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  1. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Awesome! My character's name is Lana'sae Mian, ( I intend to name change in the coming week or so after I have completed the sheet and found solutions to a couple of coding problems I'm facing) I am online a LOT but i'm forced to afk often as well and would appreciate it if you could add me sometime. If you add or whisper me when I am afk, I should be back in less than an hour and will reply asap.
  2. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Hey Lone Adventurer, thank you so much for your comment and I would love to meet your character sometime! I feel very bad about my late response, I apologize. I've been working on Lana's character sheet (I plan to update my 2 forum post one last time in a week or so) and have been busy with irl and some in-game matters. I'm happy you find my concept lore friendly thus far and I'd like to contact you in-game.
  3. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Yikes, the inquisition is pretty scary and serious business for sure, I will try to play on this when I write the story in greater length. I'll try to memorize that population statistic, it may serve me well in the future! I really want to see how Ishgard evolves, hopefully the upcoming lorebook sheds some light on this. Thank you Kieron Lohengrin it seems I may have been misinformed or confused, this is a quote from the wiki: "Sidurgu was made to watch his parents die but before the sword could find his own neck, he was saved by the one who would become his master, the first of the dark knights." Maybe the person who wrote this meant the first of the Dark Knights as we know them today? ( I have heard that the original Dark Knights were a bit different than today's Dark Knights but I cannot be certain if this is true or not))
  4. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Thank you so much for posting Valence, your words gave me a lot of hope! You also understand precisely what I'm trying to accomplish. I understand that Ishgard society has forever been harsh, discriminatory, and unwelcoming to outsiders with truly powerful nobility being almost solely comprised of Elezen as you've mentioned but it is a huge nation. I feel that is it unreasonable for some to immediately dismiss the prospect of a Miqo'te living in Ishgard when there are in-game examples of Roegadyn being hired to serve houses and the NPC Sidurgu Orl, an Au Ra who if I am correct, sometimes hangs out in the city of Ishgard itself. Sidurgu is interesting to me in theory because from what I have read, he is a refugee who moved into Ishgard, and after a disastrous crime, was taken in and mentored by an Ishgardian knight in secret, the first Dark Knight. (I still need to play Heavensword personally so please correct me if I am wrong) Fleurent being unorthodox is definitely one of the most important elements and i tried to present realistic consequences. I need to investigate how serious/ irredeemable it would be to have the full inquisition hunting you down but it would be enough that his own house, as small as they may be, publicly disowns him. (This is subject to change) House Gisoreux would not take this decision lightly however and over time feel regret. Fluerent left Ishgard because he knew he would be given an unjust trial and likely be killed. He journeyed to lands far away with the belief he could do good in other parts of Eorzea that he couldn't back home. Although a condemned man, he makes his reappearance in the middle a heated and desperate battle against Dravanians. He fights in a way that inspires Ishgardian troops and slays/helps to slay a significant foe, maybe a lesser dragon. This occurrence happens in a way that kind of makes it almost impossible to deny hearing Fleurence out, he boosts the moral of some of the men, and garners an overwhelming amount of witnesses of him killing Dravanians which would be used by him and his house to help to dispel the notion of him being a heretic. As an NPC in Camp Dragonhead named Belmont says "I tell you, the high and mighty around these parts don't even see in black and white. They see in "dragon" and "not dragon," you know of what I speak." The question regarding the state of his house after he left is a very good one. I am thinking that House Gisoreux was never influential to begin with but started declining further after Fluerent was exiled, vaguely reminiscent of house Hallient's descent. Perhaps when Fluerent returns, he uses most of his earnings to help the house recover and more importantly regain their trust. When Fleurent dies, the Miqo'te duo are indeed in a terrible situation. I think that the mother will be forced to Brume while Lana immediately begins her career as an adventurer. House Gisoreux is one of the few willing to employ the service of adventurers and sell-swords due to Fleurent's influence over the years but not to the extent of House Fortemps. For a time Lana will endeavor to serve Gisoreux in the hopes that they might take her mother and herself in again. When Lana eventually broadens her horizons to adventuring the whole of Eorzea, she will always be sending at-least half of what she makes to aid her mother and/or potentially Gisoreux one day. (pls give us ishgard/coerthas housing square enix) When I created this post, I was not sure whether to create it here or on the official FFXIV lore forums so I posted it on both and I'm finding it increasingly more beneficial to this discussion if they were linked so all opinions and informative post can be seen. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/378391-Is-my-story-lore-friendly
  5. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    You make a fair point but I still think having a lore compliant backstory is important because your background might determine your characters experiences and likes/dislikes and other things that you can still use in real time interactions. That is just my opinion though, after I can feel secure in my concept then I will focus everything on what can help establish bonds as you talked about as well as walk up RP and character progression moving forward. Edit: Thinking about it more, I see a lot of truth to what you and Teadrinker have said about trying to appeal to everyone. I'll try not to but still, i am determined to have a friendly story.
  6. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Thanks for the comment, as saddening as that is to hear. In my defense however, as far as anyone is concerned, Lana and her mother have been nothing but lowly servants. Nothing more until recently Lana officially became more akin to an apprentice or follower at best than of any sort of nobility. That's a fine suggestion, the new lore book may have some good information.
  7. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Thank you very much for commenting, you present a few pretty important questions. I left many things out because I feel like I need to know if what I have so far is lore friendly and enough to justify a Miqo'te in Ishgarde before I proceed. If this part doesn't work then I fear I may have to start over and abandon my Ishgardian esque glamour I don't have the rest of Fleurent's story written out yet but what I wrote originally is the bulk of his history and ends 1-3 years after the calamity. The rest of his story will involve the events of Heaven sword including the changes in the Holy See and Ishgard rejoining the Eorzean Alliance. I want him to develop a bond with his lover's daughter, Lana, eventually becoming a father figure in her life. Lana would come to admire Fleurent greatly, sparked by his tales of adventure and seeing him return home in his knightly armor many times. Fleurent recognized her aspirations and over the years taught her swordsmanship and what he considered to be chivalrous ideals in secret. By the time of present day Eorzea however, the price of Fleurent's unorthodox behavior and affronts to fellow nobility/power figures would catch up to him and he was killed at midnight by assassins. Although both her and her mother would be devastated by the murder, Lana would take up Fleurent's arms and armor, swearing to continue his legacy and bring glory to his name. Lana is the character that I Intend to RP as, she will be an amateur adventurer trying to follow in Fleurent's footsteps, learn from her mistakes, and stay true to a set of ideals and sense of justice. A devout albeit slightly clumsy seeker of justice when she is armored up and a shy, curious, and slightly endearing lady when she is in everyday wear. She will have learned a flair of Ishgardian culture, and enjoys reading since she spent a lot of time doing so. She is also a believer in Halone, the revered matron deity of Ishgard and to a lesser extent a believer in Menphina who her mother still exalts. Fleurent is such an integral part of Lana's story that his own has to be solid I feel. I still need to choose a name for Lana's mother, who is also Fleurent's secret lover. I do not intend to play as her however at some point she will try to work in a bakery( or something of the sort/cooking skills) and Lana might offer friends some of her mother's food once in a while. Please understand all of this is a huge w.i.p. and I am determined to fix it to be lore friendly if there are issues.
  8. Princess Cassandra

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Hi :3 I'm a relatively new player to FFXIV (First time on these forums) and I fell in love with Coerthas, I like the medieval theme, the music, and the rich amount of strife and conflict there. Despite being new, I have spent more time looking up lore than leveling so far as well as making a few friends who have deep knowledge of it. They told me this would work but I am still not confident, I would appreciate it if I could get either some reassurance or tough love on whether it is acceptable or no: The main character in this story is an Ishgardian Elezen named Fleurent de Gisoreux but I’m not sure its a good name and might change it. Fleurent is a knightly and very martial lesser noble of a small house who has long since disagreed with the ishgardian justice system and eventually goes against it. He does this in a similar vein as dark knights however without dark arts. (He does sort of what Haurchefant does in the MSQ) Fleurent is then witch hunted for his interference but before he is caught he leaves Ishgard entirely to become an adventurer and continues following his own sense of justice. He would adventure to many lands and take part in numerous conflicts, eventually joining the Eorzean Alliance in Carteneau and miraculously surviving the bloodshed that followed. In the wake of the calamity, Fleurent did his best to help whoever he could but he soon felt the need to return home. In Ishgard, he would redeem himself in the eyes of the holy see on the field of battle as he aided the Ishgardian war effort against the Dravanian horde. After some time and various displays of rekindled faith and martial courage he was permitted to return to his lands and resume his life in Ishgard. Despite his heroics, Fleurent was still disliked by nearby nobility and the enemies he has made did not forget… Mixed race relationships are frowned upon in many, if not most places, let alone ishgard...but although ishgardian nobility would never take part in such contemptuous behavior, this knightly noble was an adventurer for many years. This eventually helped in giving Fleurent a different perspective on things and he was already a bit of an oddity compared to his counterparts even before he left. During his adventuring days he fell in love with a Miqo’te refugee and had promised to one day take both the woman and her daughter off the streets of poverty. Fleurent had the pair brought to his land in Ishgard where he and the lady embraced a secret love life. To the people who knew, the Miqo’te maidens were naught but two lowly servants he bizarrely picked up during his adventures. Only a few would know of their existence and even less so his secret... If this is deemed acceptable then I would like to expand this story and write in greater detail. I wanted to create a situation that made playing a Miqo'te character in Ishgard plausible but with consequences. This seems very controversial so can someone please give me either reassurance or tough love?