2019 (Tentative) More New Information On Saturday, March 23rd, at Fanfest Tokyo
  8. Tregarde

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

  9. Tregarde

    Changing Citizenship

    Let's see... in Gridania you have to hug a tree and get the blessings of the elementals. In Limsa you have to engage in a drinking contest, on a boat, during a storm. In Ul'dah you just have to pay bribes a fee. Jokes aside - this is actually an interesting question. I'm not sure if there is any hard lore on the subject. I do know that in days-past, the Twelves Woods made it very clear if you were not welcome, but since the Calamity the elementals have quieted down a bit. Ul'dah has had troubles with refugees seeking shelter in the city, and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to let them in.
  10. Tregarde

    I'm BLU (music video)

    I claim no responsibility for this, other than to spread it so all may see it.
  11. Tregarde

    Goblin Diet

    Like Val said, goblins love cheese. So much so they've had wars over cheese. Seriously, this is actual in-game canon. Otherwise, on the subject of Goblin food, From Encyclopedia Eorzea:
  12. Tregarde

    A Theory [Spoilers]

    No love for Tataru, who has also been a Scion since day 1. On a more serious note... While I do find it an interesting theory, I doubt it's the case (but I could be wrong). For a long time we've known that if the Light wins total victory, the world is doomed. That was what lead to the Warriors of Darkness storyline in post-HW, and it's been brought up several times since. Someone is trying to remind the WoL and Scions of this fact, and stop them from dooming the world. Why no one has questioned it before and gone "Hey, Hydaelyn, we need to have a chat about things..." baffles me. But then gain FFXIV is full of otherwise smart people being stupid and/or oblivious. If the Acians win, the world is doomed. If Hydaelyn wins, the world is doomed. I think in Shadowbringers we're going to FINALLY challenge things, and realize that balance is what needs to be achieved. The 'shadows' could possibly be what comes to help when we 'throw the gates open,' like the voice has been telling us. Who knows, might even be our lost Scions, who have learned the truth of things wherever they're stuck now.
  13. Tregarde

    Patch 4.5: A Requiem for Heroes

    PATCH NOTES: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/97afed7c0efbbe8260755f948d0cf2b912d71121
  14. Tregarde

    RPing WOL + FC question

    This is definitely a case of poor & inconsistent writing. We know Primals can 'temper' someone - heck, we see it in the very first fight against a Primal! - but they never seemed to lay down any 'rules' about the process. Some Primals seem very eager about tempering, some only seem to care for selected minions (which makes some sense, as they are summoned by specific people/races). It kind of made sense that a Primal could not temper in the middle of a fight, but many times we had our non-Echo friends run away which implied that they were worried they could be tempered - then not long ago we have a fight were have to protect people in the middle of a fight! And there is the fact that Primals have been taken down by 'normal' people, so... *shrug* Regardless, we know for a fact that Primals CAN temper someone. The Echo provides protection from it. These 'friends' of the WoL who show up when we need to take down a Primal MUST have the Echo - otherwise why would they be needed, and people without the Echo run away? If you look at 'Warrior of Light' as a job, they qualify (just like how in post HW we encountered several Warriors of Darkness). If you look at WoL as a title, only ONE person has it. For the record, one of my favorite lines in the whole game was in SB when Lyse mentioned, before fighting Susano, how maybe the WoL's friends conveniently followed along and are nearby fishing. Clearly an acknowledgement by the writers know how ridiculous the story can be.
  15. Tregarde

    RPing WOL + FC question

    This is one of those things were it gets a little fuzzy. The Main Story Quest focuses on THE Warrior of Light, a single person. BUT... that person is NOT THE ONLY Warrior of Light. There are many people with The Echo, the chosen of Hydaelyn. Remember when you first created your character, and the cut scene showed your character and dozens of others flying around the giant crystal? Those were other WoLs. Who are those mysterious people who show up when you need to take down a Primal (those conveniently close 'friends' others refer to)? Those are other WoL's. The game does a very poor job communicating that there ARE others. They may not be outright called Warriors of Light, but they do exist. Your character could be one of them. Would others accept your character being called a WoL? That might be a hard sell. But call your character a Scion, and there should be no problems. I've met a few who do that, even got one in our FC.