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    It is pretty much what's printed on the box: a linkshell devoted to roaming world RP all over. If there's RP going on somewhere in the world, we'll advertise it here and try to bridge in other people too.

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    The public networking linkshell for engineers, hosted by Machina & Magitek. This is a close-to-lore in-character pearl for engineers of all fields to collaborate and aid one another in their projects, be it through extra hands, material supply, or simply inspiration and second opinions. Officially the linkshell is Immortal Flames property - replacing a lost or damaged linkshell requires a fee, and Machina & Magitek withhold the right to remotely override any linkpearl issued in the event that it is being used for illegitimate purposes or the user is being unduly disruptive to the network as a whole.

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