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  1. Tregarde

    No Love for Straight Women

    Speaking only for myself, but the first part there is a huge plus to me. So many go out of their way to make their character as sexy as possible, try to be the center of attention... it's the ones who do the opposite that often intrigue me. I can't help but think that there is probably someone very interesting under there. I've had a lot of good RP happen just because I said "hello" to the shy one. As for the second part... there's nothing wrong with playing a passive character, but as you've noticed it can make it a challenge to get into RP. I suggest going to places where there is RP, and send out emotes describing what your character is doing (even if it's basically nothing), so at least something is popping up in people's chat boxes. Someone may notice. The only other option I can think of is transfer to a server with more roleplayers.
  2. Tregarde

    No Love for Straight Women

    I can only guess that you've just had bad luck so far. I've seen plenty of men who like women in the game. Perhaps you're not 'seeing' them because you're not going around asking them? Which, admittedly, many would consider kind of rude, but I'm sure there's more out there than you presume, they just aren't being as obvious about it. Naturally, I'm only talking about the characters.
  3. This is an issue in any game with limited housing. I saw it way back when Ultima Online was young, and in every game that has had limited housing since. Once all the available space is taken, all you can do is wait and hope a plot opens (and you're quick enough to snag it), or hope the developers put in more space for houses. And in FFXIV it didn't help that it was possible for people to have multiple houses. Thankfully that is not so easy anymore, but I do think that SE should crack down and force those people to give up some plots. It's because of situations like this that I prefer instanced housing. My solution here - I'm just not worrying about getting a house. I'm getting along fine without one. Maybe someday, when I have a ton of money to spare I'll try to find a plot, but it's not going to bother me if I don't.
  4. Tregarde

    Dark Knight Lore

    The question is - do you want your character to be a Dark Knight (tm), or a guy with a big sword? Game mechanics restrict who can wield what weapon, how one is trained, etc. Realistically, nothing prevents anyone from picking up any weapon. There are plenty of people who use two handed swords who are not Dark Knights. Not everyone who uses a bow or spear went to Gridania to train. Just because someone is using a sword and shield doesn't necessarily mean that person spent time as a Gladiator in Ul'dah. And so on. A lot of these situations become even more ridiculous when you consider that there are people from Ishgard, or Garleans, or the Far East who are just as skilled as anyone from Eorzea. So, if you want your character to be a guy with a big sword - go for it. Don't let game mechanics hold you back. You don't need a fancy crystal to swing around a long piece of steel. In-character you may not have the "powers" of a Dark Knight, but it's not hard to tweak things a little to make them work in RP - NPCs break the rules all the time! The end effect of a skill may be similar, but how your character enacts that skill can be very different. And if you do want a sociopathic Dark Knight, that's not necessarily out of the question. Being a sociopath doesn't necessarily mean being entirely devoid of emotions, there is a spectrum. Your character may have to reach a little deeper than most others, but just because someone isn't screaming like some anime character doesn't mean those emotions aren't there (unless, of course, you want your character to scream like an anime character when he enters 'rage mode' or whatever). The game mechanics are guidelines, not set-in-stone laws.
  5. Tregarde

    General Lore Questions

    Earlier you said "... which I heavily suspect to indicate a non garlean ancestry somewhere." I was saying that these people with non-Roman names are Garleans. If they were not Garleans, they would not have the third eye, because only full blooded Garleans have the third eye. See also Sounsyy's reply in the spoiler -box above.
  6. Tregarde

    General Lore Questions

    The argument against that is that Cid Garlond is a "full blooded" Garlean, hence the 'third eye' on his forehead. But that doesn't mean what composes Garlemald today was always a united culture. I would even say it is likely there was more than one culture, with distinct names and customs, before being united under one flag. Obviously the ones with the Romanesque names were the winners, but some people held on to their traditional family names (as people tend to do). Though I would say it is likely there is a common ancestry in the distant past, before unification, which is why people without the Romanesque names can be "full blooded" and have the third eye. Though the 'distant past' may not be that distant, as we know almost nothing about the Empire's history before 50-ish years ago.
  7. Tregarde

    @Mateus - Where All the RP At?

    Yes, it is. You've had some bad luck so far finding RP, that's all. I've come across RP in all the cities, and even out in the open world. Ul'dah, especially around the Quicksand, is the major RP hotspot, but that also makes it a roll of the dice whether you find good RP. Sometimes RP can be found away from the adventurers' guilds, so don't hesitate to stroll across a town and keep an eye on the chat window. Also look for people with the gold RP symbol by their name, or Free Companies with 'RP' in their name, those are often good indicators that they are at least RP friendly. For some mysterious reason RP events tend to promote themselves on Discord and not post here, so keep an eye on Discord - there's events almost every day. Not all events will have a huge turn out, but you don't need numbers to find RP. Sometimes it's easier to get involved in the smaller stuff. Once you've found some RP you like and made a couple friends, it tends to get a lot easier to find more. And if you come across a Tregarde somewhere in Eorzea (three to chose from!) feel free to poke me.
  8. Welcome to FFXIV and Mateus. Yep, there's a lot of lore, but it's not overwhelming if don't try to absorb it all at once. What's curious is a few glaring holes in the lore, like what year it is (SE really needs to fix this). Maybe we shall cross paths in Eorzea.
  9. Tregarde

    New to RP, hi everyone!

    Levels don't matter in RP, they only matter in what you can do within game mechanics. Though getting to 20 and your chocobo helps a lot in getting around the world. Welcome to Mateus. We have the best cookies.
  10. Tregarde

    New Miqo'te, New Game, New Beginnings All Around (Mateus)

    Welcome to Hydaelyn, I think you'll like it here. It's a pretty interesting world, and we have a very good RP community. Since you're crunching lore... in case you haven't found it yet, there's a wealth of lore information at Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/17092-sounsyys-lore-compilations-index/ And who knows, maybe we'll cross paths somewhere in Eorzea.
  11. Tregarde

    Returning, interested in getting into RP

    Welcome back. If you liked RP in WoW, I'm sure you'll love it here. Most of us don't get bent out of shape if you're not 100% on lore, even within lore there's some wiggle room. And outside of lore, just don't go too crazy and we can go with it. But since it seems like you're interested in lore, a good place to start is right here in the Welcome pages. Now that I am here, what do I do? An introduction to Eorzea. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/18296-now-that-i-am-here-what-do-i-do-an-introduction-to-eorzea/ has some useful links to get the basics down. For more detailed articles, you can't beat our lore guru Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/17092-sounsyys-lore-compilations-index/ And who knows, maybe we'll cross paths in Eorzea.
  12. Tregarde

    Patch 4.3 Trailer

    English version:
  13. Tregarde

    Au'ra lancer/dragoons - What do?

    It is rather unfortunate that the way the developers wrote the lore of the classes, and especially the jobs, tends to make them very restrictive. In some cases, like the White Mage, the player represents the ONLY person outside of a select few who has learned that job. So we are left to fudge things a little. Often, because it only makes sense for certain professions to be more widespread than the given lore implies. As people have stated above, it is very unlikely that an Au Ra could have learned the art of the Dragoon in Ishgard. But that doesn't mean that an Au Ra couldn't learn the arts of using a spear or lance. Such weapons are common across the world. Surely there must be people skilled with them to learn from outside of a couple tiny slices if Eorzea. Maybe your character isn't a Dragoon, but could still be someone very skilled with the weapon. Just as an example, by game mechanics my Katarina is a Paladin. But in RP she's no such thing - she never spend time in the arenas of Ul'dah as a Gladiator. She certainly was never one of the Sultansworn to learn to be a Paladin. She's just a reasonably skilled fighter who favors a sword and shield - common weapons that anyone could learn to use if they put in the effort.