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  1. Seems OP is no longer looking for a solution but for anyone else on Balmung know there is romance out there for straight women (and men). I've met many women with husbands. Met one pregnant just last evening so it's happening. I always recommend RPers take the time to meet a wide variety of characters. Form friendships. See where they go. Sure you'll run into gay men. These gay men likely have contacts and friends. Maybe a hot brother who's straight. You never know who you'll meet by chance. I have characters of all preferances and genders and it doesn't really matter what my irl sexuality entails. I've got nothing to do with the romance imho, I'm just the narrator.
  2. I wouldn't say RP on Balmung is dying but it does require more effort to start up than back in 2.0 for sure. There is no "tavern RP" in the Quicksand anymore, it's mostly new people trying to figure out how to approach RP and erp alts sleazing around for a good time. With the popularity of tumblr and discord it seems the always to go is finding a character or theme you like and booking an appointment to interact. That in itself is not for everyone but it's what we've got to work with. There are a ton of events going on all the time but if your availability isn't lined up for evening RP that's a bust. I don't often go to events as they all seem too random for my characters. I don't see any of them attending a tournament or topless caberet but that's my own choice. I wish there were more events with wiggle room. I like the idea of markets and bars. Give me a setting to work with no matter which character I feel like RPing. Things like fight night or a tea party are setting up what you'll be doing and I don't enjoy that as much for previously mentioned reasons.
  3. As long as I can understand what another player means, it doesn't bother me at all. If it did, I suppose I would have to decide between embarassing someone with a comment about it or finding someone else with better grammar to RP with.
  4. Welcome back to the fun and the fray. It's a shame you've moved away from Balmung but should you return I imagine I can keep pace with you. I mostly stopped in to post my amusement since I'm not on Mateus. I'm the Leo best friend of a Scorpio so if I know one thing it's to expect ungodly intensity and never, ever make an enemy of a Scorpio. They're vicious creatures. I mean that respectfully of course... but I can also see why you'd forewarn! ? Best of luck and feel free to message me if you come home to Balmung. I enjoy writing so descriptively and lengthily I've had to move to Google Drive and a mutual document with folks now and then. I don't mind toning it down as I know not everyone is trying to write a novel but seems you are as well so good times may he had.
  5. To be completely honest I get nervous around players who RP "avatars" of themselves. Not only do I not know how to interact when my characters are the opposite (nothing at all to with me) but I've seen too much drama go down. Specifically when intense interaction happens, like a conflict between characters or romance crops up. I don't think anyone who is RPing themselves is asking for it but when emotions run high it can be very different when a player relates too personally with the character vs a player who is removed from their own character. As an example, I honestly would not feel negatively if someone threw a mug of ale across the Quicksand and bashed my character's tooth out of his head. Someone shouts he talks too damn much and his face looks like a Chocobo's rear. Well... seems some plot is about to jump off and it may even be violently themed! Sign me up. If that was a little Eorzean version me, that's not as amusing. Because the character acts like, probably looks like me. So someone is attacking -me- in a bar for no reason. Isn't it impossible not to feel personally attacked? Maybe I don't understand how it works?
  6. Join Nebulous for holiday festivities! December 19th 5:00 PM PST Plot 49, 2 Ward, The Goblet (Brimming Heart Subdivision) Mog Eggnog Drinking Competition Think you can drink everyone under the table? Partake in our famous Mog Eggnog and we'll see about that! If you can hold your spirits better than anyone else, stagger home with a victory prize! (Roll based until last drunk person standing!) White Mammoth Gift Exchange Bring something great, bring something not so great and make or break someone's holiday season! (three exchanges/steals max!) Starlight Fashion Contest Come to be seen and impress in your holiday best for a chance at a fabulous prize! (via our judge's vote, if tied, roll on it! 15 contestants max, so sign up ASAP) Corners for photos, kisses, gifts and more! (Show up to see what we have in store~) This is a casual, light IC RP event open to any and all who would like to attend! Please look forward to great contest prizes and good times with our company! RSVP here or in game with Bahati Pashto or Navei Asue so we have a general idea of turn out but walk-ins are welcome!:moogle:
  7. This is such an important topic and I'm so sorry for your loss Xydane. Just hearing the news of another one of us, even if we're not in the same game, has passed away under these circumstances brings a deep sense of loss to me. I can only take solace in the fact I personally know a few in-game that have found support and understanding through FFXIV that they were lacking in their day to day life. It's a beautiful thing.
  8. I randomly wandered into your estate, I love the set up of your host club. Really great job on it! :moogle:
  9. How interesting, I've not run into a character with Flynt's repertoire before now. I'm personally looking for someone worldly and knowledgeable about any corner of the realm (aside from Ul'dah). Bahati is a foreigner learning by exposure and socialization with those she meets, I'm hoping to expand her horizons. As a personal plus, Bahati is quite taken with fashion and passionately studies weaving from some more experienced friends!
  10. Welcome to Balmung! I would love to RP with you, Bahati moved from a very tribal setting to Ul'dah and is just now starting to visit the other city-states now that she can speak some of the common language. I always like introducing her to fellow Miqo'te who have chosen a path outside their tribe (as she is very bonded to her clan and their values). I'm Bahati Pashto in game, feel free to come right up to me if you see me and are interested. If you're the Skype sort for OOC plotting and chatting, PM me and I'll share that information as well. :moogle:
  11. Clearly the scantily clad character in question is either poorly executed or ICly not very bright. This situation would annoy me to no end personally, it feels like meta-gaming to me. In what world is this vulnerable, smaller man able to mouth off to a larger, armed guard without one of two things occuring? He leaves because he can't back up his assertive decision to argue with security or he gets beaten by security. Or at least repose security and run/continue to party. It's unfair to the OP (or any character with a clear upper hand) for this drunk to simply ignore the circumstances. It renders the character with the actual advantage (in this case the one with clothes and weight) into a grid lock of having to allow tomfoolery and possibly even RP out of character.
  12. I main a healer but I, nor anyone I have ever come across in-game RP a character that is a white mage. I remember the split second of joy when I thought the revealed female Au-Ra was a playable Padjal only to be disappointed. I'm surprised to hear Succor is what all the fuss is about. Not Raise? Isn't Succor something scholars find themselves casting? I must not have been paying close enough attention to storyline.
  13. I personally find this idea refreshing. The appeal lies in being part of a group of like minded individuals in the planning stages rather than later joining and bending to the will of an already established ideal. Working together to not only prepare for an FC launch when the expansion arrives but to RP along with whatever lore is going to toss at us.
  14. 100 years old is not even elderly for Lalafell, right? No alcoholic old lalas in the contest? I must admit my disappointment.
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